Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jerry McNerney Picks Up More Support, Needs Your Help

"The Progressive Patriots Fund announced Jerry McNerney as the winner of “Pick a Progressive Patriot: YearlyKos,” a special round of its popular online voting event. McNerney is challenging Rep. Richard Pombo in California’s 11 District.

“This round of the ‘Pick a Progressive Patriot’ was a huge success,” Feingold said. “Over 50 candidates were nominated from 24 states, but in the end McNerney received the most support from a very enthusiastic group of bloggers and online activists. We are happy to send $5000 to the McNerney campaign and we thank everyone who participated in this round of ‘Pick a Progressive Patriot.’” (source)

Feingold Announces Jerry McNerney as the Choice of the Netroots in "Pick a Progressive Patriot": YearlyKos Event (source)

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund Endorses McNerney (source)

Jerry McNerney: Grassroots All-Star

Jerry McNerney was voted into the top 5 of Democracy For America's Grassroots All-Star contest as well. The next round of voting is now open. Be sure to vote! You can keep up with the results at Blog For America


Jerry McNerney: Map Changer

Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC has also announce the next round of candidates in his Map Changers contest. Jerry McNerney has also advanced to the next round there as well. Vote for Jerry McNerney again!


Netroots Candidate Suggestions

MYDD is taking candidate suggestions for Netroots Candidate Endorsement Here.



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