Monday, May 08, 2006

McNerney Leads In Polls, Gets Significant California Newspaper Endorsement

McNerney Leads In Polls

From a Jerry McNerney for Congress Campaign Email:

"Despite the money being lavished on our opposition by Washington fat cats, it appears that your grassroots generosity and volunteerism have put us in a strong position to win this primary.

According to a February poll just revealed in an article in Roll Call, a Capitol Hill publication, Jerry McNerney leads Steve Filson 41 to 28 percent, with 30 percent undecided. This confirms internal polling we just conducted that shows Jerry with a double-digit lead. This lead only increases once voters hear about Jerry’s vision to transform our district into the Silicon Valley of renewable energy.

Obviously, that’s excellent news. Still, with absentee ballots in the mail, there are a significant number of voters who still have not decided who to support. We need to persuade those voters as soon as possible. And we know Steve Filson, a former Republican, will do everything he can to stop us." (source: McNerney for Congress Email)

McNerney Blog: McNerney Picks up Democratic Endorsement from San Jose Mercury News (source)

"For his part, McNerney has been running a grass-roots campaign fueled by support from union members that earned him the endorsement of the California Democratic Party. He wants to bring jobs to economically sluggish portions of the district in the San Joaquin Valley, in part by helping promote the area's nascent alternative-energy industry. His professional background would make him a good advocate for more sensible energy policy in Washington.

McNerney offers clear thinking on the nation's health care crisis, emphasizing the need to rally businesses to the cause of reform. And he would rescind portions of the Bush tax cuts that have disproportionately benefited wealthy Americans." (More at McNerney's Blog)

McNerney for Congress Fundraising Drive

McNerney for Congress is also doing a grassroots fundraising drive right now. The goal is to raise $20,000+ over the next 48 hours and as a result of the strong grassroots support they're 3/4 of the way there.

You can contribute via or Act Blue.


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