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California Democratic Party Endorses McNerney for Congress

APRIL 30, 2006
California Democratic Party
Endorses McNerney for Congress

Sacramento, CA – Jerry McNerney, running in a contested primary for California's 11th Congressional District seat currently held by Republican Richard Pombo, received the state party's coveted endorsement at the California Democratic Party convention on Saturday.

"I am very honored to receive the endorsement of the California Democratic Party. This is the culmination of campaigning tirelessly over the last two years and working to establish strong relationships with party leaders throughout the district," said McNerney.

The California Democratic Party endorsement requires 60% of the district delegates to vote in favor of a candidate. McNerney received 75% of the vote, overwhelming competitors Steve Filson and Steve Thomas.

"The delegates in the district know that my background as an energy expert is an ideal anti-dote to Richard Pombo and his Big Oil buddies," said McNerney. "They believe in my vision to transform the district into the Silicon Valley of new energy technology, bringing thousands of jobs to our region."

The California Democratic Party endorsement follows significant endorsements for McNerney from the 2-million member California Labor Federation and SEIU's California State Council, representing 600,000 people.

About Jerry McNerney: Jerry, a resident of Pleasanton is a nationally recognized expert in wind energy engineering and works as an energy consultant. He is also the head of an energy startup.


Paid for by McNerney for Congress


In Other Good Endorsement News:

"Latina Democrats of San Joaquin County Endorse McNerney for Congress" (Source)

"California Democratic Party Endorses Phil Angelides for Governor" (Source)

"California Democratic Party endorses Debra Bowen for Secretary of State" (Source)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jerry McNerney To Be On Air America 9AM Wed. 4/26

McNerneyforCongress/DailyKos: "Jerry will be on Air America's "Will & Willie" show at 9 am on Wednesday morning! Please tell your friends to tune into "The Quake," 960 on your AM dial in the San Francisco Bay Area, or listen on the internet at" (More-At-Source)

Update: Jerry Interviewed on "The Quake" Radio -Listen Here.

"Jerry McNerney was interviewed today on the "Will and Willie" show (hosted by comedian Will Durst and former California speaker and SF mayor Willie Brown) on KQAK "The Quake" the local San Francisco Bay Area Air America Radio affiliate." (Source/Listen Here.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

4/25 News Round Up

Delta Democratic Club Endorses McNerney for Congress

Defenders of Wildlife: Group Honoring Rep. Richard Pombo Revealed as Exxon-Funded Industry Front Group - Climate Change Denial Among Sham-Science Group’s Agenda

Record: Pombo opponents and potential sheriffs get political at S.J. forum

SFChronicle: She'll secure your vote (Debra Bowen)

SFChron: Blue chip companies doubling down on Schwarzenegger

CCTimes: Democrats, GOP at odds over proposed food safety bill

Alameda Times Star/Ang: Farmers fear fallout from migrant bill Crop owners say legislation barring illegals could devastate industry, drive up food pricess

CCTimes: SAFETY IN NUMBERS: Congressional District 11 was a carefully gerrymandered stronghold, but disgruntled Bay Area voters are turning Rep. Richard Pombo's GOP sanctuary into a political wasp nest. Peculiar bedfellows

ModBee: Debating over if it's a debate? Pombo, McCloskey seeing May 15 face-off differently

Richard Pombo (R-Exxon)/Roll Call: Act Has Not Performed Its Mission

CCTimes: Group takes on Pombo's record Environmental groups criticize Tracy Republican's record on national parks

Tracy Candidates Forum, Wes Clark, Filson, McNerney...

I thought Jerry McNerney did very well. He brought his A game to Tracy and seemed very passionate, comfortable, and focused. I'm sure it helped him that he had plenty of supporters in the audience who certainly gave him his share of applause and support.

Regardless of having support and being comfortable there was a widely noticed improvement in McNerney's delivery and speaking in general. He's improving in what had been considered his weak area. It never discourage me (or many others for that matter) from supporting him because I saw a public servant and not a politician in him but it's certainly nice to see him improve so dramatically in public speaking and at such an important event.

He came across as having vision, as being genuine, and as a strong candidate. He did especially well with his Energy Plan and on energy policy, his area of expertise and an issue discussed at the forum in terms of energy policy and dependence on foreign oil. An issue has repercussions on national security, foreign policy, the environment, health, gas prices, jobs, the economy, etc. In fact it's what is highlited in both the Tracy Press and the Record on Mcnerney.

Steve Thomas gave intelligent and in many cases witty responses to many questions and addressed many important issues such as jobs, immigration reform, and the war in Iraq very well.

Steve Filson criticized the grassroots group's that have endorsed Jerry McNerney for Congress as being "extreme." He in particular focused his attack on Bay Area progressive's at the forum in Richard Pombo's home town of Tracy, Ca. After I get a transcript or recording to get the specific words I will post them later.

No mention was there of the fact that he (and his staff) campaigned for most of the very same endorsements. Mr. Filson should have told these progressive grassroots groups how he really felt before he sought and lost their endorsement's to Jerry McNerney.

He should also consider that whoever wins the primary is going to need help from bay area and surrounding Democrats, liberals, progressives, environmentalists, and so on; alienating our allies with typical DLC rhetoric is a sure way to make sure you have no outside support.

In my opinion, the DLC is almost as "extreme" as the GOP. There is nothing moderate nor conservative about selling out the middle class, seniors, the youth, workers, Americans and America to the big business. There is nothing moderate or conservative about the corrosive effect of corporate money on democracy and the GOP and DLC's embracement of such money and of such a culture is much more "extreme" then any grassroots democratic or progressive organization. Corporatism does not equal moderatism, centrism, or free trade.

Filson's comments also were a slap in the face to local labor, grassroots, and progressive organizations that do support and have endorsed McNerney.

More then anything I interpret it as a sign of weakness and a lack of a real and positive agenda. This is obviously not the first time we've heard these cheap shot attacks from Filson, it's just another disappointing example. Need another? Just read the next article on Steve Filson's and Wes Clark's veterans forum... (More on the Tracy Forum below)

Record: Wesley Clark stops in Stockton Ex-presidential candidate campaigns for Steve Filson

"Stockton's Chuck Mechling, a retired Marine and a registered Republican, was outraged when he heard that his son - also a Marine infantryman - had to spend his whole paycheck to buy the ammunition pouches and holster he'd need to head off to war in Iraq.

"I was not happy with that," he said at a veterans' forum in Stockton on Monday. So he told Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, about it in March.

Since then, "I've heard nothing," Mechling said.


Clark endorsed Filson earlier this year, although Clark's supporters in the East Bay were instrumental in helping McNerney's campaign against Pombo in 2004."

(More (Including Filson taking yet another shot at McNerney rather then focusing on his own positive agenda and a rebuttal by McNerney)-At-Source)

I'm not sure whether or not Steve Filson considers the progressive Clark supporters from the East Bay who supported Jerry McNerney in 2004 and many of who'm support him today and were upset by the endorsement in the first place -as "extreme"?

All 3 candidate did their share of attacking Congressman Pombo and his destructive policies and ties to corruption and special interests but one candidate in particular and in the opinion of several folks that I talked to -shined yesterday. McNerney supporters were and should be very pleased yesterday by the performance of Jerry McNerney at the forum.

For the 17th CD, Cathleen Galgiani did a great job communicating and dominating on the issues as far as that race goes. It should be noted though that William Sweet, the underdog in that race and a veteran, made a heart-felt appeal to the audience to (regardless of who wins) work to support veterans and veterans benefits, which was greeted by applause by virtually everybody in the building and agreement from Galgiani.

From the Record:

"Rising energy prices, immigration and transportation topped the list of topics, with the candidates criticizing President Bush and incumbent Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy.

McNerney touted his experience working with renewable-energy providers and said power from sources such as windmills along the Altamont Pass could help the nation move from its reliance on fossil fuels.

"This district could be the Silicon Valley of the new energy-technology industry," McNerney said.


McNerney said creating more jobs in San Joaquin County also would ease transportation issues as fewer commuters head to the Bay Area for jobs every day." (More-At-Source)

Monday, April 24, 2006

New Pombo Website Is Up

Hat Tip to VPO -

"NOTE: Pombo changed it over the weekend, so we did also. He sets 'em up, we knock 'em down!" (source)



this" (source)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

More On Unethical, Tax-Payer Funded House Resources' Web Site

RawStory has just reported on the tax-payer funded, House Resources Committe Anti-Earth Day Propaganda Site.

According to the website, RawStory has an "average 400,000 unique visitors daily, and run as high as 540,000 on strong-traffic days." (source)


RawStory: On Earth Day website, House Republican Committee seeks to 'dispel environmental myths'

"On a little-noticed inside page of the House Resources Committee website, the Republican majority staff have prepared a folio celebrating Earth Day. The focus of the site, RAW STORY has found, is aimed at dispelling the "'sky is falling' sensationalism of environmental activists [that] lead people to falsely believe that our environment is getting worse when it's actually getting better."

The site is cleanly designed and professional, conveying the "soft" aesthetic that has become a hallmark of the environmental movement. It begins in a nonpartisan fashion: "Earth Day is an opportunity for all Americans to educate themselves on the state of our environment, and to pitch-in in their local communities to make them better."

But from there it becomes clearly partisan, lauding America's environmental achievements and attacking those who would have Americans believe anything is wrong with the environment in the United States. There is no mention of global warming or climate change anywhere on the site.

A section titled "big business" -- which some might mistakenly imagine detailing the role of big business in environmental change, or even praising big business' role in helping the environment -- is instead dedicated to detailing the budgets of the largest environmental organizations and accusing them of spending money on themselves rather than on the environment.


However, aside from the Nature Conservancy, whose annual revenue is listed as $760 million, no single environmental group comes close to the retirement package recently given ExxonMobil chairman Lee Raymond. Raymond was awarded a $400m golden parachute for his twelve years of service to the most profitable company in the world. His retirement bonus is equivalent to a third of the annual budget of all environmental groups listed by House Republicans.
ExxonMobil had a $10 billion profit last year." (More-At-Source)


Mydd is now covering this as well - Here.

Seeing The Forest

Defenders of Wildlife


On The Pay Roll

There's an ongoing debate in these times of Corruption (Abramoff, Delay, Cunningham, Scanlon, Ney, Noe, etc.), Corporate Welfare (subsidies, loopholes, tax breaks, bail-out's, giveaways, privatization, etc.) and Cronyism (Brown, Leavitt, Safavian, Norton, Miers, Snow, etc) and calls for Reform (lobbying, ethics, earmark, campaign finance, voting, etc.) -over whether or not it is ethical to have family and friends on the pay roll and/or as beneficiaries of policy and other political activities. (I like run on sentences.) The conflicts of interests are obvious and Richard Pombo is has been in the middle of this debate for some time. It's an "ethical gray area", as USAToday put it.

This is not new news, but it may be new to some as more and more people become interested in this important race to replace an incumbent congressman who's done so much to harm working families and consumers, the air and water we breathe and the food we eat and it's also become relevant in the case of John Doolittle and his wife.

Hat Tip to Land of Enchantment for Blogging about this in regards to Pombo, Doolittle, and Abramoff and hiring family at DailyKos, which inspired this blog.

-The California League of Conservation Voters has report on "Richard Pombo's Family and Friends Network" Here.



Pombo Lobbied Against Guidelines Opposed by Wind Power Industry, But Failed to Disclose His Family Had a Personal Stake in Wind Power. In 2004, aides to Pombo lobbied the U.S. Department of the Interior to suspend environmental guidelines opposed by the wind-power industry without disclosing that Pombo's family had a substantial financial stake in wind energy. The 2003 guidelines sought to reduce the number of birds killed by the spinning blades of wind turbines. In the letter to Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Pombo asked that draft guidelines be suspended because of the harmful effect they would have on existing operations. Following Pombo's letter, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service representatives subsequently withdrew from talks with environmentalists, wind operators and local regulators. When asked if he felt any obligation to disclose his family's income when dealing with wind-power issues, Pombo answered: "Disclose what? That somebody in my family makes money?” [Los Angeles Times, 4/7/05; Contra Costa Times, 4/21/05; Fresno Bee, 4/8/05]

  • Pombo's Parents Own a 300-acre Ranch In Altamont Pass And Have Received Thousands in Wind Power Royalties. Just east of Oakland, Pombo's parents own a 300-acre ranch in Altamont Pass and have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from wind-power turbines on their land over the last 17 years. According to price and production records obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Pombo's parents' royalties for the most recent year available, 2001, topped $125,000. That was at the peak of the California energy crisis when prices were unusually high. [Los Angeles Times, 04/07/05]
  • Pombo's Parents Ranch Is Considered to Be a Problem Area By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The ranch owned by Pombo's parents is in the 73-square-mile Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area, which is on a major migratory bird route. Each year, several hundred raptors are killed there, including 40 to 60 golden eagles, leading the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to declare it a problem area. Biologists have been documenting bird deaths at Altamont for possible prosecution under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which makes killing golden eagles and other rare species a crime. [Los Angeles Times, 04/07/05]

Pombo Paid Family Members Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Campaign Accounts. According to the Los Angeles Times, Pombo and indicted former Majority Leader Tom Delay dished out some of their largest payouts to their own family members from their campaign coffers. Pombo paid his wife and brother $357,325 from his political fund between 2001 and 2005 for responsibilities listed as bookkeeping, fundraising, consulting and other unspecified services, records show. The amount paid to Pombo’s wife and brother in the 2004 election cycle was more than his challenger spent during his entire campaign. His wife, Annette, was paid $85,275 for her work over the last two years, while his younger brother, Randy Pombo, has been paid $272,050 in the last four years. [Los Angeles Times, 4/14/05]


Pombo and His Family Stand to Profit if Two Freeways Are Built on their Property. According to the East Bay Express, Pombo has a history of using the power of government in ways that would directly or indirectly help his family. One case involves Pombo's support for two new freeways connecting the Central Valley and East Bay. In early August 2005, Pombo attained $21.6 million in federal funds to study the freeway projects, neither of which according to critics addresses the pressing transportation issues in the Tracy, CA. Public records indicate Pombo and his family could handsomely profit from the highway proposals, regardless if no freeways are ever built. The Pombo family owns more than 1,500 acres of land close by to the two new freeways. [East Bay Express, 8/24/05]

Pombo and His Family Have Made Millions from Selling Land for Development. As reported in the East Bay Express, Pombo's father and uncles have brought in tens of millions of dollars from selling land such as farm and ranch land developers desire to be converted into suburban homes and strip malls yet Pombo's biggest contributors have been agribusinesses who have put in nearly $1.1 million into his campaign war chest. [East Bay Express, 8/24/05]

Pombo Told "Tall Tales" Later Proven Untrue About His Family's Encounter With Land Agency. According to the East Bay Express, during his early years on Capitol Hill, Pombo added to his Western persona by developing a reputation for telling tall tales. In his 1996 book with conservative writer Joseph Farah, This Land Is Our Land: How to End the War on Private Property, Pombo told an apparently fanciful tale about how he got into politics, implying that a family run-in with the East Bay Regional Park District in the 1980s first prompted him to run for office. Agency spokesmen later said Pombo wasn't telling the truth. He had alleged that the park district sought 'an abandoned railroad right-of-way as a recreational trail through the property of two dozen local ranchers and that of my family.' He also complained that the park district had sought to block construction of homes to protect the 'viewshed' of the trails 'without any compensation whatsoever.' Park district spokesmen later pointed out that the district had no interest in the Pombos' Altamont property because it was beyond the district's boundaries at the time, and that it was actually seeking railroad right-of-ways in Niles Canyon, at least twenty miles away. [East Bay Express, 8/24/05]

Pombo Used False Claim Against Endangered Species in Senate Committee As Well. According to the East Bay Express, "Protecting the value of his family's property has been a recurrent theme for Pombo. In 1994, he told a Senate committee that his family ranch had been devalued after it was declared a critical habitat for the San Joaquin kit fox. When questioned, he and his staff later acknowledged that the claim was untrue, but said the problem still applied to other Central Valley ranchers. But that wasn't true either. At the time, the federal government had yet to declare any critical habitat for the fox." [East Bay Express, 8/24/05]" (Source)

-Also, here's another Blog At Daily Kos that caught my attention recently - Is Richard Pombo Part Of "The Abramoff Seven" Implicated By Tom Coburn (R-Ok) Recently?

Here's an excerpt from that:
"Not that Pombo was among the GOP congressmen closest to Abramoff. He received only $7,000 in campaign contributions from Abramoff and that's what he gave away. But late last year, FBI agents visited the headquarters of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe in Massachusetts. It turns out that the Wampanoags' 30-year struggle to gain national tribal recognition made sudden progress after they hired Abramoff as their lobbyist -- and contributed $20,000 to Pombo's political action committees. Pombo had considerable say in the Wampanoag case: The Native American Affairs Subcommittee is part of his Resources Committee. (Source)

(HT to Land of Enchantment's Squanto's Abramoff Connection (Pombo Diaries #16), which provides additional background on the reported Pombo-Abramoff ties.)"" (Source)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Nice Cartoon Courtesy of Pombo In Their Pocket

This cartoon appeared on page 11 in the "Voice" section of the Tracy Press on Saturday, April 22, 2006 w/a piece by Rodger Schlickeisen of Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, entitled Pombo is in your pocket. The cartoon is only in the print version of the Tracy Press but the article is available here.

You can also visit Pombo In Their Pocket here.

*Note: I removed the cartoon because it messed up this blog for some people with internet explorer. The cartoon and article are now available courtesy of Defenders of Wildlife - Pombo In Their Pocket.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Earthday - Oh WOW

I say WOW because Richard Pombo's prized House Resources Committee has really out done themselves with this Earth Day webpage. It's like a parody website, and I'm still having a hard time believing that that is really up on a government website. The page is an anti-environmentalist, anti-environment, pro-big business -junk science propaganda page complete with a "Myth" section, a 'pat yourself on the back' page, and a page entitled "Big Business" which has nothing to do with the negative effects of Big Business on the environment or the money that Big Business gives to Richard Pombo and the Republican Party, but instead goes into attacking environmental groups and liberals.

This is our tax dollars at work and in an unethical and extreme way.

Happy Destroy the Earth Day - Courtesy of Richard Pombo.

For those of us not funded by big business, oil, or lobbyists:

Jerry McNerney: Send an Earth Day message to Pombo

"There is no issue that separates me more from Richard Pombo than environmental policy. My entire adult life as an engineer in clean and renewable energy production has been dedicated to finding a way to create economic growth that does not take place at the expense of the environment. Pombo, on the other hand, prioritizes short-term profit over protecting our nation's natural heritage.

I am not alone, of course. Millions of Americans just like you and me are appalled by Pombo's pillaging of our environment. Unfortunately, Pombo has not been held accountable for his exploits.

We need to change this and change it now.

With Earth Day coming up this Saturday, please join me in sending a clear message to Pombo that our nation’s natural treasures are not his trash.

As Chair of the House Resources Committee, Pombo has consistently voted to weaken environmental protections, to open our most beautiful natural treasures to risky exploitation schemes, and to deepen our nation’s dependency on fossil fuels. Pombo opposed efforts to raise auto emission standards that would have helped clean our polluted air. His proposal to sell off national park and forestland to mining interests and real estate developers would deny public access to these natural reserves and cost taxpayers billions.

We need to hold Richard Pombo accountable. Please take just a minute to sign this Earth Day petition telling Pombo and Congress that we can not allow America's environment to be "Pombo-ized."

I am standing up to Pombo and running for Congress because I believe America needs a new vision for our environment and our economy. Protecting our natural heritage while growing our economy is one of my most urgent concerns and is the inspiration for my vision to bring thousands of new energy technology jobs to American and the 11th Congressional District. Meanwhile, Richard Pombo and the current leadership in Washington have turned their back on this vital responsibility.

Will you join me in making this an Earth Day to remember by signing this petition to Pombo and forwarding it to your friends, family and neighbors?

We have a moral obligation to our children and to the future of our nation to protect our natural heritage. Taking care of our environment is part of taking care of ourselves. When I am elected to Congress, we will fight to put our country on a path of sustainable economic growth; a path that will enable America to lead the world in new energy technology while meeting its obligation to protect the environment.

Together, we can make this vision a reality.


Jerry McNerney" (Source) (Also at DailyKos)

Is Playing Catch-Up?

Playing catch-up with his image change that is...

Last month the AP reported on Richard Pombo's makeover.

"The conservative Republican has abandoned the cowboy hat in his official congressional photo and is looking a little more worldly as
he confronts a changing electorate in his district." (source)

Well now it looks like the website may be going through a similar evolution.

(snapshot 4/19)

No word yet as to which Pombo will appear in pictures This One or This One.

This is a good illistration also, of the two faces of Richard Pombo.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Richard Pombo Supports Working Families...8% Of The Time

"Get Set for 2006 Elections with the AFL-CIO Congressional Voting Record

From raising the minimum wage to protecting pensions to standing up against bad trade deals, your U.S. senators and representative have dozens of chances every year to put their votes where their rhetoric is.

Do they support working families or don’t they?

You can find out where your lawmakers stood on more than a dozen key working family issues last year with the AFL-CIO’s 2005 online Congressional Voting Record, an annual legislative scorecard. The record includes votes on job issues, workplace safety, health care, trade, tax cuts for the rich and more."" (source)

Richard Pombo's Congressional Voting Record

"AFL-CIO Voting Record will let you know where your lawmakers stand on working family issues such as strengthening Social Security and Medicare, freedom to join a union, workplace safety and more.

All votes were selected for inclusion because of their importance to working families. "W" indicates a "wrong" vote that would hurt working families; "R" indicates a "right," or pro-working families, vote. The Voting Record also shows each member's lifetime record of support for working families." (source)

District 11
Representative Pombo (R)

Click a vote number to display the vote's description.
-1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 *
-W W W W W A A W W R A W W W W

Total 2005 Votes
R - W
1 - 11

Lifetime Votes

R - W
17 - 126

2005 Right

Lifetime Right
12 %

"1. JOB-TRAINING REAUTHORIZATION—H.R. 27—U.S. workers have seen millions of manufacturing jobs shipped overseas—and now more and more white-collar and high-tech jobs are being exported. Overall, there has been a net loss of jobs since President George W. Bush took office in 2001. But legislation in the House cut overall funding for critical job-training programs, including the U.S. Employment Service and the adult and dislocated worker programs at the Department of Labor. The legislation did not strengthen job-training programs or enhance income support and job-search assistance for jobless Americans. The bill passed March 2, 2005, 224-200. (R: 220-8; D: 4-191; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

2. PENSION PROTECTION/UNITED AIRLINES PENSIONS—H.R. 3010—United Airlines filed for bankruptcy in 2002 and, despite more than $13 billion in worker concessions, terminated its employees' pensions plans in 2005. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) took over the plans with drastically reduced benefits for the airlines' 120,000 workers. Earlier, US Airways terminated its pension plans as part of its bankruptcy plans, and other airlines are threatening similar action. An amendment to the fiscal year 2005 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education appropriations bill would have prohibited the PBGC from spending money to implement its agreement with United Airlines to terminate the four pension plans. The amendment passed June 24, 2005, 219-185. (R: 31-185; D: 187-0; I:1-0) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Right; N=Wrong

3. WAL-MART—H.R. 3010—After Wal-Mart was cited for child labor law violations by the Labor Department, the government and the giant retailer reached a 2005 settlement of the charges that included a provision requiring the Labor Department to give Wal-Mart an unprecedented 15 days notice before conducting any future child labor or wage and hour investigations. An amendment to the fiscal year 2006 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education appropriations bill would have prohibited the Labor Department from implementing the sweetheart deal with Wal-Mart. The amendment failed June 24, 2005, 165-234. (R: 3-212; D: 161-22; I:1-0) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Right; N=Wrong

4. AMTRAK—H.R. 3058—The Bush administration's budget proposed to eliminate nearly all funding for Amtrak's long-distance passenger rail service. Amtrak employs 20,000 workers, and such huge service cuts would threaten to shut down the carrier. An amendment to delete language in the fiscal year 2005 Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill, which would have eliminated the funding, passed June 29, 2005, 269-152. (R: 73-151; D: 195-1; I: 1-0) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Right; N=Wrong

5. PRIVATIZING FEDERAL JOBS—H.R. 3058—A rule by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) covering outsourcing and privatization of work by federal agencies (Circular A-76) is tilted heavily in favor of private corporate contractors. The Bush administration has made privatizing government services a top policy priority. An amendment was introduced to the fiscal year 2005 Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill to prohibit funds from being spent to implement OMB's privatization plan. The bipartisan amendment would allow lawmakers the opportunity to rewrite the privatization process to be fairer to federal workers and more accountable to taxpayers. It passed June 30, 2005, 222-203 (R: 24-202; D: 197-1; I:1-0) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Right; N=Wrong

6. WORKPLACE SAFETY/ENFORCEMENT RULINGS—H.R. 741—This legislation was part of a package of bills that would weaken the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) to the benefit of employers and stifle enforcement of the safety law while doing nothing to improve workers' safety on the job. H.R. 741 would overturn a 1991 Supreme Court decision and give deference in interpreting OSHA standards to the OSHA Review Commission­­­, and not the secretary of labor, who has more experience and expertise in developing and interpreting safety and health standards. Such a change would create an incentive for employers to challenge rules and interpretations of safety laws made by the secretary of labor. The bill passed July 12, 2005, 226-197 (R: 217-9; D: 9-187; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

7. WORKPLACE SAFETY/FEES—H.R. 742—This legislation was part of a package of bills that would weaken the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) to the benefit of employers and stifle enforcement of the safety law while doing nothing to improve workers' safety on the job. H.R. 742 would require taxpayers to pay the legal costs of small employers that prevail in any enforcement or regulatory challenge against OSHA, even when the government enforcement action is “substantially justified.” The bill passed July 12, 2005, 235-187 (R: 218-8; D: 17-178; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

8. HEALTH CARE—H.R.525—Some small businesses provide health insurance for their workers through association health plans (AHPs) purchased through their trade associations, which use the group force of their membership to negotiate lower costs. AHPs must follow state insurance regulations. But H.R. 525 would exempt AHPs from state consumer protection rules and coverage guidelines that other insurers must follow. The exemption would mean AHPs would offer bare-bones plans that appeal only to younger and healthier workers, prompting premium increases for the vast majority (75 percent) of small firms that offer comprehensive coverage, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The bill passed July 26, 2005, 263-165 (R: 227-0; D: 36-164; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

9. TRADE/CAFTA—H.R. 3045—President George W. Bush tabbed the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) his top trade priority. CAFTA cuts tariffs, limits governments' ability to regulate and creates new protections for investors among the United States, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. But the agreement, which is modeled after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), does not contain adequate environmental protections or enforceable protections for such core workers' rights as the freedom to form unions. CAFTA likely will exacerbate poverty and inequality in Central America, while further eroding good jobs and wages at home. At the same time, its excessive protections for multinational corporations will undermine the ability of governments to protect public health, strong communities and the environment. The bill passed July 28, 2005, 217-215 (R: 202-27; D: 15-187; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

10. ENERGY BILL—H.R. 6—The overhaul of the nation's energy policy (H.R. 6) is expected to create thousands of jobs through the construction of pipelines, power plants and new nuclear power facilities. It also will allow the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to approve the construction, expansion or operation of any facility that imports or processes natural gas, including liquefied natural gas. The bill passed July 28, 2005, 275-156 (R: 200-31; D: 75-124; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Right; N=Wrong

11. HIGHWAY/TRANSIT BILL—H.R. 3—The highway bill is a six-year, $286 billion reauthorization of the federal highway and transit construction program. The massive infrastructure-modernization bill will create 1 million family-supporting jobs, protected by Davis Bacon prevailing wage standards. The conference report passed July 29, 2005, 412-8 (R: 217-8; D: 194-0; I: 1-0) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Right; N=Wrong

12. LABOR/HHS APPROPRIATIONS—H.R. 3010—The conference report on the fiscal year 2005 appropriations bill for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education would cut critical funds for job training and employment services, college aid for students, elementary and secondary education programs, rural health services and funding for the National Institutes of Health. It failed Nov. 17, 2005, 209-224 (R: 209-22; D: 0-201; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

13. BUDGET RECONCILIATION/TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH—H. R. 4297—As part of the budget reconciliation process, which included tax cut and spending cut legislation, the Bush administration and congressional Republican leaders sought some $70 billion in tax cuts mostly for the wealthy, offset by huge spending cuts in vital working family programs. After some changes, the House passed a $56 billion tax cut bill that would shower three-quarters of the benefits on investors who earn more than $100,000 a year. Households earning more than $1 million a year would get 40 percent of the tax cuts, or an average annual reduction of nearly $51,000. Middle-income families would receive only 2 percent of the benefit of the capital gains and dividend rate cuts, the centerpiece of the Republican plan, resulting in an average annual benefit of only $7. The bill passed Dec. 8, 2005, 234-197 (R: 225-3; D: 9-193; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

14. IMMIGRATION—H.R. 4437—The House immigration bill does little to remove the economic incentives that unscrupulous employers have to hire and exploit immigrant workers. At the same time, it punishes immigrants—and those who provide humanitarian and other assistance to immigrants—in ways that will drive the current undocumented population further underground. The bill would make the undocumented status of immigrant workers an aggravated felony and prohibit the 11 million undocumented workers who are currently employed and paying taxes in the United States from ever achieving legal status. The bill also would deny basic due process rights to many legal immigrants. The bill passed Dec. 16, 2005, 239-182 (R: 203-17; D: 36-164; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

15. BUDGET RECONCILIATION/SPENDING CUTS—S. 1932—As part of the budget reconciliation process, which included tax cut and spending cut legislation, the Bush administration and congressional Republican leaders sought more than $50 billion in spending cuts for vital working family programs to help pay for huge tax cuts aimed mostly at the wealthy. The Senate and House passed separate spending-cut bills, and a conference to reconcile the two bills resulted in a $39.7 billion package of spending cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, student aid, child support enforcement and other working family programs. The bill passed Dec.19, 2005, 212-206 (R: 212-9; D:0-196; I: 0-1) AFL-CIO Position: Y=Wrong; N=Right

* EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE —H.R. 1696—The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would ensure when a majority of employees in a workplace decides to form a union, employees can do so without the debilitating obstacles employers now use to block their workers' free choice. The Employee Free Choice Act allows workers to freely choose whether to form unions by signing cards authorizing union representation. It also provides mediation and arbitration for first-contract disputes and establishes stronger penalties for violations of employee rights when workers seek to form a union and during first-contract negotiations. The bill never came to a vote but has won 213 co-sponsors and is included in the Voting Record but not included in the year-end or lifetime percentages." (AFL-CIO)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

*Updated April Events


Wed., April 19, 2006, 7pm
Diablo Valley Democratic Club presents U.S. Congressional Dist. 11 Candidate's Forum
Mt. Diablo Unitarian Church
55 Eckley Lane
Walnut Creek CA (Source)

Fri., April 21, 2006, 5:30pm
*SJC DCC Candidate Forum
5:30 - 7:30 pm
SEIU Union Hall
Webber & Hunter Square
Stockton CA (More-At-Source)

Sat., April 22, 2006, 9am
*Lodi Dem Club Jerry McNerney Day
9:00 - 10:00 am
Dee Dee's Restaurant
"Come hear Jerry’s vision for the future of the district and let him know your concerns." (More-At-Source)

Sat., April 22, 2006, 7pm
*Robert Kennedy, Jr. to speak on April 22 at MJC
"Modesto Junior College's presentation of attorney, author and environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. which was originally scheduled for Friday, March 31, has been rescheduled to Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 7 p.m. in the MJC Gymnasium on East Campus, located at 435 College Avenue in Modesto. Mr. Kennedy must undergo emergency surgery this week for a torn rotator cuff. His speech on “Our Environmental Destiny” will now coincide with Earth Day." (More-At-Source)

Sun., April 23, 2006, 3pm
*An Afternoon With Jerry McNerney and David Seaborg (Fundraiser)
Sunset Park Clubhouse
1785 Pomar Way
Walnut Creek, Ca (More-At-Source)

Mon., April 24, 2006, 10:30am
*Defending America, Defending Veterans.
Veterans forum W/Steve Filson and Wesley Clark
"Karl Ross Post in Stockton
2020 Plymouth Road" (More-At-Source)

Mon., April 24, 2006, 7pm
"Tracy Press’ “Meet the Candidates” campaign forum
WHEN: 7 to 8:15 p.m. candidates for sheriff; 8:30 to 10 p.m. Democratic Party candidates for state Assembly (17th District) and for Congress (11th District)WHERE: Williams Middle School, 1600 Tennis Lane
INFO: 835-3030" (Source)

Tues., April 25, 2006, 6pm
*Join the Action Caucus and Senator John Burton to Defeat Pombo (Fundraiser)
"Where: Cafe du Nord, 2170 Market St., San Francisco
When: 6:00pm - 8:00pm, April 25th, 2006" (More-At-Source)

April 27-30, 2006
2006 California Democratic Party and California Young Democrats Convention in Sacramento More Info Here.

Sun., April 30, 2006, 11am
*"2006 Earth Day Festival in Stockton
Living with the Earth
April 30 - 11am to 5pm
Victory Park" (More-At-Source)

Mon., May 15, 2006, 7pm
*Pombo-McCloskey-Benigno Forum
Williams Middle School
Tracy, Ca
Sponsored by The Tracy Press (More-At-Source)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Campaign News Round Up

More Endorsements For McNerney

"SEIU Endorses McNerney for Congress

The California State Council of the Service Employees International Union, SEIU announced their endorsement of the McNerney for Congress campaign for California’s 11 th District. SEIU represents 600,000 people in California and the SEIU locals have a strong membership presence in the 11th District.

“We voted to endorse Jerry because he shares our commitment to the working families of our country. He cares deeply about fully funding education including Head Start programs. And Jerry will work tirelessly in Congress to make universal healthcare a reality,” said Andrea Colavita Pinkham, Valley Political Organizer for SEIU 790.

“With our endorsement, between now and Election Day the SEIU locals will be working on the ground and on the phones to help Jerry end Pombo Politics and restore honesty, integrity, and accountability to Washington,” added Colavita Pinkham.”" (source)


The East Bay Young Democrats -- a thriving group of young party activists under the age of 36 -- enthusiastically endorsed Jerry on Monday night, adding yet another Democratic organization to our long list of community endorsements. Receiving a Young Dems endorsement is more difficult than most endorsements, as it requires a favorable vote from at least two-thirds of the eligible voters. Despite the high threshold, the Young Dems voted for Jerry overwhelmingly, demonstrating that they believe Jerry is the best candidate to defeat Richard Pombo in November. Then, on Tuesday, DFA Tracy also endorsed Jerry overwhelmingly. DFA Tracy is just one of hundreds of Democracy for America chapters across the country changing America one precinct at a time." (From Email)

Monday, April 17, 2006

First Quarter Fundraising

Here are the first quarter fundraising numbers from an AP article:

Richard Pombo
326k Q1

"Pombo's donors included Indian tribes, oil, gas and electrical companies and others - many from outside California - whose concerns fall under his committee's jurisdiction. They included the Jicarilla Apache Tribe of New Mexico, the Kerr-McGee political action committee, the American Gas Association, the American Forest and Paper association, and the Anadarko Petroleum Corp. of Houston." (source)

Pete McCloskey
205k Q1
176k COH
-68k Debt

"Quarterly reports filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveal that Republican congressional candidate Pete McCloskey raised more money from individual contributors than 7-term incumbent Congressman Richard Pombo, R-Tracy. But Pombo far out-raised McCloskey in total contributions for the quarter ending March 31, because he received a huge influx of contributions from corporate, industry group, and other special interests represented by political action committees (PACs)." (source)

Steve Filson
134k Q1
125k COH
-35k Debt

Steve Filson, fell well short of the $200,000 he said he was going to have on hand and continues to spend a lot of money. In fact he only increased his COH by like 22k (not including the 35k debt) over what he started with. He's basically spent what he's brought in again and added some debt. The AP article also points out contributions from Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel's PAC.

Jerry McNerney
65k Q1
81k COH

Jerry McNerney, as a result of fiscal responsibility and a 25% increase in fundraising over the last quarter has been able to keep up with Filson, without the DCCC and DLC money and with 75% (750) small donors.

If you subtract Steve Filson's debt from his COH he's got 90k in real money, take away 6k that he can't spend until after the primary, and he's got 84k (3k more then McNerney.) Both candidates are going into the primary with about the same amount of cash and neither will likely be able to do radio or tv, or truly flood the district with mailers. Steve Filson will have to spend to do a lot of what McNerney's campaign has and will do without spending funds as far as the ground game is considered and McNerney isn't spending anywhere near as much as Filson's campaign is on overhead or in general. I imagine it'll come down to GOTV/ground-game, and on name recognition, voter contact, and mailers. Thanks to Jerry McNerney's +'s and Steve Filson's -'s; I like our chances.

Friday, April 14, 2006

"Pombo to get award"???

I know. I thought, who would give Pombo an award? and for what? Then I remembered the man's gotten a Luntzie, so anythings possible.

Lodi News-Sentinel: Pombo to get award

"Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, will receive an award for his activism in reducing government regulations, taxation and spending on April 25.

The award will be presented by the Annapolis center for Science-Based Public Policy in Maryland. The center awards people for supporting rational science-based thinking and policy making, according to a written statement by the center." (Source)

From the Annapolis Center Events page description of Pombo and the 2006 Annual Dinner; "As the Chairman of House Resources, he maintains jurisdiction over more than 2 billion acres of on-shore and off-shore federal lands, including all National Parks and National Forests. The committee also has jurisdiction over fisheries and wildlife; mining, mineral, and energy policy; Native American and Insular affairs; irrigation and reclamation; oceanography; petroleum conservation; the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline; and more." (Source)

God bless Google and the Internets. "In its own words, "[t]he Annapolis Center is a national, non-profit educational organization that supports and promotes responsible energy, environmental, health and safety policy-making through the use of sound science. Founded by scientists, former policy-makers, and economists, The Center is committed to ensuring that public policy decisions are based on scientific facts and reasoning."

The Annapolis Center actively argues against the idea that global warming is the result of burning fossil fuels. They also advocate increased logging for better forest health and question rising mercury levels among other things. The Annapolis Center is funded primarily by the National Association of Manufacturers. The Center's founder and COO, Richard Seibert was a former National Association of Manufacturers Vice President." (Source)

Also via ExxonSecrets: "The Annapolis Center for Science-Based Public Policy has received $658,575 from ExxonMobil since 1998." (Source)

"At the Center's Annual Dinner, it honored Sen. James Inhofe for "his work in promoting science-based public policy." Sen. Inhofe is known for his opposition to the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2003, ExxonMobil gave money to the Annapolis Center specifically for the support of its Annual Dinner." (Source)

Inhofe "once suggested that global warming "could be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people," (Source)

"According to a Wall Street Journal article, 80% of the funding for the Center comes from the National Association of Manufacturers. (Wall Street Journal, 1/16/97)" (Source)

From The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney "These politicians have found a support base for their actions in conservative think tanks. In 2003, the Maryland-based Annapolis Center for Science-Based Public Policy, a conservative-leaning group funded in part by industry, feted Cannon for his "sound science" initiative at its annual dinner...Borrowing a line from the conservative Fox News, the Center for Science and Public Policy promises—shades of Orwell—a "fair and balanced" approach to scientific information." (Source)

#3 in's Top Industies supporting Pombo
right under Real Estate, is Oil & Gas - $179,788 (Source)

Some other interesting supporting industries:

Real Estate


Forestry & Forest Products

Beer, Wine & Liquor

$64,647 (Source)

Pombo's # 19 Contributor since 1989 is ChevronTexaco ($21,500) (Source)

And then it all made sense.

Monday, April 10, 2006

McNerney for Congress Exposes Pharmaceutical Industry-Backed Front Group Behind Richard Pombo’s Medicare “Part D” Information Seminars


McNerney for Congress Exposes Pharmaceutical Industry-Backed Front Group Behind Richard Pombo’s Medicare “Part D” Information Seminars

Stockton, CA – During the spring recess Rep. Richard Pombo has been touring the district with a pharmaceutical industry front group, Medicare Today. The group states that they are bipartisan, yet they are hosting no information seminars with Democratic members of Congress. To maintain the appearance of bipartisanship they are hosting information sessions with a Democratic state legislator in North Carolina.
Medicare Today is funded by a pharmaceutical industry trade group, TheHealthcare Leadership Council. Among HLC’s goals are to fight against legislation that would allow the government to buy drugs in bulk and the importation of prescription drugs from Canada. The membership of the HLC is a who’s who of the pharmaceutical industry.
“Richard Pombo should be working for legislation to control our skyrocketing healthcare costs. Instead he chooses to participate with an industry-backed front organization whose goal isn’t to protect seniors, but to protect their outrageous profits through a slick PR campaign,” said Jerry McNerney.

“If you look at his official website, healthcare isn’t even listed as being an issue.
Apparently Richard Pombo has become so out of touch, he doesn’t even think we have a healthcare crisis,” concluded McNerney.
About Jerry McNerney: Jerry, a resident of Pleasanton is a nationally recognized expert in wind energy engineering and works as an energy consultant. He is also the head of an energy startup.


Healthcare Leadership Council
Medicare Today
Members of Congress hosting seminars w/ Medicare Today –
Representative John Shimkus (R - IL), sits on the Commerce Committee
Representative Steven C. LaTourette (R - OH)
Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA)
Representative Jo Ann Davis (R-VA)
Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA)
State Legislative Rep. Alice G.Underhill. (D-NC)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pombo Is A Victim, Just Like Tom Delay and George W. Bush

I love it when they blame the consequences of their actions on the Democrats, on the media, on anybody else, in attempts to avoid personal responsibility and accountability.

It's the Democrats fault George Bush allowed extremist neo-conservatives to control White House foreign policy and drive us into Iraq after 9/11 without enough troops, without sufficient armor for our troops and their vehicles, and most troubling, without a plan.

It's the Democrats fault Tom Delay, "The Hammer," has been admonished 3 separate times by the ethics committee, that he's been recently indicted, and that he's got significant ties to Jack Abramoff.

It's the Democrats fault that Richard Pombo has joined with Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, George Bush, and others in the Republican Culture of Corruption in Washington. Pombo's excepted the same dirty money, the same special interests money, and he's consistently voted and legislated wherever that money has taken him and with Tom Delay and George Bush -from selling national parks and Alaskan drilling, to refusal to investigate Abramoff's ties to Indian tribes and pay to play politics.

I like the money trail just among the Delay, Abramoff, Cunningham, and Pombo. Abramoff Donates to Delay, Abramoff Donates to Pombo, Delay Donates to Pombo, Pombo donates to Delay, Cunningham Donates to Delay, Cunningham Donates to Pombo.

Anyways, the rant was for a reason.

"Since I became chairman of the resources committee, I've become a bigger target," said Rep. Pombo, "and nationally, that has put me on the radar screen for the Democratic party and anything they can do to tie me down here at home they're going to try to do." (More-At-Source)

There's a video there too that cbs5 did including clips of and with Pombo and McCloskey. Enjoy.

Congressman, maybe the reason you're a "target" is because people see you destroying the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we love in the name of big oil, corporate special interests, and the Republicans Culture of Corruption and don't particularly care for it. Maybe people have had it with Pombo-Delay-Bush style politics and want accountability and change.

Here's some of those meanies "targeting" the poor guy.

SanJoaquinNewsService: Group blames Pombo for national parks decline

"The serenity of the national park experience is being ruined by creeping commercialism, rules that allow snowmobiles and motorboats, and lack of oversight from Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, according to a pair of local activists.

Bill Wade, chairman of the 500-person Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, says America's national parks are being overly commercialized and are run in a way that harms wildlife. " (Source)

SacBee: Calaveras rancher jumps to support Endangered Species Act - Protecting a threatened frog hasn't hurt his business, he says.

"It took a frog to make Calaveras County rancher Danny Pearson hop on an airplane.

Pearson runs cattle on his family's ranch near Burson, off a dirt road east of San Andreas. In his 42 years, he has never found occasion to fly. He's never registered with any political party, and he's certainly never lobbied Congress.

Until now.


"Pombo has done an excellent job of portraying this as a bad, bad thing," Pearson said of the Endangered Species Act. "I think it's a good thing."" (Source)

Press Release: McCloskey Roasts Pombo on Global Warming

"In a speech to war veterans in Danville, and to the CaliforniaRepublican Assembly in Morgan Hill in the evening. former CongressmanPete McCloskey commended Governor Schwarzenegger's just-releasedGlobal Action Plan to address global climate change. McCloskey drewsharp contrast between the Governor's Plan and the oft-stated positionof Congressman Richard Pombo that "There is no evidence of man-madeglobal warming," a statement Pombo published in a press release in2002 and has never modified. " The science of global warming waswell-established in 2002, and is even clearer today," McCloskey said.


"Pombo has consistently voted against higher standards for vehicleemissions, and has taken millions in contributions from oil companiesand tobacco companies, more than nearly any other Californiacongressman, despite a recent study that air quality in his homecounty, San Joaquin County, is the second worst in California. It isestimated to cost $3 billion a year from asthma attacks, prematuredeaths, lost work days, school absences and hospital admissions, "saidMcCloskey.


""Pombo's refusal to recognize that global -warming is real makes him adangerous threat to the health of San Joaquin County residents," McCloskey said. " It isn't enough that he wants to privatize much ofthe remaining federal land in Northern California, sell off 15National Parks for development, make 11 million undocumented workersfelons and deport them, this man is a threat to the enjoyment of goodhealth by all of us." "As several of his Tracy neighbors told me lastweek, it is time for Pombo to return to his farm as he promised hewould do after 12 years in Congress when he ran for election in 1992,"McCloskey concluded."" (Source)

April Events

Wed., April 19, 2006, 7PM
Diablo Valley Democratic Club presents U.S. Congressional Dist. 11 Candidate's Forum
Mt. Diablo Unitarian Church 55 Eckley Lane Walnut Creek CA (Source)

Mon., April 24, 2006, 7PM
"Tracy Press’ “Meet the Candidates” campaign forum
WHEN: 7 to 8:15 p.m. candidates for sheriff; 8:30 to 10 p.m. Democratic Party candidates for state Assembly (17th District) and for Congress (11th District)WHERE: Williams Middle School, 1600 Tennis Lane
INFO: 835-3030" (Source)

April 27-30, 2006
2006 California Democratic Party and California Young Democrats Convention in Sacramento More Info Here.


*ModBee: Injury delays Kennedy talk until April 22
"Robert F. Kennedy Jr., scheduled to speak at Modesto Junior College on Friday night, has postponed his speech."
"Kennedy is to speak at 7 p.m. April 22 in the gym of the MJC East Campus, 435 College Ave. For more information, call 575-6866. " (More-At-Source)

*"2006 Earth Day Festival in Stockton
Living with the Earth
April 30 - 11am to 5pm
Victory Park" (More-At-Source)

Friday, April 07, 2006

A couple of articles on dirty money that mention Pombo

The Hill:

"Thirteen House Republicans already have returned or plan to return contributions they took from lobbyist Tony Rudy, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy last week and joins former cohort Jack Abramoff as a possible witness in the government’s expanding corruption probe of lawmakers and their aides.


Rudy pleaded guilty Friday to one count of conspiracy, agreeing to cooperate with the Justice Department’s investigation into a widespread bribery and fraud scheme spearheaded by disgraced GOP lobbyist Abramoff.

Rudy spread his contributions among a wide swath of the GOP conference, giving $48,500 since 2001 to four members of leadership, two committee chairmen and then-Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), Rudy’s boss from 1995 to 2000.


Rep. Richard Pombo (R-Calif.), who has also come under fire for his ties to Abramoff’s lobbying operation, has given his $1,250 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Stockton, Calif., campaign strategist Wayne Robinson said." (More-At-Source)

Seattle Times:
"Arctic oil-drilling supporters are rallying behind Republican Senate candidate Mike McGavick of Seattle for a fundraiser organized by Alaska's most powerful politicians.


...23 special patrons listed on the invitation are a who's who in Alaska politics and commerce, particularly in the energy industry.


Arctic Power's leaders include Bill Allen, owner of VECO, a giant Alaskan construction company that stands to gain from opening ANWR. His firm, and others on the patron list, gave money to another organization — Alaska to America Energy Initiative — that also lobbies for ANWR drilling, according to the Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan group that advocates for campaign reform.

Allen and his firm contributed heavily in 2005 to Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif., the chairman of the House Resources Committee, according to news reports. Pombo was the key congressman pushing ANWR drilling in the House." (Source)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"McNerney for Congress Concludes Strong First Quarter in Race to Unseat Pombo"

APRIL 4, 2006

McNerney for Congress Concludes Strong First Quarter in Race to Unseat Pombo

Fundraising Figures Increase over Q4 2005; Campaign nearly reaches 70% Threshold for California State Democratic Party Endorsement

Dublin, CA – The Jerry McNerney for Congress campaign announced today its preliminary first-quarter fundraising figures. The campaign raised over $50,000 in the period ending March 31, an increase of more than 25% over the final quarter of 2005, when McNerney raised $41,000.

McNerney's fundraising numbers demonstrate the campaign's continued momentum and growing support within the 11th Congressional District in California. Preliminary estimates are that approximately 40% of McNerney's over 900 individual donors reside within the district and about 90% are within the immediate Northern California region. The composition of the funds is approximately 75% small-dollar donors; with the remaining amount coming from contributions by organized labor PACs such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

“As we move towards the June primary I am excited that our campaign continues to grow. The dollars demonstrate our increasing financial power, but what I am most excited about is our growing people power,” said Jerry McNerney. “We are building a strong grassroots network that will put an end to Pombo Politics in November.”

The McNerney for Congress campaign also demonstrated its widespread support within the California Democratic Party on Saturday, nearly surpassing the 70% threshold to obtain the California State Democratic Party nomination at the pre-primary convention.

Of the 39 votes cast by 11th Congressional District delegates to the State Central Committee, McNerney received 27 votes, nearly tripling the tally of his nearest competitor while finishing one vote shy of the 28 needed to secure a spot on the consent calendar for endorsement at the California Democratic Party convention April 28-30 in Sacramento.

“Our momentum continues to build following the endorsement of the two-million member California Labor Federation. Grassroots leaders across the district, from Stockton to Morgan Hill, have once again demonstrated their deep support for Jerry McNerney and his campaign to bring vision along with honesty, integrity, and accountability back to Washington,” said Campaign Manager A.J. Carrillo.

About Jerry McNerney: Jerry, a resident of Pleasanton is a nationally recognized expert in renewable energy development and works as an energy consultant. He is also the CEO of an energy startup.

Paid for by McNerney for Congress" (Source)

Monday, April 03, 2006

News Round-Up


Billionaires For Pombo - A Key Constituency

Contra Costa Times: "'Pombo-ized' bills worry lawmakers"
"Some senators have expressed concern that any bill they pass, even if it gains bipartisan consensus, would still have to be blended with Pombo's aggressive rewrite. And Pombo's bill goes way too far in easing environmental protection, according to many critics.

For example, Sen. Lincoln Chafee, R-R.I., the chairman of a key subcommittee, has said he fears any Senate bill might be "Pombo-ized" when it goes to a conference committee where
House and Senate versions are reconciled.


In September, Pombo, chairman of the House Resources Committee, introduced a comprehensive rewrite of the Endangered Species Act and pushed it all the way through the House in just 10 days.

It is the closest Pombo has ever come to reaching his career-long goal of weakening one of the nation's most powerful environmental laws." (

AP: "Rep. Pombo drops his cowboy hat to appeal to wider audience"

"The rancher and chairman of the House Resources Committee is closer than ever to his goal of rewriting the Endangered Species Act to expand property rights — his mission ever since the obscure fox species blocked development of a neighboring town 25 years ago.

The prospect of long-fought success has made Pombo a target in the November election. The conservative Republican has abandoned the cowboy hat in his official congressional photo and is looking a little more worldly as he confronts a changing electorate in his district.


As for ethics, Pombo is among lawmakers who got thousands of dollars in questionable contributions from Abramoff or his clients while supporting the lobbyist’s causes. After that came out, Pombo gave $7,000 to charity that he had received from Abramoff. The congressman denies taking any positions because of the money.

Pombo has been criticized for billing taxpayers $5,000 to rent an RV to tour national parks and for letting a top committee aide who lives in California bill for frequent travel to Washington.

Pombo asserts: “I don’t break the rules.”" (


AP: Bad San Joaquin air has a cost: $3 billion
"The San Joaquin Valley, one of the country's most polluted air basins, could save as much as $3 billion per year in health costs if it met federal air regulations, researchers said Wednesday.


The valley has no days during the year that are "safe air days," researchers said. On days with poor air quality, especially during the winter and summer, people are discouraged from going outdoors. " (

Record: Survey sketches Altamont commuter
"The average commuter crossing the Altamont Pass is a middle-aged man from Tracy making between $75,000 and $150,000 a year driving alone to his job in Alameda County, according to a commuter survey released Friday.


About 73,000 San Joaquin County residents commute to neighboring counties for work. Of those, 50,000 commute across the Altamont Pass, according to COG's most recent estimate.Of those surveyed, about 84 percent said they were commuting over the Altamont Pass to jobs in the Bay Area.


About 47 percent of survey respondents said they would take a job closer to home if they still earned their Bay Area salary.

Nearly 23 percent even said they would be willing to take a slight pay cut to work closer to home.That doesn't surprise local economic officials, who say the average Bay Area-bound commuter is probably making about 20 percent more than he would at a similar job in San Joaquin County. " (


Hill: "GOP green group backs Pombo rival"
"Republicans for Environmental Protection has endorsed former Rep. Pete McCloskey (R-Calif.) for the GOP nomination in California’s 11th Congressional District instead of the Republican incumbent, Rep. Richard Pombo." (

Contra Costa Times: "RV fetish in congressional District 11?"
"GOP challenger Pete McCloskey Jr. took delivery of a 30-foot RV he dubbed the "Real Republican Express!" It's modeled after the RV for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the "Straight Talking Express!"
McCloskey staff members say the RV will serve as a rolling campaign office, fully equipped with a computer, fax machines and coffee pot. (Rumor says it will sport a bumper sticker, "Not paid for with taxpayer dollars.")" (


Three More McNerney Endorsements

"The California Teamsters Public Affairs Council delegates voted to endorse the McNerney for Congress campaign. The California Teamsters Public Affairs Council represents approximately 250,000 Teamsters Union members in the state.


Additionally on Monday the International Association of Machinists #1173, representing portions of California’s 11th District, voted to endorse Jerry McNerney’s candidacy for Congress.

South County Democratic Club Endorsement

This past Saturday, the members of the South County Democratic Club voted to endorse Jerry McNerney in his candidacy for the 11th District. The club represents southern Santa Clara Country which includes the city of Morgan Hill that is in the southern part of the 11th Congressional District." (

Sunday, April 02, 2006

"Challengers say they agree U.S. must tighten borders, but don't support turning illegal workers into criminals"

Contra Costa Times: Pombo foes gang up on immigration -
Challengers say they agree U.S. must tighten borders, but don't support turning illegal workers into criminals

"Pombo was the only Central Valley congressman to vote in favor of the House legislation.


Pombo was unavailable for comment this week. But in a December statement, he lauded the bill as a key anti-terrorism tool. He focused on its border security provisions and its crackdown on illegal immigrants that join gangs and repeatedly re-enter the country.

"Security at our borders is paramount in our post 9-11 world, he said.

While Pombo's challengers agree the nation must tighten its borders, they don't believe that turning into criminals California's estimated 2.5 million illegal workers is practical or humane.

"Richard Pombo, himself a descendant of Portuguese immigrants," said GOP challenger and ex-congressman Pete McCloskey Jr. of Lodi. Pombo "is ... among those among those who have been panicked into thinking that somehow the national security and public opinion requires the identification, punishment and deportation of individuals who have come to California to find employment."

On the Democratic ticket, Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton advocates a three-pronged attack on reform - guest worker program, secure borders and prosperous Central American economies that allow their citizens to earn a living at home.

In a poll of Central Valley Latino voters, 74 percent said they believed illegal immigrants should be allowed to become citizens compared to 46 percent of respondents statewide.


Data provided by Statewide Voting Systems shows that 67 percent of the district's Latino voters are Democrats while 34 percent are Republican." (More-At-Source)