Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pombo vs. McCloskey

"The much-anticipated election showdown between incumbent GOP Rep. Richard Pombo and his primary opponent, former Peninsula congressman Pete McCloskey, delivered ample sparks Tuesday night in a packed elementary school gymnasium.

The pair traded jabs for 90 minutes as Pombo painted his challenger as a carpet-bagger who neither knows the district or presents an accurate picture of the lawmaker's record, while McCloskey hammered the congressman on ethics, the environment, veterans benefits and immigration.

Emotions ran high throughout the evening. Pombo supporters booed McCloskey repeatedly, especially when he spoke out against President Bush and the Iraq War. And McCloskey fans yelled, "Liar!" and "Answer the question!" when Pombo talked about ties from corrupt congressional staffers to his campaign contributions." (More-At-Source)

Contra Costa Times: Pombo, McCloskey trade jabs in forum (source)

The Record: Pombo and opponents square off Lincoln-Douglas style (source)

Tracy Press: Candidates spar at forum (source)

Tracy Press: Protesters face off (source)

DNC: Buying the GOP Congress Highly Profitable for Oil Companies (source)


""What have we done on energy that produces more energy? What have we done on immigration that solves the immigration problem? What did we do on the deficit when we let spending get out of control and we ran up the deficit?'' Pombo asked." (source)

Dump Doolittle: The Rich Political Action Committee donates to Doolittle (source)

"This PAC was started by Pombo when he became Resource Committee Chairman. Doolittle used to be on this committee and the committee served the CNMI sweatshop garment industry (Tan Family) well. More information Here (fabulous!) and Rep. George Miller and here too.

Here is a fun one! This is a PAC with a catchy name;
Rich Political
Action Committee
. This year they gave Doolittle $5,000 dollars. It is even more fun to see who has contributed to this PAC (think the cast of characters in the Abramoff and Wilkes scandals) - Jack Abramoff, Juan Babauta (Gov. of CNMI), Diego Benavente (Lt. Gov CNMI), Howard Hills, Susan Hirschmann, Eloy Inos (CNMI- Tan Holdings Executive), Bill Lowery (see the article below for more information -linked to Lewis and Wilkes), Malinda Matson (CNMI res. rep.), Richard A. Pierce (lobbyist for the garment industry in CNMI), Kevin Ring, Tony Rudy, Jeffery Shockey (with Bill Lowery's lobbying firm), Jerry Tan (Tan Holdings Corp. executive - CNMI), Clarence Tenorio (CNMI, JC TENORIO ENT INCMANAGERDIRECTO), Pedro Tenorio (Former Gov of CNMI and now res rep - see more here & connections with Abramoff)" (source)

Contra Costa Times: Green groups see red over Pombo Web site (source)

New Richard Pombo TV Ad


The Record: McCloskey: Pombo faces one tough opponent (source)

The Record: Injured 'RINO' strikes back (source)


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