Thursday, June 01, 2006

More News As Election Day Approaches

"The Cook Political Report, which ranks the competitiveness of congressional races, switched the 11th District contest from "likely'' Republican to "leans'' Republican -- giving the Democrats a glimmer of hope and Republicans reason not to take Pombo's re-election for granted." (source)

SF Chronicle: 11th District Election a test for GOP, Pombo's incumbency (source)

"Doolittle is also wearing a big A on his chest for Jack Abramoff — and so is Tracy Rep. Richard Pombo. They both got money from the naughty lobbyist and his circle. Posters across Pombos hometown ask, How Do You Spell Corruption? P-O-M-B-O." (source)

Carl Zichella (Sierra Club): Pombo's denials are lies (source)

Rodger Schlickeisen (Defenders of Wildlife): Teddy wouldn't be a fan of Pombo (source)

Tracy Press: Vote for Pombo in GOP primary (source)

"an astonishing 40 percent of McNerney's money came from contributions of less than $200 each. McCloskey was the closest at 18 percent, while small donations made up less than 3 percent of Pombo's cash.

"It's extraordinary," said Bob Stern with the Center for Governmental Studies.

"Most candidates don't want to focus on small contributions because it's not cost-effective. But the Internet is changing the way candidates raise money." (source)

"It was 55 years ago this past Memorial Day that Pete McCloskey led the Marine rifle assault that won him the Navy Cross in the Korean War. And as dawn broke on the anniversary, the California Republican was once again charging uphill, only this time against many in his own party." (source)

Wall Street Journal: In California, a Fight For Republican Priorities (source)

The Record: McCloskey will return dubious contribution (source)

McCloskey Returns Unwanted Campaign Contribution - Calls on Pombo to return remaining Abramoff money (source)


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