Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Updates On Developing Pombo Related Stories

Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney: "You e-mailed your friends. You called your family. You text-messaged everyone in your cell phone. You posted comments on blogs and Yahoo Groups, telling the world that “we ALL live in Richard Pombo’s district.”

Because of you, Democracy for America has announced that I have won the “DFA Grassroots All-Star” congressional campaign competition! I don’t know if I can express how much this means to me. I am truly humbled and honored by your support.

Now that our people-powered movement has won the DFA Grassroots All-Star competition, garnering more votes than 34 other excellent candidates, the stakes have been raised even higher. I know that you've spent a lot of time helping me recently, but now I need your support again. It is very crucial to our campaign.

The all-important Federal Election Commission second-quarter deadline is coming up on Friday (June 30) at 11:59 p.m. and we need to post strong financial numbers to show the pundits and power-brokers that we can defeat Richard Pombo.

Please keep our incredible momentum going by contributing any amount you can afford right now:

From the ripple I caused when I decided to run against Richard Pombo -- when no one else would stand up to him -- to the grassroots tidal wave you created with your online and offline actions, WE are building a movement. Together." (source)

Jerry McNerney: You are making a *real* difference (source)

DailyKos: CA-11: Help Jerry McNerney (source)


Richard Pombo

Rep.'s Farr, Capps, Honda & Woolsey: Pombo is no friend of the environment (source)

DCCC: Vacation Station: For Fossella, Pombo, Sweeney and Others, Congress is the New Launch Pad for Free Vacations (source)

Pombo's Off-Shore Drilling Push Continues...

"Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Stockton, defended a bill Tuesday that would increase domestic offshore oil and gas drilling while foes planned protests today over the lawmaker's campaign contributions from the energy industry.

The Defenders of Wildlife planned rallies at gas stations in Pleasanton and Stockton.


The liberal also planned 300 similar protests across the country to highlight what it has tallied as the energy industry's $190 million in campaign contributions since 1990.The protests come as the House of Representatives prepares to vote Thursday on the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act. It would allow states to override a 25-year moratorium on offshore drilling.


Environmentalists cite Pombo's source of campaign dollars as a sign of his loyalty to industry rather than consumers.

Since 1999, Pombo's campaign and leadership committees have received $425,289 in contributions from energy and mining companies, according to data compiled by Dwight Morris & Associates. It has been his second-highest source of money since 2003, when he became Resources Committee chairman." (source)

Contra Costa Times: Protests planned as vote nears on oil-drilling ban (source)

Defenders of Wildlife: Pombo Moves to Open California's Coasts to Offshore Drilling (source)

Richard Pombo: Ending energy dependence (source)

The Record: Governor won't back Pombo's drilling bill (source)

SF Chronicle Politics Blog: Pombo drills governor on off-shore bill (source)

Coverage of Pombo's "Jobs Program"

Roll Call: California: Pombo Foe Raps GOP’s Campaign ‘Jobs’ Program (source)

The Record: Pombo to move past family ties - Nonrelated campaign workers seen as a sign congressman is concerned (source)

Contra Costa Times: NEED A SUMMER JOB? (source)


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