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Jerry McNerney & A Stronger, Safer America - Protecting Troops & Veterans

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingJerry McNerney gets it when it comes to the need for Strong and Wise Foreign Policy & National Security. He'll Also Make Protecting America's Troops and Veterans a Priority 100% of the time, unlike Richard Pombo.

""To Jerry McNerney, when it comes to protecting soldiers and veterans who protect America, it's personal. Jerry's son Michael volunteered to serve in the military because of 9/11. Michael then challenged his dad to run for Congress and to give back to his country by protecting the veterans and soldiers who protect our security..."" (source)

Jerry McNerney: "I understand the threat of terrorism. I was on a hijacked airline in 1971, spending the night in the air, looking down the barrel of guns held by men who had no respect for human life. America must do everything necessary to defeat the terrorists. This means a tough and smart approach to fighting terrorism. It means using our military effectively. We can defeat (the terrorists), but only if we are smart." (source)

Rep. Jane Harman (Ranking Democrat on House Permanent Select Committee on Itelligence, also served Homeland Security Committee): "I traveled to Stockton to join Jerry at the University of the Pacific's School of International Studies not to discuss the environment, but national security policy. Here, too, on this extremely complex topic, Jerry can more than hold his own. Even though he hasn't yet been elected to Congress, he is more informed on security issues than many of my House colleagues." (more-at-source)

"McNerney has been endorsed by Wesley Clark, retired four-star general and supreme Allied commander of Europe, and retired Air Force Lt. Col. William Evans, who said, "Jerry is the kind of honest person who supports the needs of American veterans."" (source)

General Wes Clark: “Californians deserve a partner in Washington who values sustainable, clean energy, a sound national security and a robust economy,” General Clark said. “That partner is Jerry McNerney whose informed, honest approach to public service is needed in Washington now more than ever." (source)

"Veterans’ Vision is proud to endorse candidate Jerry McNerney for the U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. McNerney was inspired to run for Congress by his son Michael, who sought and received a commission in the Air Force after 9/11. If elected, Mr. McNerney will undoubtedly fight for veterans’ causes." (source)

Iraq Veterans for Progress: "While promoting Bush's foreign policy disaster in Iraq, Pombo voted to cut $1.8 billion in benefits to veterans. He also cast the deciding vote in the House against funding for prosthetics for wounded veterans -- including soldiers coming home from Iraq who have lost limbs caused by roadside bombs." (source)

"Dr. Robert Meaders, a former naval flight surgeon and ophthalmologist & Founder of "Operation Helmet": "Jerry: Thanks to your support, we received over $7,000 in contributions for the upgrade of combat helmets. The Marines, Air Force, Navy troops now have a better chance of coming home with their gourds intact and brains unscrambled because of you. Thanks from all of us to you and your constituents who gave so generously." (source)

Pombo Has Failed Veterans Too Many Times

"According to Disabled American Veterans, a non-partisan veterans' organization with more than 1.2 million members, Richard Pombo has voted against the interests of disabled veterans 92% of the time. Pombo voted to cut funding for veterans' health programs and against fully funding veterans' disability and retirement benefits. He also voted against extending health care coverage to National Guard and Reserve members and their families." (source)

Pete McCloskey (Ret. Us Marines): "Choosing not to serve in the armed services in his youth, RichardPombo's record with regards to Veterans Issues is less than notable.To his credit, Mr. Pombo has voted in favor of many of the large andpublicized Veterans Bills. However, support for our men and women whohave devoted themselves to serving the country should not just occurwhen doing so will score political points. Support means backing lesswell known bills and amendments simply because it is the right thingto do. The over 2.3 million veterans in California deserve better." (source)

"In the past year alone Mr. Pombo has voted:

Rep. Pombo opposed amendments to HR1815 (roll call 221, 5/25/05).This Bill would have expanded the military's low-cost, andhigh-coverage TRICARE insurance program to all reservists, NationalGuard members as well as their families.

Rep. Pombo voted against amendments to HR 2528 (roll call 224,5/26/05). Pombo voted against this bill that sought $30 million inVeterans health care benefits. Funding from this bill would go tosupport for returning wounded troops, though paying for addition staffto help process claims, provide funding for trauma care for returnedtroops, and funding prosthetic research. Pombo also voted againstamendments that would allocate $23 million to the approximately 4100spouses of service members who have died serving their country.

Rep. Pombo opposed changes to HR 1268 (roll call 76, 3/16/05). Thesechanges to the budget would have increased funding for military healthcare by $100 million. Another $50 million would be allocated totransitional job training for vets, many of whom face un- orunder-employment when returning from active duty.

Rep. Pombo voted against HR 27 (roll call 47, 3/2/05) that wouldhave provided job assistance to veterans returning from overseas. Fourof every ten National Guard and Reserve members face income loss uponreturn.

The Government has stated that the VA Health Care system will beunder funded by nearly $3.7 Billion. Despite this, Rep. Pombo hasrepeatedly voted against efforts to increase VA Health Care funding by$2.5 billion dollars. (HR 1268, HR2528, HconRes95, HJRes107, AP6/28/05, Washington Post 6/24/05)

The organization Disabled American Veterans cited Rep. Pombo asvoting for 0% of the bills they saw as supporting their interests in2003, 2004, 2005 (,

Vietnam Veterans of America cited Rep. Pombo as supporting theirinterests only 38% in 2003-2004. (," (source)

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