Friday, May 26, 2006

Steve Filson's Astroturf Campaign(s)

What do you do when you don't have any actual grassroots support? You try and buy the appearance of grassroots support. Filson's campaign has apparantly evolved beyond just online astroturf.

The recent FEC filings have some interesting information buried within.

The Filson for Congress campaign has taken a page from Pombo's book and has decided to Pay-To-Play. Filson is paying mail houses to include his name on their slate cards under such front-group style names as; Coalition for Senior Citizen Security ($2695), Our Voice Latino Voter Guide ($1022), Parents' Ballot Guide ($2700), and The Early Voter ($1000). (source) He's trying to buy the perception that he's supported by such constituent groups as latinos, seniors, and parents. That's pretty sad.

Also, According to Democrats in the district, persuasion calls have been coming in on behalf of Steve Filson. The interesting thing is that the calls have been coming from out-of-state numbers, like Rahm Emanuel's home-state of Illinois. The Filson campaign has even outsourced it's phone banking operation.


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