Saturday, October 14, 2006

Richard Pombo (Exxon-Mobil): "We Have a Choice on Energy Independence"

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Back on September 6th, Richard Pombo blogged at The Hill Blog that "We Have a Choice on Energy Independence."

Pombo Wrote:
"For far too long, Americans have been shackled to our dependence on foreign energy. This dependence has tethered our security to distant and unstable lands, like the Middle East. And, with every tug and pull at these chains of dependence from rogue nations and brazen terrorists, the effects are felt at gas stations in every hometown across America - and in every American's wallet."
Ok, so I agree with the Congressman so far. Let's see where he goes with this...

"But, we have a choice. Every link in this chain of dependence can be broken by developing America's known sources of energy - a critical first step in achieving long-term energy independence. Unfortunately, our dependence on foreign energy was chosen for us by liberal special interests who have said "No!" to a comprehensive domestic energy policy for more than 30 years. This so-called energy policy empowered other nations to fetter us to unpredictable foreign energy markets. As a result, America is less secure. Over the past year, gas prices have ballooned, and Americans have finally mustered up the strength to diversify their energy policy, and break out of the shackles of foreign energy dependence.

The recent oil find in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico exemplifies our country's immense domestic energy potential. One of the largest oil fields in American history may lie under the ocean. But we'll never know for sure unless these areas are explored."
Ooooooh. Now it makes sense.

The choice Pombo has proposed for "Energy Independence" (or more Energy Dependence) is more Oil Drilling.

This shouldn't be surprising coming from someone who's Funded By Big Oil and who's worked diligently to subsidize and to protect big oil's record profits. Richard Pombo and Big Oil both benefit from record oil company profits and record high gas prices at the pump.

Pombo was right about having a choice though.

The choice is between a corrupt Congressman who is funded by big oil and an Honest Renewable Energy Expert who actually has a plan to reduce our nations dangerous dependence on foreign oil.

When you go to the polls just "remember - an America independent of foreign energy is an America that is secure for every current and future citizen of this nation" as Pombo stated.

Then just think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions Richard Pombo has taken from just Big Oil and ask yourself who's interests he represents.


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