Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jerry McNerney: Giving Thanks

Congressman-Elect Jerry McNerney: Giving Thanks (for DFA):

"We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

With your help and the support of Democracy for America, I just unseated Republican Richard Pombo, an entrenched 14-year incumbent who tried to undermine decades of environmental progress as Chair of the powerful House Resources Committee.

This was a people-powered victory that you helped make possible by volunteering and contributing to our campaign for change. Back in June, when the pundits and power-brokers didn't think we could defeat one of Washington's most powerful congressmen, you cast thousands of votes to help me win DFA's 2006 "Grassroots All-Star" online congressional competition, providing us with the crucial early funding and buzz we needed to compete and win in November.

I give thanks to DFA and everyone who helped our amazing campaign demonstrate that grassroots (and netroots) organizing works, no matter the political odds.

Now, on this Thanksgiving, we can continue to move America forward by helping the neediest have enough to eat.

The U.S. Agriculture Department just released the annual report that measures Americans' access to food. The study found that 35 million Americans didn't have enough money or resources to get food last year. In South Carolina, the number of people without food increased by almost 50% from 1998.

The Bush administration would like to wallpaper over these facts, by first delaying the report until after the elections and then deleting the word "hunger" and replacing it with the term "very low food security." They seem to think hunger in America should be swept under the rug with an Orwellian name change rather than change policy based on the facts.

Despite this turn away from reality, we can help those without food right now, in time for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season.

Please donate canned goods to your local community food bank. You can find a charitable organization near you here:

In some places, your local church or grocery store may also accept food goods, clothing and toys.

With your dedication and commitment to change, we are turning our country around. Now, let's take action locally by giving what we can this Thanksgiving.

Thank you for everything you do to bring America together.

Jerry McNerney Congressman-Elect California's 11th District" (source)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Richard Pombo (Sore Loser-Ca): "I may consider running again for Congress."

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SFChron: Pombo considers options in wake of stunning defeat

"This is not what Rep. Richard Pombo expected to be doing in the weeks after the election.

He's packing up his congressional office. His wife, Annette, is moving personal items from their townhouse on Capitol Hill. He's preparing to hand his gavel as chairman of the House Resources Committee to a Democrat. His staff will soon turn over files to the man who stunned the political world by beating him, wind engineer and political neophyte Jerry McNerney.
He's convinced that his successor, McNerney, will be ousted two years from now.
He said there are several Republican mayors and state legislators in the district who would make good candidates. And he added, "I may consider running again for Congress. I really haven't made that decision, and I don't want to make that decision right now."" (source) (emphasis added)

Pombo also complained that by informing voters about his corruption and extremism his opponents were somehow suppressing the vote. He didn't mention the actual voter suppression that the his campaign and the NRCC were doing on his behalf with harassing robo-calls, misleading mailers and fliers sent to Democrats on everything from middle-class issues to energy policy, the intimidating emails he sent to McCloskey supporters during the primary or any of the other voter suppression and dirty tricks that the Pombo campaign and the Republican Party used in their failed effort to save the corrupt incumbent from the wrath of his own constituents.

'06 Last Stand - Pombo also plans on trying to gut the Endangered Species Act on last time on his way out.

'08 Side Note - Hank Shaw of The Record is reporting, "Word on the street is that Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian, R-Stockton, is mulling whether to challenge Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, in 2008."

Saturday, November 18, 2006


November 16, 2006


Newest member of California delegation to serve on powerful, and influential board

"Washington DC - Fresh off the heels of his recent election, Rep. Elect Jerry McNerney (D-Pleasanton) was named today to the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. The Committee, which is chaired by Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi, serves to determine individual committee assignments for Democratic Members, as well as to provide policy recommendations to the party leadership.

“I am honored to be nominated to this committee,” McNerney said, “I look forward to bringing a strong voice and fresh leadership to this important role. This is an opportunity for me to work with my colleagues in tackling some of the important issues that face our constituents, like energy independence, while helping my party lead our country in a new direction.”

McNerney was appointed to the committee after a unanimous vote by the Northern California Delegation, which recognized his potential leadership and dedication to the state.

"Jerry McNerney brings a wealth of knowledge and an innovative outlook to Congress and I am pleased to welcome him as the thirty-forth member of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation," said Delegation Chair Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose). "I also am proud to have him represent Northern California in the 'Committee on Committees' and think this choice shows the high regard California Members have towards him."

McNerney was selected to represent the regional interests of not only Northern California, but Guam, Hawaii and American Samoa as well." (source: McNerney for Congress Press Release)

Post Election News Round Up

Jerry Wins!

"On Tuesday, November 7, Jerry McNerney declared victory in the campaign for the 11th Congressional District seat held by Richard Pombo. Before hundreds of supporters at the Victory Party in San Ramon, McNerney thanked his amazing volunteers. "Look where we are now. We're on the cusp of changing the direction of this country, a mighty country. And we're going to change it for the good. We're going to work together to make this world a better and safer place. And you all have been a very big part of this. I thank every single one of you."" (source)

Record: McNerney topples Pombo in close House race

TracyPress: Pombo defeated

SacBee: Pombo meets his Waterloo

SFChron: McNerney ousts seven-term Rep. Pombo

SNTP: Resounding Victory for Jerry

Jerry McNerney

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"The "Jerry McNerney for Congress" sign outside his campaign headquarters has been crossed out. Somebody's scrawled in red: "U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney!"

The exclamation point of amazement says it all.

On Tuesday, McNerney, a little-known Democrat with a math Ph.D. but no experience in elected office, shoved out one of California's most powerful Republican incumbents even though nobody thought he could.
" (source)

From Congressman-Elect Jerry McNerney: "A Very Big Thank You" (and video from our victory party)

CalChron: Congressman-Elect Jerry McNerney Selected to Represent N. California on Steering & Policy Committee

SJ Merc: `Giant-killer' on Capitol Hill - DEMOCRAT WHO BEAT POMBO FINDS A WARM WELCOME

AP: It's 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' for Calif Democrat McNerney

Record: Congressman-elect talks issues over bacon and eggs

SFChron: Pombo foe says Bush visit clinched his win

Richard Pombo

SNTP: Pombo concedes, but looks to "reform" ESA in lame duck session

Record: Pombo: 'I wouldn't have changed a thing'

NBC: Abramoff scandal takes a midterms toll

TracyPress: Pombo’s advice to McNerney: stay true to yourself

SacBee: Pombo soon to head home /ModBee: Pombo's future up in the air / CCTimes: Pombo begins transition back to civilian life

Grist: Rep. Richard "Dick" Pombo ...

More Post Election

Defenders of Wildlife: POMBO LOSES! - " The most significant electoral victory for the environmental movement in decades."

SacBee: New goals surface after Pombo's loss

Tri-Valley Herald: Pombo's defeat recharges environmental movement

Salon: The meaning of Pombo

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jerry McNerney Has Defeated Richard Pombo

California Secretary of State:

99.7% ( 867 of 870 ) precincts reporting as of Nov 8, 2006 at 1:49 am

Jerry McNerney (Dem) - 87,346 - 53.1 %

Richard W. Pombo (Rep) - 77,260 - 46.9 %


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Over 30 McNerney Lawn Signs Stolen From Farmer's Property

The Record: Farmer says more than 30 political signs have been stolen
"...he's filed three police reports because someone keeps stealing political signs from his Linden property.

"It makes me kind of sick," said Frison, a 63-year-old retired elevator repairman who lives in the 17000 block of Highway 26 in Linden.


Nearly 30 signs of congressional candidate Jerry McNerney have vanished.
" (more-at-source)

Where's your polling place? What about absentee ballots? Voting problems?

Monday, November 06, 2006

One Last Pre-Election Ca-11 Round Up

Jerry McNerney

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Join Jerry at our Election Night Party!

Mother Jones: Jerry McNerney: Saving California's 11th and the Environment from Rep. Richard Pombo

Jerry's Blog: Where's your polling place? What about absentee ballots? Voting problems?

SNTP: Sabato predicts McNerney win

SNTP: Evans-Novak Says CA-11 "Leaning Democratic Takeover"

World's foremost golf course designer campaigns with McNerney

Crashing the States in CA-11: The Winds of Change (McNerney)

Richard Pombo

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LOE/DailyKos: Abramoff Threw Holiday Party for Pombo

Michael Fitzgerald/Record: All hail the Taker-in-Chief

SF Chron: Schwarzenegger, appearing in Pombo's congressional district, won't say if he supports the Tracy Republican

SNTP: Did Abramoff throw expensive holiday party for Pombo and staff in 2004?

Hank Shaw/Record: WashPo says Pombo's campaign wasteful

DailyKos: ¡Science, Sí! - ¡Pombo, No!

Campaign News

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SNTP: Are You Receiving GOP Dirty Trick Robocalls?

The Record: Farmer says more than 30 political signs have been stolen

KCRA3: Republicans' Anti-McNerney Ad "Stretches Truth"

LaTimes: Pombo race is the fight of his career

Lodi News-Sentinel: Local activists ramp up efforts for Nov. 7

AP: Dem McNerney files federal complaint against Pombo fundraising

KO/DailyKos: a battle for governance


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Washington Post names Pombo's campaign one of the country's 10 worst

"University of Virginia political professor and national election analyst Larry Sabato today noted "momentum is firmly in McNerney's court" and predicted Jerry would tomorrow defeat incumbent Republican Richard Pombo. On Friday, the National Journal's Chuck Todd likewise foretold a McNerney win.

"As I meet with moms and dads, students and veterans, teachers, doctors, and farmers throughout the 11th Congressional district, I hear one message loud and clear" said McNerney. "Voters want a change. But George Bush and Richard Pombo are satisfied with the directions in which America and Iraq are headed. I want to take us in a new direction and work with Democrats and Republicans to help the people of California, not lobbyists in Washington."

Inspired by President Bill Clinton's visit to Stockton on Tuesday, 1,287 McNerney supporters on Saturday and Sunday contacted more than 35,000 voters throughout the 11th Congressional district. Since the start of October, McNerney's people-powered campaign has raised more than $1 million. Last week, McNerney began advertising on San Francisco radio and television stations and boosted his advertising on Sacramento stations. McNerney's latest television advertisement is titled " A New Direction for America."

The Stockton Record on Sunday reported that independent, unaffiliated voters in San Joaquin Valley, Pombo's traditional stronghold, are supporting Jerry McNerney by a 2-to-1 margin. The Record's survey follows last week's release of the first and only independent poll of the race, which showed McNerney ahead of Pombo by a 48 to 46 margin 'despite Constituent Dynamics' significant overpolling of self-identified Republicans and underpolling of self-identified Democrats.

The Washington Post last week ranked Pombo's operation as among the 10 worst-run incumbent campaigns in the country. As NBC 11 reported in October, Pombo for weeks refused media interviews and scheduled few public events. McNerney this weekend received several high profile endorsements. On Sunday, Robert Redford called voters on Jerry's behalf and Michael J Fox announced his support for Jerry. On Saturday, Robert Trent Jones Jr. canvassed with McNerney.


Jerry McNerney is a nationally recognized expert in wind engineering and renewable energy, with a PhD in mathematics. During his career in wind energy, McNerney's work contributed to saving the equivalent of approximately 30 million barrels of oil, or 8.3 million tons of carbon dioxide ˆ the main greenhouse gas ˆ as well as other harmful pollutants. The Democratic nominee for California's 11th Congressional District, Jerry has been married for 29 years and has three grown children.
" (source)

Bob Novak Agrees.


Phone From Home!

Make a contribution online

Tell your friends and family about Jerry McNerney's candidacy.

Join Jerry at our Election Night Party! (w/ photos)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Michael J. Fox endorses Jerry McNerney for Congress


Cites Support for Stem Cell Research

"Today Michael J. Fox strongly endorsed Democratic Congressional candidate Jerry McNerney. As a vocal proponent of medical research, Fox is supporting candidates who support all forms of stem cell research in races where their opponents simply do not.

"America is about hope, about promise, about always moving forward, and we deserve leaders who are willing to deliver that hope to their constituents," Fox stated.

"The idea of restricting one of the most promising areas of research is shortsighted. We have no way of knowing where the next break will emerge," Fox continued.

Stem cell research has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people living with diseases and disorders including cancer, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, and even Parkinson's disease.

Fox is committed to electing to Congress individuals like Jerry McNerney who will support expanding the current policy on stem cell research. McNerney's opponent, Rep. Richard Pombo, voted to uphold President George W. Bush's veto of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act in July 2006 and had previously voted against the legislation.

"I enthusiastically support and endorse Jerry McNerney for Congress. By supporting stem cell research, Jerry McNerney puts America on a path that speaks to who we are as a nation," Fox concluded.


Jerry McNerney is a nationally recognized expert in wind engineering and renewable energy, with a PhD in mathematics. During his career in wind energy, McNerney's work contributed to saving the equivalent of approximately 30 million barrels of oil, or 8.3 million tons of carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas – as well as other harmful pollutants. The Democratic nominee for California's 11th Congressional District, Jerry has been married for 29 years and has three grown children.
" (source)

Survey: Decline-To-State Voters Support Jerry McNerney 2-to-1 Over Richard Pombo

The Record: Survey shows decline-to-state voters leaning toward McNerney

"Rep. Richard Pombo's political life rests on the number of Republican voters who cast ballots for him Tuesday.

Democrats are not likely to vote for the seven-term incumbent - and voters who decline to state a political preference are supporting Democrat Jerry McNerney by a margin of more than 2-to-1, according to a Record survey of such voters taken last week.

The Record surveyed more than 80 decline-to-state voters from San Joaquin County who had voted in this spring's primary election, last year's special election, or both. These are voters who are very likely to participate in Tuesday's election." (more-at-source)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Richard Pombo Helps Big Oil & Big Oil Helps Richard Pombo

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HankShaw/Record: CD 11: Pombo gets checks from Chevron, DeLay's brother

"Tracy Rep. Richard Pombo collected a $2,100 check from former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's younger brother Randolph DeLay Wednesday -- the maximum allowed. DeLay the Younger is a Houston-based lobbyist.


In other news, it appears that San Ramon-based oil giant Chevron *really* wants Pombo to win: They've contributed $14,600 to him in the past week, bringing the firm's total contributions to Pombo to $27,600." (source)

Pombo works hard for big oil. Very Hard. Harder Than Most. But It's Worth It For Pombo...

After all,
Richard Pombo has taken over $400k from Big Oil.

Jerry McNerney Stands Up To Big Oil & Richard Pombo, For Tax-Payers

"Democrat McNerney blasted his Republican incumbent opponent while standing outside a Chevron station with East Bay Congressman George Miller.

"His hands, his fingerprints, and the oil company's money are all over his service in the Congress of the United States," said McNerney.
Pombo has received large donations from oil companies and McNerney accuses him of letting oil and gas companies off the hook for billions of dollars in royalties as chairman of the House Resources Committee.

"Chevron and all the oil companies are going to do their best to pay as few taxes as they can. It's our responsibility and the responsibility of Congress to make sure that these monies are paid."

Miller was there to back up McNerney’s call to action. "Richard Pombo has watched out more for the oil companies than he has for the energy consumers in the eleventh district to the taxpayers in the eleventh district and the state of California," Miller said. " (source)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Huge Turnout for Clinton, McNerney GOTV Rally

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The Record: Clinton headlines Stockton rally

Full Article & Full Size Pictures available from The Record.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (Craig Sanders/The Record)

"Former President Clinton headlined a rally for Democratic congressional candidate Jerry McNerney at Stockton Municipal Airport on Wednesday night, two days before first lady Laura Bush is slated to stump for Rep. Richard Pombo in Pleasanton." (source)

"Nearly 1,000 people waited in a drizzle that became a downpour to see Clinton cheer them on to help McNerney unseat the seven-term incumbent.

They used umbrellas. They used McNerney's signs - even cardboard boxes and plastic sheeting -anything to keep dry.

But none seemed to mind. They could feel victory within their grasp." (more-at-source)
CC Times: President Clinton stumps for McNerney in Stockton

"A thousand people stood in the rain for two hours Wednesday night waiting to hear former President Clinton speak to faithful Democrats and rally support for congressional candidate Jerry McNerney in his battle with Rep. Richard Pombo.

Clinton didn't disappoint.

The enthralled crowd hung on Clinton's every word, a 40-minute treatise on why America should elect Democrats on Nov. 7." (source)

""The thing I like best about sending Jerry McNerney to Congress is that he has the expertise to help us build a clean energy economy," Clinton said. "We ought to have someone in Congress with actual knowledge about energy."" (more-at-source)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting GET OUT THE VOTE!

*Updated: More Clinton/McNerney Rally Coverage

McNerney for Congress/YouTube: President Clinton Endorses Jerry McNerney

"On Wednesday, November 1, President Bill Clinton endorsed Jerry McNerney in Stockton before 1,000 rain-soaked McNerney supporters. "The thing I like best about sending Jerry McNerney to Congress is that he has the expertise to help us build a clean energy economy," Clinton said to thunderous applause." (source)

President Clinton to 1,000 McNerney supporters: "The sun will be shining on Tuesday!" (w/ photos)

Tri Valley Dems: President Clinton endorses Jerry McNerney (W/Pics)

Because of Iraq

Because of Iraq

Richard Pombo: Not So Proud To Be A Republican

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The Hill: Republicans on the Web coy about party affiliation

Richard Pombo. Rancher. Congressman,” reads the campaign website of the powerful House Resources Committee chairman.

But one label is missing: Republican." (source)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bill Clinton To Campaign for Jerry McNerney In Stockton - Tonight!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingJerry's Blog: TONIGHT!: President Bill Clinton campaigns for Jerry McNerney in Stockton
This event is being organized on 24-hours notice. Please spread the word to increase turnout!

"Former President Bill Clinton will campaign with Jerry McNerney at a Get Out The Vote Rally on Wednesday in Stockton.

The Democratic nominee for Congress from California's 11th Congressional District, McNerney will introduce President Clinton at a Get Out The Vote Rally for Democratic candidates for local, state, and federal office.

McNerney's challenge to incumbent Republican Richard Pombo has recently emerged as one of the hottest Congressional races in the country. Pombo is a rubber stamp for George Bush's agenda who has been recognized as one of the most corrupt members of Congress. McNerney is a clean energy expert who will help take America in a new direction.

"Jerry McNerney has built a career as a clean energy expert and environmentalist. We need more people like him serving in our government, individuals willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard to reduce this country's dependence on foreign oil," said Clinton. "As President I worked with Congress to seek more cost-efficient and environmentally sound methods of meeting America's ever-evolving energy needs, particularly as we faced increasing threats to our national security. If we are to meet those needs in 21st century and beyond, we should elect representatives with the ideas, integrity, and commitment of Jerry McNerney."

WHO: President Bill Clinton Jerry McNerney, nominee for Congress from California's 11th Congressional District Democratic candidates for local, state, and federal office

WHAT: Public Endorsement and Democratic Get Out The Vote Rally

WHERE: Stockton Jet Center 6364 South Lindbergh St. Stockton, CA

WHEN:Wednesday, November 1, 2006 9:00 p.m.

HOW: Individuals are strongly encouraged to pre-register at: " (source)