Monday, May 29, 2006

Pombo's Ad Blitz and More News


Tri-Valley Herald: 3 Democrats vie in 11th District (source)


Sunday Pinnacle Online: Hotly contested fight in Tracy (source)


"Rep. Richard Pombo has begun an advertising blitz that could reach the half-million-dollar mark as he heads toward the June 6 primary election, an effort dwarfing that even of the constellation of environmental groups helping his main rival. Federal campaign reports filed Thursday show that Pombo, a Tracy Republican seeking his eighth term in Congress, has amassed $1.66 million for his re-election campaign through May 17. He still has $800,000 left to spend, according to the report, and more money continues to roll in daily - Monday's fund-raiser with Vice President Dick Cheney appears to have collected even more than the initial $100,000 expected." (source)

The Record: Pombo starts ad blitz (source)

Modesto Bee: Pombo contributors change - Tracy congressman's campaign money mostly from casinos, lawyers, PACs (source)

McCloskey For Congress: Congressman Pombo Quietly Sheds Another $1250 of Abramoff Related Money -Pombo: "I have not broken any rules." Chapter 2 (source)

McCloskey For Congress: Feds Subpoena Pombo Email in Bribery Investigation - Pombo "I have Done Nothing Wrong" Chapter 3 (source)

McCloskey For Congress: The Anatomy of a Pombo Fundraiser - Pombo: “I Have Done Nothing Wrong.” Chapter 4 (source)

DCCC: Pombo and Doolittle Choose Dick Cheney and Special Interest Cash over Doing Their Jobs - Miss Vote on Veterans' Benefits (source)


"The Independant Editorial

Three Democratic candidates — Steve Filson, Jerry McNerny and Stevan Thomas — seek the Democratic nomination in the 11th District. Of the three, McNerny is the standout, in our opinion. He is strong on the key issues — stronger than Filson, who shies away from clear stands on the Endangered Species Act and Iraq, as two examples.

Moreover, McNerny has gotten involved in an all-out way. A windpower consultant who lives in Pleasanton, he was a last-minute candidate against Pombo two years ago. Despite the late start, he ran an aggressive issue-oriented campaign. He has kept at it, relentlessly watchdogging Pombo and practicing a level of activism that demonstrates leadership.

We urge 11th District Democrats to vote for Jerry McNerny." (source)

McNerney Picks up Democratic Endorsement from The Independant (source)

Jerry McNerney: On this solemn day... (source)


"PETE McCLOSKEY defines the term "straight shooter." He has never seen the world through a partisan prism when it comes to delineating right from wrong. As a Republican member of Congress, the decorated Marine Corps veteran spoke out against the Vietnam War in the late 1960s and called for President Richard Nixon's impeachment in June 1973.

But don't try to typecast McCloskey as a liberal. He helped push through a capital-gains tax reduction in 1977 and embraced President Ronald Reagan's program to cut taxes and government spending in the early 1980s. His brand of conservatism includes balanced budgets and excludes needless foreign military intervention.

Today, at 78, McCloskey is blunt as ever in what he bemoans as an erosion of "traditional Republican values" in Washington. He is angry about the pay-to-play scandals, the deficit spending, the assaults on environmental protection -- and the war in Iraq. He calls the Bush administration "the worst in history." (source)

San Francisco Chronicle: McCloskey over Pombo (source)

Pete McCloskey Responds to Pombo Camp Pendleton TV ad (source)


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