Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anti-Earth Week - May 15-19

The House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi's .gov website has an Anti-Earth Week response to Pombo's Earth Day Propaganda Page.

The website's sections include Big Oil, House Action, and The Facts. Click Here to view it.

Hat Tip To Raw Story.

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"This week, the House will consider a series of bills that will undermine our environmental protections. The House Resources Committee, chaired by Congressman Richard Pombo (R-CA), will mark up legislation that perpetuates the mismanagement of our Nation's fisheries and threatens a resource that is currently overfished by 20%. Under the guise of maintaining National Forests, the House will vote on unnecessary legislation that bypasses conservation laws, allows road-building in roadless areas, and disregards peer-reviewed science. And as if an assualt on our fisheries and forests is not enough for one week, the House will consider an amendment to open off-limits coastal areas to new drilling and exploration -- only 3 miles from our shores.
Learn more about the Anti-Earth Action:

Anti-Earth Action #1: Pombo Fisheries BillThe Pombo bill, HR 5018, weakens protections for depleted fisheries, eliminates environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for all fishery management decisions, undercuts protections for national marine sanctuaries, and reduces public participation and access to information." (More-At-Source)


Blogger brian said...

Nice post. I love this website more than words can say. It calls out Pombo in a very "in your face" way.

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