Monday, May 29, 2006

Progressive 11th June 6th Voter Recommendations

11th C.D. (D) - Jerry McNerney

11th C.D. (R) - Pete McCloskey

17th A.D. (D) - Cathleen Galgiani

Governor (D) - Phil Angelides

Secretary Of State (D) - Debra Bowen

Proposition 82. - Yes On 82

Pombo's Ad Blitz and More News


Tri-Valley Herald: 3 Democrats vie in 11th District (source)


Sunday Pinnacle Online: Hotly contested fight in Tracy (source)


"Rep. Richard Pombo has begun an advertising blitz that could reach the half-million-dollar mark as he heads toward the June 6 primary election, an effort dwarfing that even of the constellation of environmental groups helping his main rival. Federal campaign reports filed Thursday show that Pombo, a Tracy Republican seeking his eighth term in Congress, has amassed $1.66 million for his re-election campaign through May 17. He still has $800,000 left to spend, according to the report, and more money continues to roll in daily - Monday's fund-raiser with Vice President Dick Cheney appears to have collected even more than the initial $100,000 expected." (source)

The Record: Pombo starts ad blitz (source)

Modesto Bee: Pombo contributors change - Tracy congressman's campaign money mostly from casinos, lawyers, PACs (source)

McCloskey For Congress: Congressman Pombo Quietly Sheds Another $1250 of Abramoff Related Money -Pombo: "I have not broken any rules." Chapter 2 (source)

McCloskey For Congress: Feds Subpoena Pombo Email in Bribery Investigation - Pombo "I have Done Nothing Wrong" Chapter 3 (source)

McCloskey For Congress: The Anatomy of a Pombo Fundraiser - Pombo: “I Have Done Nothing Wrong.” Chapter 4 (source)

DCCC: Pombo and Doolittle Choose Dick Cheney and Special Interest Cash over Doing Their Jobs - Miss Vote on Veterans' Benefits (source)


"The Independant Editorial

Three Democratic candidates — Steve Filson, Jerry McNerny and Stevan Thomas — seek the Democratic nomination in the 11th District. Of the three, McNerny is the standout, in our opinion. He is strong on the key issues — stronger than Filson, who shies away from clear stands on the Endangered Species Act and Iraq, as two examples.

Moreover, McNerny has gotten involved in an all-out way. A windpower consultant who lives in Pleasanton, he was a last-minute candidate against Pombo two years ago. Despite the late start, he ran an aggressive issue-oriented campaign. He has kept at it, relentlessly watchdogging Pombo and practicing a level of activism that demonstrates leadership.

We urge 11th District Democrats to vote for Jerry McNerny." (source)

McNerney Picks up Democratic Endorsement from The Independant (source)

Jerry McNerney: On this solemn day... (source)


"PETE McCLOSKEY defines the term "straight shooter." He has never seen the world through a partisan prism when it comes to delineating right from wrong. As a Republican member of Congress, the decorated Marine Corps veteran spoke out against the Vietnam War in the late 1960s and called for President Richard Nixon's impeachment in June 1973.

But don't try to typecast McCloskey as a liberal. He helped push through a capital-gains tax reduction in 1977 and embraced President Ronald Reagan's program to cut taxes and government spending in the early 1980s. His brand of conservatism includes balanced budgets and excludes needless foreign military intervention.

Today, at 78, McCloskey is blunt as ever in what he bemoans as an erosion of "traditional Republican values" in Washington. He is angry about the pay-to-play scandals, the deficit spending, the assaults on environmental protection -- and the war in Iraq. He calls the Bush administration "the worst in history." (source)

San Francisco Chronicle: McCloskey over Pombo (source)

Pete McCloskey Responds to Pombo Camp Pendleton TV ad (source)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Steve Filson's Astroturf Campaign(s)

What do you do when you don't have any actual grassroots support? You try and buy the appearance of grassroots support. Filson's campaign has apparantly evolved beyond just online astroturf.

The recent FEC filings have some interesting information buried within.

The Filson for Congress campaign has taken a page from Pombo's book and has decided to Pay-To-Play. Filson is paying mail houses to include his name on their slate cards under such front-group style names as; Coalition for Senior Citizen Security ($2695), Our Voice Latino Voter Guide ($1022), Parents' Ballot Guide ($2700), and The Early Voter ($1000). (source) He's trying to buy the perception that he's supported by such constituent groups as latinos, seniors, and parents. That's pretty sad.

Also, According to Democrats in the district, persuasion calls have been coming in on behalf of Steve Filson. The interesting thing is that the calls have been coming from out-of-state numbers, like Rahm Emanuel's home-state of Illinois. The Filson campaign has even outsourced it's phone banking operation.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jerry McNerney joins Pete McCloskey: "It's time for Richard Pombo to come clean on the Mariana Islands and Jack Abramoff"

"Jerry McNerney joins Pete McCloskey: "It's time for Richard Pombo to come clean on the Mariana Islands and Jack Abramoff"
Pleasanton, CA -- Jerry McNerney joined Pete McCloskey today in calling on Congressman Richard Pombo to answer questions about his knowledge of deplorable factory conditions in the Northern Mariana Islands (a territory of the United States) as well as Jack Abramoff's lobbying of Pombo to block anti-sweatshop Mariana Islands legislation in Congress.

On Monday, McCloskey raised the issue of Pombo's "willful inaction" to address the forced abortions, forced prostitution and exploitation of young women from China, the Philippines and Thailand to sew clothing that is labeled "Made in the USA" but is produced under employment practices illegal in the mainland United States.

Jerry McNerney praised McCloskey, running against Pombo in the June 6th Republican primary, and questioned Pombo's judgment.

"Pete McCloskey is absolutely right in courageously calling out Richard Pombo for his immoral neglect of basic human rights in a U.S. territory," said McNerney. "It is deplorable that Congressman Pombo -- after touring the Marianas and viewing the garment factories --would not do everything in his considerable power to extend basic U.S. labor, immigration and customs laws to workers in the Marianas Islands."

"The result of this human exploitation is shocking: Forced abortions and forced prostitution," said McNerney. "Somehow, I don't think Pombo's constituents -- especially those with strong anti-abortion views -- want a Congressman whose actions directly contribute to forced abortions and forced prostitution."

McNerney also called on Pombo to reveal details regarding Jack Abramoff's lobbying against legislation that would apply American labor laws to the Marianas. "Where Jack Abramoff went, Richard was never far behind. To distance himself from Abramoff, Pombo should come clean now and immediately endorse the bill proposed by Congressman George Miller to extend U.S. labor laws to the Marianas Islands," said McNerney.

McNerney also expressed support for McCloskey's request for the press to immediately pose the following questions to Congressman Pombo:

"1. When did you first become aware of the forced abortions, prostitution and exploitation of young women from the Philippines, China and other Pacific Rim nations in the Marianas Islands?"

"2. Why have you done nothing to investigate and address the Marianas' problems with forced abortions as described to the Senate by Secretary of Interior Babbitt in 1998?"

"3. Have you ever discussed the Marianas situation with any of the men (Jack Abramoff, Neil Volz and Tony Rudy) who have now pled guilty of bribing or conspiring to bribe Members of Congress?"

"4. Were you ever asked by Mr. Abramoff or former majority leader Tom DeLay to hold up or block the passage of any legislation which would apply US labor and immigration laws to the Marianas? Have you ever assisted in helping to secure "earmarks" for any project in the Marianas?"

"5. Have you ever discussed the Marianas or Indian gaming issues with Kevin Ring?"

"6. Can you explain why you have declined to hold investigative hearings about Jack Abramoff's lobbying efforts with respect to Indian gaming or the forced abortions, prostitution and exploitation of women in the Marianas?"

7. Do you feel that your constituents are entitled to full and fair answers to the foregoing questions, particularly prior to an election in which you seek to retain your seat in Congress?

"8. Why did you vote for the rule excluding from a "yes" or "no" vote on the Shays Amendment providing for an independent House ethics agency?"

About Jerry McNerney: Jerry, a resident of Pleasanton is a nationally recognized expert in wind energy engineering and works as an energy consultant. He is also the head of an energy startup.

Paid for by McNerney for Congress" (source: press release)

Monday, May 22, 2006


Tracy Press: Into the endangered zone (source)

LA Times: 2 GOP Seats Unusually Competitive (source)

The Record: Politics turns to war in Pombo's district (source)


The Record: "In the 31/2 years since Rep. Richard Pombo became chairman of the House Resources Committee, he has emerged as one of the Congress' loudest cheerleaders for expanding domestic energy supplies.

Pombo's efforts have been rewarded.Eleven cents of every dollar Pombo, R-Tracy, has collected for his re-election campaign has come from the oil and energy industry, a Record analysis has found.

That's more than $212,000, and more is expected when a new set of federal campaign-finance reports becomes public this week.

Pombo's campaign featured his efforts to increase oil shale production on the invitation to a fund-raiser headlined by Vice President Dick Cheney scheduled for today; Cheney's former employer, Halliburton Co., is one of the world's leading energy-services corporations. (source)

Tracy Press: The pesticide industry’s trade association “worked as a coalition partner to advance ESA modernization language in the House Resources Committee,” according to the 2005 annual report of CropLife America, a trade association that represents pesticide producers and others in the plant science industry.

Roundup Weedkiller manufacturer and pesticide giant Monsanto gave more than $100,000 to the International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Internal Revenue Service filings show. Records also indicate Monsanto gave $2,000 to Pombo’s election campaigns.

Pombo also happens to be the International Foundation’s honorary founding governor.

The foundation spent $10,093 in 2000 to send Pombo and his wife on a “fact-finding” trip to New Zealand, and $7,594 in 2002 to send Pombo to Japan to chair a meeting that called for whale hunting to be resumed.
This followed donations to the International Foundation totaling more than $88,000 by the Japan Whaling Association and Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research.

The group’s co-founder John Aquilino, said the foundation is a coalition of enemies of environmental groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Humane Society and Greenpeace.

These environmental groups target Red Lobster, among other corporations, saying the seafood chain buys snow crabs from Canadian seal clubbers. Red Lobster’s parent company, Darden Restaurants, gave more than a half million dollars to the foundation and gave $5,000 to Pombo’s election campaigns." (source)

"Darden gave $40,000 to the National Restaurant Association’s political action committee, which gave $4,500 to Pombo.

Trapper and fur groups gave more than $280,000 to the foundation.
Hunter lobbying group Safari Club International gave $25,000 to Pombo’s campaigns, paid for Pombo to travel to Reno, Denver and Las Vegas at least seven times between 1998 and 2004, and paid Pombo’s wife, Annette, $4,676 in 2000 and 2001 for secretarial services. Pombo said last year that he shares a bank account with his wife." (source)

Tracy Press: Pombo campaign calls out the big guns (source)

Calitics: 15% Pombo? Pombo has admitted following 15% Doolittle's lead. (source)

Defenders Of Wildlife: Debunking Pombo Propaganda (source)

Assosciated Press: Pombo faces greatest test (source)

The Record: Energy surge kicks up Pombo's campaign cash (source)

Sierra Club Blasts Pombo for Oil Payments (source)


Tracy Press: True GOP conservationists (source)

The Record: Environmentalists back McCloskey (source)


MyDD Conversation with CA-11 Candidate Jerry McNerney (source)


Jerry McNerney: What Dick Cheney Will Not Say Tonight.../McNerney Conversation With MYDD

Jerry McNerney: What Dick Cheney Will Not Say Tonight... (from email)

"As you may know, Dick Cheney is holding a huge fundraiser for Richard Pombo in Stockton tonight. With the polls showing that Pombo is in deep trouble with voters from both parties, Pombo is getting desparate -- and calling on Dick Cheney, of all people, to rescue his sinking campaign oil tanker.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk substantively about the large white elephant that will be inside that fundraiser tonight -- the gas price crisis and how Cheney and Pombo got us into this mess. And what it will take to get us out of it.

Finally, I would like to hear what you think . Your comments have been invaluable to our campaign and I relish every opportunity to listen and discuss how we can address these great challenges together.

Here's what Dick Cheney will NOT say tonight as he raises thousands of dollars for his Big Oil buddy, Richard Pombo:

1) A PREVENTABLE CRISIS: Americans are now finding themselves in a position that was not only predictable, but inevitable. The rise in the price of gasoline is the result of limited supplies and increasing demand. Of course, there will be gouging and oil prices will fluctuate – up and down, but the long-term trend is clear: prices will increase.

The world is now at the maximum production of oil. We will never see oil taken from the earth at a faster rate than right now. Meanwhile, worldwide demand for oil is increasing exponentially. The result is that oil prices will rise, relatively slowly for the next few years followed by highly volatile and rapidly rising prices.

2) HOW DID WE GET HERE?: We insisted on burning oil as if the supply was completely unlimited. We built an infrastructure that depends entirely on oil at a time when we are becoming more and more dependent on imported oil. Of course, our elected representatives indulged us with these fantasies. Stated clearly, the current seemingly high price of oil is the consequence of a reckless White House and a rubber-stamp Republican Congress that is beholden to Big Oil.

Take a look at what’s happening in Washington today. The political proposals for reducing the cost of gasoline are truly breathtaking: tapping into the strategic petroleum reserve; taxing oil companies and giving the money to consumers; investigating oil companies for windfall profits; drilling in Alaska or off the coast of California.

3) WHAT IT WILL TAKE: Unfortunately, these proposals are just political grandstanding. It takes a public servant, not a politician, to tell the truth.

We may deny the problem. We may punish the messenger, but one way or another we will reduce our oil consumption. The longer we wait, the more difficult the adjustment will be.

The good news is that we have some time and there are viable solutions available. Oil production will stay at current levels for the time being. Technology exists to drastically increase our automobile fuel efficiency, while at the same time, we can move into production of bio-fuels and renewable energy. If we take these steps quickly, we could quite possibly avoid economic disaster.

4) HOLDING WASHINGTON ACCOUNTABLE: The current leadership in Washington has shown that it is unwilling or incapable of taking the necessary steps to prepare for our future, and this applies not only to oil but to the federal budget deficit, the world climate crisis, and numerous other issues.

Make no mistake; these problems are purely driven by politics. If we care about our future, we must replace the corrupt and irresponsible leaders in Washington, transform our democracy through real campaign finance reform, and face these challenges head-on.

Ultimately, we need to balance consumption of oil against what is reasonably sustainable. But first, Americans must hold the politicians who got us into this mess accountable. At the top of the list: Dick Cheney and Dick Pombo.

5) WE CAN RISE TO THIS GREAT CHALLENGE: Washington will have a large role to play in this adjustment. We need a plan to accomplish this change, a plan that balances oil reserves and current consumption against increasing our efficiency and developing new fuels. The plan should end in 10 to 20 years with an economy that consumes petroleum oil at a low rate relative to the supply.

Washington can and must rise to this challenge. The clock is ticking.

As citizens, we have a role to play as well. Washington is not solely responsible for extracting our country from this mess. To that end, I urge every American to start thinking about what it will take to come to grips with this problem, individually and as a nation.

Americans have a tradition of facing and overcoming obstacles, and if we do so now, we can build an America that’s greater than anything we’ve witnessed since our nation's founding.

Join us now and let's get this country back on the right track." (source: from email)

Also, Jerry McNerney Did An Interview With MYDD. Below is an excerpt from the conversation.

MyDD Conversation with CA-11 Candidate Jerry McNerney (source)

"Singer: Let's talk just a little bit of politics before I let you go. You've got a primary on June 6 against Steve Filson. What are going to be doing between now and then to try to ensure victory?

McNerney: Jonathan, we're just going to work on the network, the relationships, the organization that's already in place. We have a tremendous grassroots organization. People are stepping up and helping us. And we want to just continue to work the grassroots with the tremendous amount of labor support that as come forward. The California Federation of Labor - 2 million members - is stepping in to help us. Many of the individual labor unions... And continue to reach out to the individuals and make connections, show them that we have a positive vision for our district and for our nation. And basically walk the precincts, press the flesh and do face-to-face communicating, Jonathan. That's what it's all about.

Singer: One of the interesting things about the primary campaign there in the 11th district is the split support of Democrats. You have Congressional Democrats - a lot of the Congress people from your area, surrounding districts - are supporting your opponent, Mr. Filson whereas a lot of the state party apparatus and people within the district are supporting you. Can you talk a little bit about how that came to be and what it means to this campaign?

McNerney: I think it's an interesting dynamic, Jonathan. We have been working on relationships for the last two years and building trust and reaching out to people, talking to people, getting vision for what's needed for the country. Because of that, the grassroots, the California Democratic Party, every single Democratic club in the district (that's endorsed) has come forth has endorsed our race. We feel like we're connecting to the people in this district. In fact you can look at our financial records. We have, just this year, about 1,500 donors, small dollar amounts. That's where most of our money is coming from. So we're really reaching out to the people. We're the candidate of the people.

Now I really can't speak for members of Congress. They certainly have their own agenda and idea of how to win election. But when it comes down to it, we need to put someone in office who represents the people, not really the interests of Washington, DC. And that's what we're fighting so hard for, Jonathan.

Singer: Final question. You talked a little bit about posting on Daily Kos and the netroots. If there's one message you'd like to send out to the readers of the progressive blogosphere, what would that be?

McNerney: I think the important thing in this context really is that the internet, the netroots, the blogging... all that stuff has opened up democracy in a way that wasn't possible before, and I think it really empowers our democracy. So I really challenge people that would be interested to keep participating and to broaden this sphere of influence, because this is how we take America forward as a country of the people rather than a country of the corporations.

For example, this net neutrality issue. To me, it's absurd that that would even be an issue right now. We need to protect the neutrality of the network and let people get into it as individuals at an equal basis. I can tell you when I get to Congress next year, I'm going to be looking at the blog, because you get a lot of unfiltered information from the blog and it's very refreshing." (More-At-Source)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Pombo Updates Image (Again)

The Record: Pombo updates image (source)

"It's back to the future for Rep. Richard Pombo.

The eight-term Republican incumbent from Tracy bills himself as a rancher and congressman on his campaign Web site. But the first image viewers saw when the site went online earlier this month was of Pombo decked out in a dark suit sporting a slim, pencil moustache - more Beltway than buckskin.

No longer.

Pombo's campaign scotched the slick suit and replaced the congressman's image with an updated version of his old standard: a checkered blue Carhart-style shirt - open at the collar, of course" (More-At-Source)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

KCRA 3 AdWatchers GIves Pombo Ad a C- For Truthfulness

KCRA Adwatch: Pombo's Ad Focuses On Gnatcatcher (source)

"In this Adwatch, the focus is on an ad by Rep. Richard Pombo of Tracy, who is running for re-election in next month's primary.

The ad claims Pombo saved lives of U.S. Marines by taking a stand on the gnatcatcher.

To find out if that was true, KCRA 3 took a closer look.


The ad begins with a dire claim about the Marine Corps' combat training grounds at Camp Pendleton in southern California.


But KCRA 3's adwatchers have a problem with how this describes that move as "closing" parts of the base.

Swatt said the government's effort does not mean that part of the base was actually closed. It just meant that the military has to consult with the Fish and Wildlife Service regarding efforts to protect the gnatcatcher.

So for truthfulness, this ad gets a C-." (More-At-Source)

"In summary, here are the ratings:

Truthfulness: C-
Relevance: B
Substance: C
Effectiveness: B+" (source)

Anti-Earth Week - May 15-19

The House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi's .gov website has an Anti-Earth Week response to Pombo's Earth Day Propaganda Page.

The website's sections include Big Oil, House Action, and The Facts. Click Here to view it.

Hat Tip To Raw Story.

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"This week, the House will consider a series of bills that will undermine our environmental protections. The House Resources Committee, chaired by Congressman Richard Pombo (R-CA), will mark up legislation that perpetuates the mismanagement of our Nation's fisheries and threatens a resource that is currently overfished by 20%. Under the guise of maintaining National Forests, the House will vote on unnecessary legislation that bypasses conservation laws, allows road-building in roadless areas, and disregards peer-reviewed science. And as if an assualt on our fisheries and forests is not enough for one week, the House will consider an amendment to open off-limits coastal areas to new drilling and exploration -- only 3 miles from our shores.
Learn more about the Anti-Earth Action:

Anti-Earth Action #1: Pombo Fisheries BillThe Pombo bill, HR 5018, weakens protections for depleted fisheries, eliminates environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for all fishery management decisions, undercuts protections for national marine sanctuaries, and reduces public participation and access to information." (More-At-Source)

You Did It!

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Jerry McNerney: "Wow.

I am speechless.

I don't know how I can possibly express to you the depth of my appreciation for what you just did for our campaign.

As of midnight last night, you have contributed well over $50,000 -- blowing right past the ambitious FEC deadline goal we set last Thursday. As soon as the
final numbers are confirmed, we will report to you the exact amount our incredible grassroots and netroots supporters raised together.

On behalf of everyone, thank you for contributing your hard-earned dollars to our campaign." (source)


Breach Of Contract

This is from the Kilroy For Congress (D-OH) campaign, regarding Deborah Price (R-OH) who like Richard Pombo (Exxon-CA) has breached the "Contract With America" including the 6-term limit. They are both currently in their 7th term and running.

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"In 1994, Republicans led by Newt Gingrich told Americans that if they elected a Republican Congress for the first time in forty years, the Republicans would enact and honor a platform they called the Contract with America. It was a bold contract. It promised a lot of sweeping reforms. It made very specific commitments. It became the Republicans' ralllying cry.

They ended the contract with the following: "On September 27, 1994, 300 candidates for public office gathered on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and signed their names to document.

Their pledge: 'If we break this contract, throw us out." [Foxes in The Hen House]" (source)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

FEC Reporting Deadline Today, McNerney Close To Giving Pombo The Boot!

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Jerry McNerney's Blog: "According to a poll just released, Jerry McNerney would defeat Richard Pombo, if the general election were held today. The poll, conducted May 1-3, shows McNerney leading Pombo 46% to 42%." (source)

Jerry McNerney's Blog: "Click here right now to show the pundits and power-brokers that we can give Pombo the boot by helping us raise a total of $50,000 by WEDNESDAY, MAY 17 -- the next FEC reporting deadline." (source)

To Contribute go to or use ActBlue.

*Update (as of 2pm) - Only 6 hours to go -- Kick the Boot for Jerry!

"The numbers are in -- the boot is at a staggering $49,044.63 as of 2 pm. What a wonderful showing of support!

Jerry is overwhelmed by your generosity. He has been beaming about it all day!

We’ve still got 6 hours left. Can you put us over the top?

I'm absolutely amazed.

You are less than $1,000 away from blowing past our most ambitious goal of the campaign. If you are arriving home right now and checking your e-mail, please kick the boot before midnight!

On Thursday, Jerry will be sending everyone a special message that will provide an update on the boot as well as details on what you can do in the last 19 days to win the June 6th Democratic primary so we can send Pombo packing in November!" (source)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pombo vs. McCloskey

"The much-anticipated election showdown between incumbent GOP Rep. Richard Pombo and his primary opponent, former Peninsula congressman Pete McCloskey, delivered ample sparks Tuesday night in a packed elementary school gymnasium.

The pair traded jabs for 90 minutes as Pombo painted his challenger as a carpet-bagger who neither knows the district or presents an accurate picture of the lawmaker's record, while McCloskey hammered the congressman on ethics, the environment, veterans benefits and immigration.

Emotions ran high throughout the evening. Pombo supporters booed McCloskey repeatedly, especially when he spoke out against President Bush and the Iraq War. And McCloskey fans yelled, "Liar!" and "Answer the question!" when Pombo talked about ties from corrupt congressional staffers to his campaign contributions." (More-At-Source)

Contra Costa Times: Pombo, McCloskey trade jabs in forum (source)

The Record: Pombo and opponents square off Lincoln-Douglas style (source)

Tracy Press: Candidates spar at forum (source)

Tracy Press: Protesters face off (source)

DNC: Buying the GOP Congress Highly Profitable for Oil Companies (source)


""What have we done on energy that produces more energy? What have we done on immigration that solves the immigration problem? What did we do on the deficit when we let spending get out of control and we ran up the deficit?'' Pombo asked." (source)

Dump Doolittle: The Rich Political Action Committee donates to Doolittle (source)

"This PAC was started by Pombo when he became Resource Committee Chairman. Doolittle used to be on this committee and the committee served the CNMI sweatshop garment industry (Tan Family) well. More information Here (fabulous!) and Rep. George Miller and here too.

Here is a fun one! This is a PAC with a catchy name;
Rich Political
Action Committee
. This year they gave Doolittle $5,000 dollars. It is even more fun to see who has contributed to this PAC (think the cast of characters in the Abramoff and Wilkes scandals) - Jack Abramoff, Juan Babauta (Gov. of CNMI), Diego Benavente (Lt. Gov CNMI), Howard Hills, Susan Hirschmann, Eloy Inos (CNMI- Tan Holdings Executive), Bill Lowery (see the article below for more information -linked to Lewis and Wilkes), Malinda Matson (CNMI res. rep.), Richard A. Pierce (lobbyist for the garment industry in CNMI), Kevin Ring, Tony Rudy, Jeffery Shockey (with Bill Lowery's lobbying firm), Jerry Tan (Tan Holdings Corp. executive - CNMI), Clarence Tenorio (CNMI, JC TENORIO ENT INCMANAGERDIRECTO), Pedro Tenorio (Former Gov of CNMI and now res rep - see more here & connections with Abramoff)" (source)

Contra Costa Times: Green groups see red over Pombo Web site (source)

New Richard Pombo TV Ad


The Record: McCloskey: Pombo faces one tough opponent (source)

The Record: Injured 'RINO' strikes back (source)

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Some Ways To Get Involved

Act For Change: Representative Pombo -- Disavow Your Vote on H.R. 4437

Democracy For America: Who do you support in the CA-11

Jerry McNerney For Congress: Rep. Pombo, Stop Pillaging America's Environment

Defenders Of Wildlife: Tell Pombo You're Tired of His Free Ride

Sierra Club: Stop using backdoor budget tactics to benefit special interests

Ocean Champions: Take the 'Pombo Pledge' & Help Us 'Sink Pombo'

Jerry McNerney For Congress: Sign Up To Volunteer To Defeat Pombo

DNC: Write A Letter To The Editor

Apply To Vote Absentee

"Registered voters can apply for an absentee ballot, by mail, for the June 6, 2006, Election between May 8, 2006 and May 30, 2006. Applications must be submitted to the county elections officials no later than 5 p.m. on May 30 , 2006." (source)

Apply To Vote Absentee

RIchard Pombo: Movie Star

Richard Pombo like's RV's and he'd prefer that you pay for it. Robin Williams recently made a movie called RV. Someone had fun with it ;)

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Friday, May 12, 2006

A Few Campaign Articles

TracyPress: "The Sierra Club will campaign against Pombo and support McCloskey and Democrat Jerry McNerney"(source)

McNerney: Poll Shows McNerney Can Give Pombo the Boot! (source)

McCloskey: Congressman Pombo Misstates Truth Of Cause of Levee Break (source)

Tri-Valley Herald: Pombo set to face opponents at Q&A (source)

Center For Biological Diversity: It's Endangered Species Day, Pombo Must Be Lying (source)

Televised Candidate Forum

Two days ago the League of Women Voters held a for-tv, Candidate Round Table.

"This Special Edition of Comcast Local Edition will be broadcast live throughout the entire District, rebroadcast frequently, and will be available on demand until Election Day, June 6, on SJTV Channel 26. The electrontic and print media will be notified about this special candiate event.

Matt Wetstein, political science professor at Delta College, will join representatives of the Chamber and the League to pose questions to the candidates. KCRA political reporter Steve Swatt will be the panel moderator." (source)

If you have Comcast, the forum is available On Demand. The Contra Costa Times also has a "PRIMARY DEBATE TELEVISION SCHEDULE" available for those who do not have On Demand. Here is a Record article about the event.

"Come Show Your Support for Congressman Richard Pombo" and Other May Events.

Richard Pombo Invites You To The Tracy Press Candidate Forum (From Email):

"Come Show Your Support for Congressman Richard Pombo

Please join Congressman Pombo at the Tracy Press Candidate Forum on May 15, 2006.

Congressman Pombo will be sharing his views on important issues and needs your support! Liberal groups from Berkeley and Washington, D.C. are planning to bus protesters in from places from as far away as Oregon, so we need you to be there on Monday evening.

The forum starts at 7:00 pm, but please plan to be there as early as possible.

Please RSVP to, or call the headquarters at (209) 836-9496, to help us get an accurate count of how many supporters Congressman Pombo will have on May 15, 2006.

The Tracy Press is holding the forum at the Williams Middle School in Tracy. The address is 1600 Tennis Lane. If you need directions or assistance getting to the event, please let us know.

Paid For and Authorized By Richard Pombo for Congress."

May Events

Mon., May 15, 2006, 7pm
Pombo-McCloskey-Benigno Forum
Williams Middle School
Tracy, Ca
Sponsored by The Tracy Press (More-At-Source)

Fri., May 19, 2006, 10AM
CARA Candidates Forum
Cesar Chaves Central Library
605 North El Dorado St
Stockton CA (More-At-Source)

Fri., May 19, 2006, 7PM
Come and Discuss Issues of the Day With Congressman Pete Stark and Former Congressman Pete McCloskey
Verona Clubhouse at Hacienda
5699 Belleza Drive
[Intersection of W. Las Positas & Stoneridge Drive]
Pleasanton, CA" (source)

Thurs., May 25, 2006, 7PM
"Rossmoor Democratic Club Candidate Forum
Hillside Clubhouse
3400 Golden Rain Road
Walnut Creek " (source)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Campaign News - Pombo, McNerney, & McCloskey


"The banner stretched across the entrance to the Crobar ­ a trendy New York nightclub ­read, "Welcome to the Pombo-Palooza". At the door, members of the Rockettes handed out cowboy hats to the A-list invited guests. Inside, a model clad in rhinestone hot pants and a cleavage-enhancing top that might have chastened a Hooters waitress rode a mechanical bull. On the stage, the Charlie Daniels Band cut loose with fiddle-driven Southern funk as lobbyists and lawyers, politicians and tycoons danced the two-step and drank iridescent blue martinis.

Such was the scene in 2003 at Congressman Rick Pombo's coming out party. The young legislator from Tracy, California had just been appointed the new chairman of the House Resources Committee. At 42, he was the youngest chairman on Capital Hill. Bush couldn't attend the hoedown but he sent a herogram congratulating the congressman he calls "Marlboro Man"." (source)

Jerry McNerney: Pombo Needs to Return Money from Volz (source)

Pete McCloskey: Abramoff Net Drawing Tighter Around Pombo (source)

Washington Post: Pombo faces serious re-election contest (source)

Defenders of Wildlife: Defenders Action Fund Criticizes Richard "Big Oil" Pombo in New Radio Ad (source)


"Pombo's poll in February put McNerney up 41 percent to 28 percent over Filson, and McNerney's poll shows him with an even larger lead.

On the other hand, Filson's poll gives Filson a 36 percent-to-25 percent lead under the same conditions."


McNerney's polling also suggests some of the angles his campaign is hitting: Carrillo said his survey found that 38 percent of the 11th District's Democratic households included a union member."(source)

Gilroy Dispatch: Santa Clara County Democratic Club Endorses McNerney (source)

Calitics: CA-11: The Ball is Rolling for McNerney (source)



""Our opponent Mr. Pombo doesn't believe in ... global warming. He
doesn't think vehicles cause any problems with global warming or even air pollution," said Pete McCloskey, one of two Republicans challenging the powerful congressman.


"Pombo has received over $225,000 from the oil companies. What's he done in return? Look at his energy bill. He gave the oil companies $14.5 billion in benefits or tax write-offs."" (source)

McCloskey for Congress: California Teachers Association Endorses Republican Pete McCloskey in 11th Congressional District (source)


The Record: McCloskey speaks at rally (source)

California League Of Conservation Voters Endorses McCloskey For Republican Primary (source) (Hat Tip to MYDD)

McNerney To Pombo: Return Tainted Lobbyist Money.

Jerry McNerney for Congress Press Release:

"Pombo Should Return Tainted Money From Lobbyist Involved in “Conspiracy to Corrupt” a Congressman

Democrat Jerry McNerney Pledges to fight for real reforms to clean up the mess in Washington

Dublin, CA – Jerry McNerney, candidate for the 11th Congressional District today called on Richard Pombo to return the $1,000 that he received from Neil Volz who yesterday pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud before a Federal judge. Volz faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

“Richard Pombo should return this tainted money immediately,” McNerney said, “and explain to California voters what his relationship was with disgraced lobbyist Neil Volz.”

Neil Volz admitted that he "participated in a conspiracy to corrupt Congressman Bob Ney (R-Ohio), his staff and other members of Congress with trips, free tickets and meals."
Volz was previously employed by convicted felon and Pombo donor, Jack Abramoff.

Richard Pombo has accepted two $500 donations from Volz. Pombo first accepted $500 from Volz on January 27, 2003 and last year on April 21, 2005.

“To clean up Washington, Congressman Pombo needs to do two things: One return the tainted money that he has once again taken. And number two, vote for real ethics reform, not the dog and pony show that masquerades as an ethics reform bill,” stated Jerry McNerney.

“The corruption in Washington is costing Californians at the gas pumps, in the air we breathe and the water we drink and in the cost of health care and prescription drugs. This ‘pay to play’ system in Washington is hurting California families and I say enough is enough.”

About Jerry McNerney: Jerry, a resident of Pleasanton is a nationally recognized renewable energy expert and works as an energy consultant. He is also the head of an energy startup.


Paid for by McNerney for Congress" (source: press release)

Monday, May 08, 2006

McNerney Leads In Polls, Gets Significant California Newspaper Endorsement

McNerney Leads In Polls

From a Jerry McNerney for Congress Campaign Email:

"Despite the money being lavished on our opposition by Washington fat cats, it appears that your grassroots generosity and volunteerism have put us in a strong position to win this primary.

According to a February poll just revealed in an article in Roll Call, a Capitol Hill publication, Jerry McNerney leads Steve Filson 41 to 28 percent, with 30 percent undecided. This confirms internal polling we just conducted that shows Jerry with a double-digit lead. This lead only increases once voters hear about Jerry’s vision to transform our district into the Silicon Valley of renewable energy.

Obviously, that’s excellent news. Still, with absentee ballots in the mail, there are a significant number of voters who still have not decided who to support. We need to persuade those voters as soon as possible. And we know Steve Filson, a former Republican, will do everything he can to stop us." (source: McNerney for Congress Email)

McNerney Blog: McNerney Picks up Democratic Endorsement from San Jose Mercury News (source)

"For his part, McNerney has been running a grass-roots campaign fueled by support from union members that earned him the endorsement of the California Democratic Party. He wants to bring jobs to economically sluggish portions of the district in the San Joaquin Valley, in part by helping promote the area's nascent alternative-energy industry. His professional background would make him a good advocate for more sensible energy policy in Washington.

McNerney offers clear thinking on the nation's health care crisis, emphasizing the need to rally businesses to the cause of reform. And he would rescind portions of the Bush tax cuts that have disproportionately benefited wealthy Americans." (More at McNerney's Blog)

McNerney for Congress Fundraising Drive

McNerney for Congress is also doing a grassroots fundraising drive right now. The goal is to raise $20,000+ over the next 48 hours and as a result of the strong grassroots support they're 3/4 of the way there.

You can contribute via or Act Blue.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Pombo & McNerney News Items

Richard Pombo

Salon: The Pombo mambo -Rep. Richard Pombo, the environmentalists' scourge, was feted by the industries he so loyally serves. I'd tell you more, but they kicked me out.

"From the grain elevators of Lodi to the gated McMansions of Blackhawk, central California voters can be forgiven if they mistake their congressman, Richard Pombo, for just another local kid from a rich family who made good. Every few weeks, the 45-year-old cattle rancher returns to his home district to make the usual rounds in the usual way, holding meetings on Medicare reform, honoring local veterans and talking about the need to shore up the levees on the San Francisco Bay delta.

But back here in the nation's capital, Pombo is known for only one thing, and it has little to do with the immediate concerns of most voters in his district. For nearly a decade now, he has been one of corporate America's leading generals in the war against environmental laws. As the Republican chairman of the House Resources Committee, Pombo has spearheaded efforts to open up public lands to mining, cut back endangered-species protections, and increase logging and offshore-oil exploration. His 2000 proposal to rewrite pesticide regulations was written by the chemical industry, and his committee's recent reports on pollution rely heavily on industry research." (

"The Senate bill would ban outright gifts from lobbyists. That ban, for instance, would have prohibited the then-press secretary of Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, from attending three World Wrestling Federation events in 2000, courtesy of Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff." (

The Record: Pombo hopes for lift from Cheney - May 22 event with vice president set (source)

Tracy Press: Hastert to appear at fundraiser (source)

The Record: Pombo in 'aye' of the storm - Lawmaker says vote for felony provision was a political move (source)

SF Chron: Pombo under fire from watchdog group (source)

Jerry McNerney

Roll Call: Favored Candidate in California Could Lose Democratic Primary
"Breaking with tradition, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has endorsed in a primary — though its preferred candidate to challenge Rep. Richard Pombo (R) in California’s 11th district, Steve Filson, is far from a lock in his primary battle with 2004 nominee Jerry McNerney" (More-At-Source)

The Record: Jerry McNerney gets Democrats' endorsement (source)

Jerry McNerney for Congress: Jerry McNerney at the California Democratic Party convention (source)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ethics & IRS Complaints Against Richard Pombo - "Potential Violations of Bribery, Tax Laws and House Rules"

"For Immediate
May 4, 2006
Naomi Seligman Steiner - 202-408-5565


Alleges Potential Violations of Bribery, Tax Laws and House Rules

Washington, DC – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has prepared an ethics complaint and filed an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) complaint against Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA), alleging that he violated federal laws and House rules. Last fall, CREW named Rep. Pombo one of the 13 most corrupt Members of Congress.

CREW is asking that a Member of the House forward the thirteen count ethics complaint against Rep. Pombo to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, better known as the House Ethics Committee. CREW is not submitting the complaint directly to the Ethics Committee directly because outside groups are barred from filing complaints. The rules allow a Member of the House to certify that CREW’s complaint has a good faith basis and forward the complaint to the Ethics Committee, stating that the complaint merits the Committee’s consideration. Among the counts:

•While serving as Chairman of the House Resources Committee, Rep. Pombo may have violated federal bribery laws by providing legislative assistance to Indian tribes in exchange for contributions to his campaign and political action committee, RICH PAC. For example, five days after RICH PAC received a March 10, 2004 $2,500 contribution from the Osage tribe, the Resources Committee held a hearing on a bill giving the tribe sovereign rights enjoyed by other tribes. Three days later, RICH PAC received an additional $2,500.

•Rep. Pombo may have violated the federal theft statute by using federal funds to pay for a 10-day summer family trip in an RV through a number of national parks in the summer of 2005.

•Rep. Pombo may have violated federal law by using his legislative powers to enhance and protect his family’s financial interests. In 2004, Rep. Pombo sent a letter to the Department of Interior urging the suspension of environmental guidelines opposed by the wind power industry without disclosing the fact that his parents had received hundreds of thousand of dollars in royalties from wind-powered turbines on their ranch – a ranch in which Rep. Pombo owns an interest. He has also supported legislation that would enhance the value of his family’s property by authorizing freeways to be built nearby.

•Rep. Pombo violated the franking rules by sending to swing state voters 175,000 copies of a leaflet that openly praised his committee and the Bush administration for overturning limits on snowmobiling in national parks within 90 days of the 2004 election.

•Rep. Pombo violated House rules by interfering in a pending federal banking investigation to protect a campaign contributor by knowingly keeping employees detailed from the Department of the Interior well over the one-year permitted by the House rules and by paying for the long-distance commuting expenses of the House Resources Committee chief of staff, who resides in California.

CREW also filed an IRS complaint alleging Rep. Pombo has violated the tax law by taking at least two foreign trips at the expense of a private foundation without either paying taxes on the value the trips or reimbursing the foundation for the costs of the trips.

“This pattern of unethical and likely illegal conduct shows that Rep. Pombo believes himself above the law,” Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW, said today. “Nothing in the misnamed lobbying reform bill that passed the House yesterday would do anything to make Members of Congress accountable for their conduct. Unfortunately, waiting for the House Ethics Committee to take action against a member of Congress who has violated the rules is like waiting for Godot. Maybe the IRS will do better.”

A copy of CREW’s ethics and IRS complaints are available on its website,


Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is a non-profit, legal watchdog group dedicated to holding public officials accountable for their actions. For more information, please visit or contact Naomi Seligman Steiner at 202.408.5565/

# # #" (source)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Make A Choice, Just Don't Be Too "Extreme" About It

I've got the exact quote of what Steve Filson said:.

"We need members of congress...who do not get endorsements from places in Marin County and Sonoma, from extreme and progressive sections of the party"
-Steve Filson

Extreme AND Progressive sections of the party? WOW. Steve Filson campaigned for the same progressive endorsement's as Jerry McNerney. The only difference is that he didn't get any of them. What he did do is move to the left on the War in Iraq, Universal Healthcare, Election Reform, and Labor issues to try and get those endorsements. It's amazing that he's now attacking these same groups and a key segment of our party. He's been attacking McNerney but now apparently his supporters too are fair-game along with the "progressive sections of the party"

I have an audio tape in my possession and am working on getting it up on here and hope to either tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out.


Here are two action alerts:

Democracy For America: Who do you support in the CA-11

DailyKos: Which CA-11 Candidate?

Update: Here is the audio of Steve Filson. (Wav)

Update 2: The "Latest Charts of Democratic Race" Are In Couresy Of Vote Pombo Out.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Ocean Champions Take It To Pombo Through The Blogosphere

An organization called Ocean Champions is running Blog Ads featuring a Pombo Pledge at Swing State Project and Political Wire.

"Ocean Champions, a 501(c)(4) organization, with a connected political action committee Ocean Champions PAC, is the first national organization of its kind focused solely on oceans and ocean wildlife. Our goal is to develop a broad, bipartisan base of supporters from which to cultivate political champions for ocean conservation in the U.S. Congress and in key states. Ultimately, the aim is to create a political environment where protecting and restoring the oceans is a priority of federal and state governments." (source)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Take the 'Pombo Pledge' & Help Us 'Sink Pombo'

"Rep. Richard Pombo is "Ocean Enemy #1."

He has used his position as Chairman of the House Resources Committee to try to reverse the moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling; to weaken the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act; and to single-handedly block many of the most important reform recommendations of the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy and Pew Oceans Commission.

Rep. Pombo even advocates the resumption of commercial whaling!" (source)

The 'Pombo Pledge' Is Available Here.

Richard Pombo & The GOP Heart The Oil Industry

SFChron: Energy lobbyists fuel Pombo re-election bid

"As Congress scrambles to address the public outcry over record high gas prices, Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, jetted off to Houston for a campaign fundraiser Friday, hosted by several leading energy industry lobbyists.


Pombo, who was joined on the campaign trip by his chief of staff, Steve Ding, also had a private meeting in Houston with executives from Shell Oil.


Pombo was well-acquainted with at least of one of the hosts of Friday's fundraiser -- Belcher, the lobbyist for Shell, worked for him as staff director of the House Resources subcommittee on energy and mineral resources until 2004.

Pombo has long held positions in common with the energy industry: He has lobbied to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, and has pushed legislation to allow states to opt out of the federal moratorium on offshore drilling to increase production off the Outer Continental Shelf.

Pombo also was tapped by House GOP leaders to craft new legislation to address rising gas prices, which includes opening the Arctic refuge to drilling and limiting the number of fuel blends required by different states.

Oil and gas interests have been among Pombo's top donors during his political career, giving $179,000 to his campaigns since his first run for Congress in 1992" (More-At-Source)

California Democratic Party: The Pombo Page

"Republican Rep. Richard Pombo (CD-11) has long been known for his anti-environment stance, but more recently he's been gaining notoriety for his "induction" into the Republican Culture of Corruption Hall of Fame.

Let's Just Call The Whole Thing . . . "Pombo-Gate"" (More-At-Source)

Grist Magazine "interview with retiring Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, a GOP leader on environmental protection"

"Q. We still see some leaders, such as Sen. James Inhofe and Rep. Richard Pombo, dispute the science on climate change. How do you talk with them about this?

A. Well, you don't really. I know both of these guys well. I used to sit side by side with Inhofe when he was in the House and on the transportation committee. I talk with them about a lot of things, but it's almost like hitting your head against a wall to try to talk with either one of them about something like this, because they have made up their mind. They don't want to be confused by the facts, and they are very determined to present the opposite point of view." (source)

More Goodies

The Record: Pombo has new press secretary (source)

Bloomberg: Senate Republicans Propose $100 Gas Rebate, Alaska Drilling (source)

NYTimes: A Campaign in California Shapes Up as an Abramoff Bellwether (source)

ModBee: Analyst: Pombo the man to beat if Demos want Congress back (source)

USAToday: 1 in 5 pay more in Medicare Rx plan (source)