Tuesday, March 27, 2007

McNerney: You did it. Again!

McNerney email: "I am speechless.

You did it. Again!

You voted. You e-mailed your close friends. You called your family. You text-messaged everyone in your cell phone. You contacted your online friends on MySpace and Facebook. You posted diaries and comments on Daily Kos, Calitics and other blogs.

Because of you, Senator John Kerry will be announcing that I am a winner in his “March Madness” online campaign competition! Because you decided to get out the online vote, Senator Kerry will now ask 3 million people to get out their checkbooks for our campaign.

I am truly humbled and honored by your people power -- the amazing strength of the grassroots and netroots. Thank you so much once again for your enthusiasm, activism and support.

You are revolutionizing politics as usual."


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