Sunday, June 04, 2006

McNerney Picks Up More Endorsements

The Lodi News-Sentinel Endorses Jerry McNerney For Congress (source)
"In the Democratic race, all three candidates have clear strengths, but we like McNerney.

He's not a typical politician, and we find that refreshing. He's studious — almost a little nerdy — but in pleasant way. He talks with conviction and expertise about the importance of energy policy. He takes the long view. He is thoughtful but tempered by pragmatism." (

Morgan Hill Times Endorses McNerney For Congress (source)

Calitics: CA-11: McNerney for Congress (source)

MH Times endorsed Pete McCloskey while Lodi News went with Pombo for the Republican Primary.

Pete McCloskey: (Tracy) Press' Pombo endorsement is wrong (source)


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