Friday, June 30, 2006

Another Round-Up For A Buisy Week

Mark Warner's Forward Together Map Changers Contest *FINAL ROUND*

"The candidate with the most votes will receive a fundraiser with Governor Mark Warner." (source)

Click Here - Vote For Jerry McNerney!

Jerry McNerney

California Chronicle: McNerney Calls House Approval of Bill to Drill Off California's Coast 'Reckless' and 'Short-Sighted' (source)

DFA/Blog For America: Jerry McNerney Won! On to Congress! (source)

SNTP: Help McNerney Today (source)

Richard Pombo

Pombo's Drilling Adventure

"The House voted Thursday to end a quarter-century offshore drilling ban and allow energy companies to tap natural gas and oil beneath waters from New England to Alaska.

Opponents of the federal ban argued that the nation needed to move closer to energy independence and insisted the gas and oil could be taken without threatening the environment and coastal beaches. They said a state choosing to keep the moratorium could do so.

The measure was approved, 232-187.

But the bill’s prospects in the Senate were uncertain, where many senators strongly oppose a lifting of the moratorium.

Many lawmakers fear that energy development could despoil coastal beaches, should there be a spill, and threatens the multibillion-dollar recreation and tourist economies of states where offshore energy development has been barred since the early 1980s." (source)

Assosciated Press: Pombo's drilling plan passes House (source)

Mercury News: More drilling on our coast won't help U.S. kick oil habit (source)

Lodi News-Sentinel: Galt residents to protest Pombo, big-oil interestsGalt residents to protest Pombo, big-oil interests (source)

AFP: Environmental fury over US bill to expand oil and gas drilling (source)

Around The Blogosphere

"According to Pombo, "There is no evidence of man-made global warming."(1)Pombo is being challenged by DFA member Jerry McNerney. Jerry just won DFA's Grassroots All-Star competition and now he needs your help to meet a crucial reporting deadline on Friday.

You can send a strong signal to Pombo and other head-in-the-sand Republicans by supporting Jerry today:

Handpicked by Tom DeLay to Chair the House Resources Committee, Pombo has been named one of the 13 "Most Corrupt" members of Congress(2) and the League of Conservation Voters placed him on their "Dirty Dozen."(3) Pombo has voted repeatedly to undermine environment safeguards. Last year, the New York Times called his bill to give away public lands in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and mining industries a "sleazy piece of work."(4)" (source)


DailyKos: Things that go 'POMBO' in the Night (source)

DailyKos: California Screaming - Pombo is DONE! (source)

Pombo Tracker: Pombo: a legacy of corruption (source)

Other News

Caliics: Victory: Governor's Campaign Fined (source)

PPF: Feingold Announces Phil Angelides as Newest "Progressive Patriot" (source)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

McNerney: "Richard Pombo Continues to Shill for Big Oil"

JUNE 29, 2006

"Richard Pombo Continues to Shill for Big Oil
Jerry McNerney issues statement on Pombo's Offshore Drilling Legislation

Today Richard Pombo proclaimed, "you can't say no on everything." But time and again, when given the chance to draft legislation that would actually reduce our nation's dangerous addiction to oil, Pombo refuses to just say "no" to Big Oil.

The bill that just passed the House is just another example of Richard Pombo being the number one shill for Big Oil in Congress. The legislation is so outrageous that even Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bush have come out against it.

I have called Richard Pombo "Big Oil's Best Friend" because he has no problem putting the best interests of Big Oil ahead of the American people. Pombo's bill is riddled with industry-friendly loopholes that blow yet another hole in the Federal budget. In addition, the bill would give states a maximum of three years to ban offshore drilling; providing Big Oil lobbyists time to derail any offshore drilling moratoriums at the state level.

If Governor Schwarzenegger and President Bush understand that this bill is bad for America, why doesn't Richard Pombo?

Jerry McNerney is a nationally recognized expert in wind energy engineerig and renewable energy and works as an energy consultant.

*Update: McNerney Calls House Approval of Bill to Drill Off California’s
Coast “Reckless,” “Short-sighted,” and “Fiscally Irresponsible;”

Calls On Senate to Defeat Measure

"Jerry McNerney sharply criticized the U.S. House of Representatives for passing a bill yesterday that will not solve the nation’s energy problems, but will put more carbon into the atmosphere and place California’s precious coastline at risk of contamination and spills. McNerney is challenging Richard Pombo, one of the bill’s leading proponents, in the race for Congress to represent California’s 11th Congressional District.
“The bottom line is that we cannot drill our way to energy independence, and we can not continue to ignore the very real problem of global warming,” said McNerney. “As sea levels rise, the risk of levee failure and catastrophic flooding in the Delta increases greatly, and salt water intrusion promises to wreak havoc with local farmers and land values in the district. Pombo’s plan is not a sensible energy plan for our nation or this district.”
In addition, the vast majority of Californians do not want oil or gas drilling off of their coastline, rightfully believing that to jeopardize the number one tourist attraction in the state would be serious folly. A February 2006 poll by the respected Public Policy Institute of California revealed that 2 out of 3 Californians oppose any off-shore drilling whatsoever, including 46% of the state’s Republicans.
“Once again, you have to wonder just who it is that Mr. Pombo is representing in Congress. While gas prices were soaring in the spring, he was jetting down to Houston to attend a posh fundraiser held by oil industry lobbyists,” said McNerney. “And now, with gas prices still over $3 per gallon and district families and commuters still hurting, we have Pombo recklessly disregarding the opinions of the vast majority of the citizens of this state as he tries to pay back his big money contributors.”

According to the AP1, Pombo ridiculed the bill’s critics - which include Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - “as opposing everything.” In a related Stockton Record article2, Pombo spokesman Brian Kennedy accused the Governor of not “closely” reading a letter Pombo sent to him describing his scheme, and then complained that Schwarzenegger’s reply expressing his opposition to Pombo and support for strong coastal protections “was a campaign flyer.”
McNerney also noted that the Pombo-supported bill changes the formula for sharing oil and gas royalties between the federal government and the states, such that four states – Texas among them – would receive a windfall while the US Treasury would lose as much as $69 billion over a 15 year period, according to figures supplied by the US Department of the Interior. The Associated Press reported that the White House issued a statement strongly opposing this provision in the Pombo-backed bill, as it “would have a long-term impact on the federal deficit.”
“Stripping out $69 billion of federal revenue without stating how this revenue will be made up is fiscal irresponsibility at its worst,” said McNerney. “Who will Mr. Pombo put a tax increase on to make up for this shortfall? What spending programs will he cut? Or is he proposing to simply just add this amount as a further debt burden on our children and grandchildren, in addition to leaving them with an overheated planet?”
According to AP, moderate Republican Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) attempted to insert into the bill a provision to increase automobile fuel efficiency standards, but was prevented from doing so. Boehlert reportedly said, “We should not be opening all of our coasts to oil drilling when we have not taken the first steps to conserve oil.”
“Our nation needs a real energy plan, of the kind I envision based on new energy technology and an emphasis on conservation, that will create real jobs in our district while reducing the burning of fossil fuels,” said McNerney. “This will mean less time wasted driving in our cars to far away jobs, and more time to spend with our families. It will mean cleaner air and our kids having less asthma and other associated health problems. And frankly, we need to begin now to reduce the threat of global warming and the devastating scenarios envisioned by reputable scientists who are concerned about the Delta and a substantial part of this district that sits just above sea level.”
Jerry McNerney is a nationally recognized expert in wind energy engineering and renewable energy and works as an energy consultant.

1 House Votes to End Offshore Drilling Ban
By H. JOSEF HEBERT, The Associated Press
Thursday, June 29, 2006; 7:37 PM
2 Governor won't back Pombo's drilling bill
Hank Shaw, Capitol Bureau Chief
Tuesday, Jun 27, 2006


Paid for by McNerney for Congress"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Updates On Developing Pombo Related Stories

Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney: "You e-mailed your friends. You called your family. You text-messaged everyone in your cell phone. You posted comments on blogs and Yahoo Groups, telling the world that “we ALL live in Richard Pombo’s district.”

Because of you, Democracy for America has announced that I have won the “DFA Grassroots All-Star” congressional campaign competition! I don’t know if I can express how much this means to me. I am truly humbled and honored by your support.

Now that our people-powered movement has won the DFA Grassroots All-Star competition, garnering more votes than 34 other excellent candidates, the stakes have been raised even higher. I know that you've spent a lot of time helping me recently, but now I need your support again. It is very crucial to our campaign.

The all-important Federal Election Commission second-quarter deadline is coming up on Friday (June 30) at 11:59 p.m. and we need to post strong financial numbers to show the pundits and power-brokers that we can defeat Richard Pombo.

Please keep our incredible momentum going by contributing any amount you can afford right now:

From the ripple I caused when I decided to run against Richard Pombo -- when no one else would stand up to him -- to the grassroots tidal wave you created with your online and offline actions, WE are building a movement. Together." (source)

Jerry McNerney: You are making a *real* difference (source)

DailyKos: CA-11: Help Jerry McNerney (source)


Richard Pombo

Rep.'s Farr, Capps, Honda & Woolsey: Pombo is no friend of the environment (source)

DCCC: Vacation Station: For Fossella, Pombo, Sweeney and Others, Congress is the New Launch Pad for Free Vacations (source)

Pombo's Off-Shore Drilling Push Continues...

"Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Stockton, defended a bill Tuesday that would increase domestic offshore oil and gas drilling while foes planned protests today over the lawmaker's campaign contributions from the energy industry.

The Defenders of Wildlife planned rallies at gas stations in Pleasanton and Stockton.


The liberal also planned 300 similar protests across the country to highlight what it has tallied as the energy industry's $190 million in campaign contributions since 1990.The protests come as the House of Representatives prepares to vote Thursday on the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act. It would allow states to override a 25-year moratorium on offshore drilling.


Environmentalists cite Pombo's source of campaign dollars as a sign of his loyalty to industry rather than consumers.

Since 1999, Pombo's campaign and leadership committees have received $425,289 in contributions from energy and mining companies, according to data compiled by Dwight Morris & Associates. It has been his second-highest source of money since 2003, when he became Resources Committee chairman." (source)

Contra Costa Times: Protests planned as vote nears on oil-drilling ban (source)

Defenders of Wildlife: Pombo Moves to Open California's Coasts to Offshore Drilling (source)

Richard Pombo: Ending energy dependence (source)

The Record: Governor won't back Pombo's drilling bill (source)

SF Chronicle Politics Blog: Pombo drills governor on off-shore bill (source)

Coverage of Pombo's "Jobs Program"

Roll Call: California: Pombo Foe Raps GOP’s Campaign ‘Jobs’ Program (source)

The Record: Pombo to move past family ties - Nonrelated campaign workers seen as a sign congressman is concerned (source)

Contra Costa Times: NEED A SUMMER JOB? (source)

Monday, June 26, 2006

McNerney Movement Momentum

DFA/Blog For America: Congrats to the 2006 Grassroots All-Star! (source)

"It was a big weekend at DFA Headquarters, where Luigi and Chris spent the weekend auditing and verifying the votes. What a close race! Over 25,000 of you voted, and today we are proud to announce that Jerry McNerney is our newest Grassroots All-Star!
As a Dean Dozen candidate in 2004, Jerry won more votes that any Democrat in his district since 1992. He is leading in the polls right now with a narrow 46-42 lead over Jerry Pombo—the Republican incumbent who's a proud member of the 13 "Most Corrupt" Members of Congress, and the League of Conservation Voters' "Dirty Dozen."

But this week is crucial. With a critical finance deadline this Friday, Jerry needs your support!

Please give Jerry McNerney the chance he needs to go all the way!" (source)

MyDD/DailyKos: The Next Netroots Candidate: Jerry McNerney (source)

"Tonight, it is my great pleasure to announce that Jerry McNerney, the Democratic nominee in the CA-11th, has been added to the combined netroots page.


Jerry McNerney is not just the next netroots candidate--he is also the next progressive movement candidate. Already, he has won the Democracy for America Grassroots All-Star voting, and three weeks ago his people-powered campaign comfortably defeated the DCCC backed candidate in a contested primary. He entered politics as part of the 50-state strategy, and because his son joined the Air Force after September 11th. Eschewing the politics of triangulation in favor of a progressive message, he is a wind energy expert who has a Ph.D. in math (I like that).


McNerney is in this with a fighting chance, and the people-powered progressive movement is the reason. In order for him to win, that same movement will have to do the heavy lifting, because he is way down on cash, and the DCCC is not typically eager to jump into races where their candidate lost the primary. That could change, but we need to show that McNerney can really win.

As the second fundraising quarter comes to a close, please help out Jerry McNerney." (source)

Pombo & Elite Corporate Lobbyists

The Hill: "The concerns of lobbyists are nothing if not particular. What is the proper use of corporate jets? What’s the best way to grow a PAC?

For the past 40 years, an elite group of Washington insiders has met periodically to mull questions just like those.

Founded in 1966 with fewer than 50 members, the Business-Government Relations Council (BGRC) now includes 100 representatives from large companies like General Electric, Dow Chemical and AT&T.


Sometimes a guest speaker is invited to address a members luncheon. House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo (R-Calif.) was one recent guest." (source)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Progressive 11th News Update/Round-Up

Competition Standings

Democracy For America - Grassroots All-Star (Voting Closed)

DFA/Blog For America: Voting is now closed. Ballots will be verified and audited over the weekend. Check back next week for the final winner!

Mark Warner/Forward Together - Map Changers (6/19-6/29) - Vote!

Forward Together: Standings as of June 24, 2006 @ 10:03 AM EST

1. MT-Sen Jon Tester
2. CA-11 Jerry McNerney
3. TX-Gov Chris Bell

Jerry McNerney

From the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund statement of endorsement of Jerry McNerney for Congress

""The choice voters face this fall could not be clearer. We can count on Jerry McNerney to protect special places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling. We know he will fight to keep oil rigs away from California's coasts and help conserve natural treasures like California's Yosemite National Park and the Los Padres National Forest. And perhaps most importantly, we know Jerry McNerney will bring his expertise in clean renewable energy to Congress as he works to reduce our nation's dependence on oil and meet our energy needs, all while keeping California's economy moving. His vision stands in stark contrast to Richard Pombo, who is all too willing to sacrifice our natural treasures on behalf of special interests.


"This fall, voters in California's 11th district will choose between two very different candidates: Richard Pombo, who is working to tear down environmental protections to benefit special interests, or, Jerry McNerney, who wants to conserve our natural heritage for future generations. For anyone who cares about the world their children and grandchildren will live in, the choice could not be clearer."" (source)

Morgan Hill Times: McNerney Fights for 11th Congressional District (source)

CQPolitics: CA 11: Dems Attempt to Mend Fences, Rally Around McNerney (source)

DNC Blog/DailyKos: 50-State Strategy: California - Talking with Jerry McNerney (source)

Democratic Party

"Looking at the results of netroots backed candidates in 2006 so far, I think the results show that the netroots are quite representative of the Democratic Party as a whole. With victories from James Webb, Jon Tester and Jerry McNerney, the netroots were clearly representative of Democrats in those states and districts. With close calls in IL-06 and TX-28, again I think the netroots have shown that they do represent a very large portion of the Democratic Party base. In all cases, the candidates supported by the netroots were outgunned for all or most of those campaigns in terms of media attention, party support, and fundraising, yet they all performed above expectations and, in many cases, actually won." (source)

MyDD: On Representing the Democratic Base (source)

"Since 2003, I can think of several movement candidates who have caught the national eye, including Howard Dean, Christine Cegalis, Ned Lamont, and now Jerry McNerney. Starting with the only example form the previous election cycle, can anyone seriously argue that Howard Dean's 2004 Presidential campaign drained resources from the Democratic Party? Since saying that you helped Howard Dean raise $50 million online is one of the easiest ways to secure a job as a Democratic staffer in D.C. these days, I doubt there is anyone in D.C. who would make that argument. Further, can there be any doubt that Howard Dean's campaign was one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, that the Kerry campaign was able to raise $100M online during the general election? I don't know of anyone who would make that argument either. As one of the first candidates representing the new progressive movement, Howard Dean brought droves of activists into the Democratic Party..." (source)

MyDD: The Importance of Movement Candidates (source)

Calitics: CA-11: Is there a role for the DCCC? (source)

Richard Pombo

"The Sierra Club will spend "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in an effort to defeat Pombo this fall, targeting newcomers to the fast-growing conservative district east of the San Francisco Bay area." (source)

"Richard Pombo is arguably the biggest anti-environmental extremist in the House of Representatives and was the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund's 2005 Wildlife Villain of the Year. He has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from oil, gas, timber and mining companies and turned right around and pushed their agenda in Congress. He has proposed drilling off California's coast, selling public lands to mining companies, and led the fight to weaken the Endangered Species Act on behalf of developers. His only concern seems to be the dismantling of the environmental laws that protect us all, today and for generations to come." (source)

Assosciated Press: Pombo seeks Schwarzenegger backing on offshore drilling bill (source)

Say No To Pombo: Pombo Finally Creates "Jobs Program" (source)

National Wildlife Federation: Sportsmen Unite to Oppose Land Grab (source)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jerry McNerney Picks Up More Support, Needs Your Help

"The Progressive Patriots Fund announced Jerry McNerney as the winner of “Pick a Progressive Patriot: YearlyKos,” a special round of its popular online voting event. McNerney is challenging Rep. Richard Pombo in California’s 11 District.

“This round of the ‘Pick a Progressive Patriot’ was a huge success,” Feingold said. “Over 50 candidates were nominated from 24 states, but in the end McNerney received the most support from a very enthusiastic group of bloggers and online activists. We are happy to send $5000 to the McNerney campaign and we thank everyone who participated in this round of ‘Pick a Progressive Patriot.’” (source)

Feingold Announces Jerry McNerney as the Choice of the Netroots in "Pick a Progressive Patriot": YearlyKos Event (source)

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund Endorses McNerney (source)

Jerry McNerney: Grassroots All-Star

Jerry McNerney was voted into the top 5 of Democracy For America's Grassroots All-Star contest as well. The next round of voting is now open. Be sure to vote! You can keep up with the results at Blog For America

Jerry McNerney: Map Changer

Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC has also announce the next round of candidates in his Map Changers contest. Jerry McNerney has also advanced to the next round there as well. Vote for Jerry McNerney again!

Netroots Candidate Suggestions

MYDD is taking candidate suggestions for Netroots Candidate Endorsement Here.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Help Jerry McNerney Beat Pombo In November

Vote Jerry McNerney for Democracy For America's Grassroots All-Star!

"DFA launched the 2006 Grassroots All-Star Vote for you to decide who receives the next DFA-List endorsement. The first round of voting is open until Friday, June 16, at 5:00 p.m. and everyday until then, we'll be profiling each candidate." (source)

"Jerry is running for US Congress in the California 11th. For the past twenty years, Jerry has been involved in developing wind technology as an alternative to our dependence on oil, and today he is the CEO of a wind-turbine manufacturing company. In Congress, he plans to champion clean energy initiatives, as well as reaching out diplomatically to other nations while maintaining strong national security. Check out Jerry's website for more information:" (source)

Go Here and Vote Jerry McNerney!

Jerry McNerney is also on Mark Warner's "Change the Map" contest list as well.

Vote Jerry McNerney as a Democratic Map Changer.

"The 2006 elections will be an opportunity for Democrats. For the first time in many years, Democrats have a strong chance to win majorities in both houses of Congress. Forward Together PAC has already contributed to more than 50 campaigns in more than 30 states. Now we are opening up the process.

You can help us choose the next group of candidates we'll support. We are looking for fresh faces with fresh ideas - and for solutions-oriented Democrats with a focus on the future - candidates who will help us change the political map. Which candidates are you supporting? Register below and tell us who your Map Changers are!" (source)

Click Here To Vote!

*Update: "Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund (a PAC) is having a special vote at Yearly Kos to see which candidate will receive a $5,000 donation from them. They are not publicizing the vote outside of Yearly Kos, so very few votes will be cast. This means that each vote cast matters much more than in the other votes by the PPF.

Please help Jerry McNerney, and help us fight Richard Pombo, by voting for McNerney at the following URL by the end of Sunday.

McNerney Wins!

The Results

"Incumbent Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, appears headed for a rematch against his 2004 opponent, Democrat Jerry McNerney.

Pombo beat challenger and former congressman Pete McCloskey Jr. with 62 percent of the vote compared to 32 percent.

McNerney, a Pleasanton wind engineer, triumphed over Danville pilot Steve Filson 53 percent to 28.5 percent." (source)

""I can't think of any of (my) 32 percent who will vote for Pombo in the fall," McCloskey said Wednesday, adding that "the best thing that can happen for the country now is for the Democrats to take over the House."" (source)

"McCloskey's votes, combined with those taken by Filson and McNerney, added up to more than Pombo received." (source)

Next Stop: November

Contra Costa Times: Pombo, McNerney headed for rematch (source)

Tri-Valley Herald: Pombo faces an 'uphill battle' (source)

Jerry McNerney (vs. Steve Filson)

"McNerney...easily beat United Airlines pilot Steve Filson for the Democratic nomination. Filson was backed by top House Democrats including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., but McNerney had the grassroots support." (source)

Jerry McNerney: Thank You! (source)

McNerney for Congress: We won! (source)


Richard Pombo (vs. Pete McCloskey)

"Richard Pombo is whistling past the graveyard this morning. He won his Republican primary and barely made the 60 percent margin that causes the media to view the victory as solid -- 62.5 percent. But almost 40 percent of the Republican voters chose either environmental hero Pete McCloskey, who moved into the district to run and called himself "a carpetbagger," or the third candidate, Tom Benigno, who framed himself as a local Republican alternative. Worse, Pombo's vote total -- 29,000 votes -- was actually less than that of his two Democratic opponents combined. So Democratic winner Jerry McNerney wins in November if he can hold the Democrats (which should he should) and also get more than half of the anti-Pombo Republican vote. Pombo, on the other hand, wins only if he can earn back more than half the voters who went for McCloskey -- not an easy lift.

In the primary, the Sierra Club used mail, radio ads, and door-to-door conversations to tell Republican voters about Pombo's dismal environmental record, showcasing his efforts to open up Northern California's coasts to oil drilling, his push to sell off our National Parks and Monuments to developers, his attempts to undermine the laws that protect our nation's wildlife and their habitat, and the fact that he recently took over $200,000 in campaign contributions from the oil industry.

Clearly, the people of the 11th Congressional District heard us." (source)

"House Resources Chairman Richard Pombo turned back a primary challenge from former representative Pete McCloskey in Northern California's 11th Congressional District, 62%-32%. When another Republican with Abramoff ties, former House majority leader Tom DeLay, got the same percentage of support in his March primary, he decided it was a signal he'd have trouble in November and ended his political career. Pombo is "in trouble," San Jose State University political scientist Terry Christensen said." (source)

""The result shows a serious vulnerability, but no more than that," Bruce Cain, a political science professor at the University of California at Berkeley, said Wednesday. "At a minimum, it means that the Republicans will have to put money into this race, which they certainly did not want to do."" (source)

Contra Costa Times: Rep. Pombo beats moderate ex-lawmaker in primary (source)

Carl Pope (Sierra Club): Pombo Dodges the First Bullet (source)

Around The Blogosphere

"We got back to HQ at 8, and already AJ the campaign manager was getting early results over the web. Volunteeers and staffers crowded around AJ to see the latest results. Very soon afterwards, we started getting encouraging results. After idling for a bit, and trying to eat some snack food since I had not had dinner yet, people started migrating to the Main Street Brewery in Pleasanton, where the victory party was scheduled; it was decked out with a podium and curtain in the corner for Jerry to address the crowd. By the time we got there, it was clear that it was indeed a victory party. The results were coming in, and they were looking good for McNerney...Plenty of cheers (especially when the latest results would flash by on the ticker on the TV monitor), high-fives, and hugs all around.

(photo source)

Jerry was introduced by his son Mike, who recounted the story of his first write-in vote for his dad in the 2004 election, and the phone call to his dad which kicked off Jerry's 2004 candidacy. Jerry gave a warm, wonderful off-the-cuff thank you speech ("I brought this prepared speech. Should I read it? Nah..." as he crumped up the papers in his hand and throw it out to the audience)." (source)

A Progressive Alamedan: Not a bad election! (source)

DailyKos/Calitics: CA-11: Jerry McNerney, California's Jon Tester and a big win for California's netroots (source/source)

Other Wins For The Grassroots/Netroots

"In Montana, state Sen. Jon Tester walloped state Auditor John Morrison for the right to take on Sen. Conrad Burns (R) in the fall. Tester took 61 percent to 35 percent for Morrison..." (source)

"State Treasurer Phil Angelides used the support from the Democratic Party establishment and organized labor to eke out a 48 percent to 44 percent victory in the gubernatorial primary over state Controller Steve Westly, who spent tens of millions of his own money on the race." (source)

"State Sen. Debra Bowen, D-Marina Del Rey, handily defeated Ortiz 61 percent to 39 percent." (source)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Election Day News Briefs

Today is election day - VOTE!

Assosciated Press: Polls Open In California Primary (source)

The Record: Five races to watch (source)

Richard Pombo

"About two dozen immigrant rights activists gathered Sunday to protest immigration reform legislation working its way through Congress.

The Mexican American Political Association organized the event. Activists gathered Sunday afternoon at San Joaquin Delta College and planned to march to Rep. Richard Pombo's office, about a mile away on March Lane. Pombo, R-Tracy, voted for an immigration reform bill that passed the House in December; the bill would make it a felony to be in the United States illegally, and critics have said it is too harsh.

"He sent a message against our community. We are responding," said Luis Magaña, who organized the march.Magaña said volunteers have been registering people to vote and will be going door to door in coming days to remind voters to go to the polls" (

SF Chronicle: Richard Pombo confident despite fiercer attacks from 'enviros' (source)

The Record: Activists march against immigration legislation (source)

Jerry McNerney

"Two years ago while serving in Afghanistan, Jerry McNerney's son, Michael, received his Democrat primary ballot. Since no one was running, he wrote in his dad's name and called him and told him he needed to run. McNerney was able to obtain enough write-in votes to get on the November 2004 ballot vs. Republican Rep. Richard Pombo. With the support of thousands of grass-roots voters, he got 39 percent as a candidate without name recognition and funds from the state or national Democratic Party that basically had abandoned the 11 th Congressional District." (source)

The Record: Volunteers make S.J. election click (source)

Jerry McNerney: This is it... (source)

Jerry McNerney: I have some wonderful news... (source)

Pete McCloskey
"McCloskey is a Teddy Roosevelt-style conservationist who has worked both in and out of office to protect Northern California's green space. Besides the environmental laws he supported and co-authored in Congress, McCloskey has since worked with groups to preserve Bridgeport Valley in Modoc County, Bear Valley in Calaveras County and the 82,000-acre Hearst Ranch near San Simeon." (source)

SF Chronicle: Pete McCloskey says he's running to restore Republican values (source)

A Tale of Two Republicans.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Richard Pombo

"Richard Pombo Bats for Big Oil
Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA/11th) has been one of the oil industry's best friends in Congress, supporting billions in tax breaks and subsidies for companies like Exxon Mobile and sponsoring bills that would open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and protected coastlines to drilling. In return, oil companies have generously given to his campaigns. That's a far cry from another Republican, Teddy Roosevelt, who a century ago took on the Standard Oil monopoly and won.
Listen to a Sierra Club radio ad (MP3)
View two Sierra Club mail pieces: 1 2 (PDF)" (source)

Monday, June 05, 2006


Jerry McNerney sent out the email below to supporters this morning. I'm re-posting it because it shows a lot about the character of Jerry McNerney and his supporters.

Jerry McNerney for Congress (Email):

"Dear Friend,

I have some wonderful news.

On Memorial Day, I asked you to consider supporting Operation Helmet -- a vital grassroots organization that provides blast- protective helmet upgrades to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Founded by Dr. Robert Meaders, a former naval flight surgeon and ophthalmologist, Operation Helmet has been distributing Kevlar helmet upgrade kits to troops for over two years.

It was a simple request on a solemn day. My hope was that the message would help spread the word about the critical work Operation Helmet is doing to save lives and prevent brain injuries to our troops. Little did I know what would transpire after that e-mail was sent to you last Monday morning.

Yesterday, I received this message from Dr. Meaders:

“Jerry: Thanks to your support, we received over $7,000 in contributions for the upgrade of combat helmets. The Marines, Air Force, Navy troops now have a better chance of coming home with their gourds intact and brains unscrambled because of you. Thanks from all of us to you and your constituents who gave so generously. Bob.”

I know I have said it before. But I’m going to say it again.

You are absolutely amazing.

I would have never thought that the mere mention of an organization in a campaign e-mail message would produce such an incredible response. This is yet another reason why I am so proud to represent you in this primary election.

The power you have expressed as a community is truly overwhelming. Thank you yet again from the bottom of my heart for your tremendous generosity.


Jerry" (source: from email)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

McNerney Picks Up More Endorsements

The Lodi News-Sentinel Endorses Jerry McNerney For Congress (source)
"In the Democratic race, all three candidates have clear strengths, but we like McNerney.

He's not a typical politician, and we find that refreshing. He's studious — almost a little nerdy — but in pleasant way. He talks with conviction and expertise about the importance of energy policy. He takes the long view. He is thoughtful but tempered by pragmatism." (

Morgan Hill Times Endorses McNerney For Congress (source)

Calitics: CA-11: McNerney for Congress (source)

MH Times endorsed Pete McCloskey while Lodi News went with Pombo for the Republican Primary.

Pete McCloskey: (Tracy) Press' Pombo endorsement is wrong (source)

Pombo to donate Abramoff money

The Record: Pombo to donate Abramoff money (source)

"Rep. Richard Pombo will jettison the last of the money he received from felonious lobbyist Jack Abramoff, according to his spokesman.

After The Record informed him that Pombo still retained a $500 contribution from Abramoff he received in September 1996, Pombo spokesman Brian Kennedy said the Tracy Republican will give it away.

Pombo gave another $7,000 he'd received from Abramoff to the Boys & Girls Club earlier this year.

Abramoff pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud in January. He has been accused of influence peddling, bilking an array of Indian tribes and corrupting possibly as many as 20 members of Congress.


Pombo also has returned or donated money given him by disgraced Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham of San Diego and lobbyist Tony Rudy, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy last month.

Pombo will retain the $31,250 he's received from Abramoff's clients." (source)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

PFAW: "Vote McNerney for Congress in Tuesday's Primary"

People For The American Way:

"Dear Friend,

This Tuesday, June 6, PFAW Voters Alliance is supporting Jerry McNerney for Congress in the Democratic primary for California’s 11th district. We hope you’ll join us and cast your vote for McNerney.

Jerry McNerney earned our endorsement with his strong commitment to progressive values and stances on issues like choice, public education, LGBT rights and the environment that reflect our shared values. He’s also earned the endorsement of the California Democratic Party and most of California’s major labor unions.

Help change America by changing Congress. Replace Rep. Pombo with someone who shares your values and will represent your interests. On Tuesday, vote to send Jerry McNerney to the general election in November, and then to Congress. Tell your friends to do the same.

Find out more about Jerry McNerney at

Find your polling place at

And remember: you don’t need to be a registered Democrat to vote in the party primary. Independents and voters with no party affiliation are eligible for ballots as well.

-- Your Allies at People For the American Way Voters Alliance" (source: PFAW email)

Friday, June 02, 2006

"All DeLay's Children"

From The Nation - All DeLay's Children (including one of his favorate son's, Richard Pombo.)
"If the toothless lobbying "reform" bill approved by the House and Senate is any indication, we haven't seen the last of the likes of Jack Abramoff or Tom DeLay. DeLay exits Congress June 9, but his influence lives on. His former deputy, Dennis Hastert, remains Speaker of the House. His key liaison to lobbyists on K Street, Roy Blunt, is majority whip. Even John Boehner, a rival from the Gingrich years, retained three DeLay staffers when he became majority leader. More important, the Hammer left many nails behind among the lower tier of House GOP leadership members, committee chairmen, party spokesmen and fundraisers he propelled to power. These are the people who will shape the GOP's agenda for years to come. Here are five disciples who are carrying on DeLay's legacy.


§ Richard Pombo (age 45). With his cowboy hats and ostrich-skin boots, Pombo fancies himself a "Capitol Cowboy." To government watchdogs, he's "Dirty Dick," a militant antienvironmentalist and Abramoff crony. The California rancher has raised hundreds of thousands from big business for fellow Republicans and enjoyed close ties with recently indicted DeLay staffer Tony Rudy. Pombo and fellow DeLay protégé John Doolittle (himself a top Republican under investigation for assisting Abramoff) helped kill a government investigation into a Houston-based DeLay donor responsible for a $1.6 billion savings-and-loan scandal in Texas. At the same time Pombo's staff was cultivating ties to Abramoff, DeLay helped Pombo leapfrog ahead of six more-senior Republicans to become chairman of the House Resources Committee, which has jurisdiction over Indian gaming. At age 42, Pombo was the youngest chairman in the House. "This is the guy DeLay wanted," former House Ethics Committee chair Joel Hefley remarked. Pombo has used the position to try to destroy the Endangered Species Act, reward big-donor polluters, ignore calls for an investigation into Abramoff's tribal clients, give his chief of staff two salaries and pay his wife and brother $357,000 over the past four years for "consulting" work. More recently, Pombo has come under fire for renting an RV for a family vacation and sticking taxpayers with the bill.


Of course, recent polls indicate that the House DeLay built might yet collapse. If Republicans lose their majority in November, or a significant number of seats, a major shake-up could derail the careers of quite a few DeLay disciples. The guilt is only likely to accumulate. Two of DeLay's top aides have already been indicted in the Abramoff investigation. Reports suggest that DeLay's key spiritual adviser and lobbyist, Ed Buckham, along with another former protégé, Ohio Representative Bob Ney, are in the cross-hairs of the law. And ABC News claims that Dennis Hastert is "in the mix." DeLay himself faces trial in Texas and remains a target in the Abramoff probe. As his disciples are learning, it's no longer a good day to be a comrade of DeLay. " (More-At-Source)

Two McNerney Blogs Worth Checking Out

There's a great picture of a bunch of McNerney supporters "Calling for Jerry" Here.

Also at Jerry McNerney's Blog, "You are "extraordinary"!"

Finally, There is one last fundraising push before election day. The goal is 100k with over 3/4's of the tank full.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

More News As Election Day Approaches

"The Cook Political Report, which ranks the competitiveness of congressional races, switched the 11th District contest from "likely'' Republican to "leans'' Republican -- giving the Democrats a glimmer of hope and Republicans reason not to take Pombo's re-election for granted." (source)

SF Chronicle: 11th District Election a test for GOP, Pombo's incumbency (source)

"Doolittle is also wearing a big A on his chest for Jack Abramoff — and so is Tracy Rep. Richard Pombo. They both got money from the naughty lobbyist and his circle. Posters across Pombos hometown ask, How Do You Spell Corruption? P-O-M-B-O." (source)

Carl Zichella (Sierra Club): Pombo's denials are lies (source)

Rodger Schlickeisen (Defenders of Wildlife): Teddy wouldn't be a fan of Pombo (source)

Tracy Press: Vote for Pombo in GOP primary (source)

"an astonishing 40 percent of McNerney's money came from contributions of less than $200 each. McCloskey was the closest at 18 percent, while small donations made up less than 3 percent of Pombo's cash.

"It's extraordinary," said Bob Stern with the Center for Governmental Studies.

"Most candidates don't want to focus on small contributions because it's not cost-effective. But the Internet is changing the way candidates raise money." (source)

"It was 55 years ago this past Memorial Day that Pete McCloskey led the Marine rifle assault that won him the Navy Cross in the Korean War. And as dawn broke on the anniversary, the California Republican was once again charging uphill, only this time against many in his own party." (source)

Wall Street Journal: In California, a Fight For Republican Priorities (source)

The Record: McCloskey will return dubious contribution (source)

McCloskey Returns Unwanted Campaign Contribution - Calls on Pombo to return remaining Abramoff money (source)