Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Make A Choice, Just Don't Be Too "Extreme" About It

I've got the exact quote of what Steve Filson said:.

"We need members of congress...who do not get endorsements from places in Marin County and Sonoma, from extreme and progressive sections of the party"
-Steve Filson

Extreme AND Progressive sections of the party? WOW. Steve Filson campaigned for the same progressive endorsement's as Jerry McNerney. The only difference is that he didn't get any of them. What he did do is move to the left on the War in Iraq, Universal Healthcare, Election Reform, and Labor issues to try and get those endorsements. It's amazing that he's now attacking these same groups and a key segment of our party. He's been attacking McNerney but now apparently his supporters too are fair-game along with the "progressive sections of the party"

I have an audio tape in my possession and am working on getting it up on here and hope to either tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out.


Here are two action alerts:

Democracy For America: Who do you support in the CA-11

DailyKos: Which CA-11 Candidate?

Update: Here is the audio of Steve Filson. (Wav)

Update 2: The "Latest Charts of Democratic Race" Are In Couresy Of Vote Pombo Out.


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