Monday, June 26, 2006

McNerney Movement Momentum

DFA/Blog For America: Congrats to the 2006 Grassroots All-Star! (source)

"It was a big weekend at DFA Headquarters, where Luigi and Chris spent the weekend auditing and verifying the votes. What a close race! Over 25,000 of you voted, and today we are proud to announce that Jerry McNerney is our newest Grassroots All-Star!
As a Dean Dozen candidate in 2004, Jerry won more votes that any Democrat in his district since 1992. He is leading in the polls right now with a narrow 46-42 lead over Jerry Pombo—the Republican incumbent who's a proud member of the 13 "Most Corrupt" Members of Congress, and the League of Conservation Voters' "Dirty Dozen."

But this week is crucial. With a critical finance deadline this Friday, Jerry needs your support!

Please give Jerry McNerney the chance he needs to go all the way!" (source)

MyDD/DailyKos: The Next Netroots Candidate: Jerry McNerney (source)

"Tonight, it is my great pleasure to announce that Jerry McNerney, the Democratic nominee in the CA-11th, has been added to the combined netroots page.


Jerry McNerney is not just the next netroots candidate--he is also the next progressive movement candidate. Already, he has won the Democracy for America Grassroots All-Star voting, and three weeks ago his people-powered campaign comfortably defeated the DCCC backed candidate in a contested primary. He entered politics as part of the 50-state strategy, and because his son joined the Air Force after September 11th. Eschewing the politics of triangulation in favor of a progressive message, he is a wind energy expert who has a Ph.D. in math (I like that).


McNerney is in this with a fighting chance, and the people-powered progressive movement is the reason. In order for him to win, that same movement will have to do the heavy lifting, because he is way down on cash, and the DCCC is not typically eager to jump into races where their candidate lost the primary. That could change, but we need to show that McNerney can really win.

As the second fundraising quarter comes to a close, please help out Jerry McNerney." (source)


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