Monday, June 05, 2006


Jerry McNerney sent out the email below to supporters this morning. I'm re-posting it because it shows a lot about the character of Jerry McNerney and his supporters.

Jerry McNerney for Congress (Email):

"Dear Friend,

I have some wonderful news.

On Memorial Day, I asked you to consider supporting Operation Helmet -- a vital grassroots organization that provides blast- protective helmet upgrades to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Founded by Dr. Robert Meaders, a former naval flight surgeon and ophthalmologist, Operation Helmet has been distributing Kevlar helmet upgrade kits to troops for over two years.

It was a simple request on a solemn day. My hope was that the message would help spread the word about the critical work Operation Helmet is doing to save lives and prevent brain injuries to our troops. Little did I know what would transpire after that e-mail was sent to you last Monday morning.

Yesterday, I received this message from Dr. Meaders:

“Jerry: Thanks to your support, we received over $7,000 in contributions for the upgrade of combat helmets. The Marines, Air Force, Navy troops now have a better chance of coming home with their gourds intact and brains unscrambled because of you. Thanks from all of us to you and your constituents who gave so generously. Bob.”

I know I have said it before. But I’m going to say it again.

You are absolutely amazing.

I would have never thought that the mere mention of an organization in a campaign e-mail message would produce such an incredible response. This is yet another reason why I am so proud to represent you in this primary election.

The power you have expressed as a community is truly overwhelming. Thank you yet again from the bottom of my heart for your tremendous generosity.


Jerry" (source: from email)


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