Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Richard Pombo Lies, Lies Again, Flip Flop's, & 'Cut's and Run's' From Constituents

Richard Pombo Lied To Constituents About Jack Abramoff

Richard Pombo has once again 'Pulled a Pombo,' This time in the form of lying to his constituents about his relationship and interactions with convicted Republican lobbyist, Jack Abramoff. With a straight face, in his home town just over a week ago and in front of 300+ people and countless media; Richard Pombo denied having been lobbyed be Jack Abramoff. He Lied.

Richard Pombo (10/5/06): “I’ve seen myself described as one of (Jack Abramoff’s) closest allies in Congress. I met the guy two or three times in my whole life — he never once lobbied me on anything" (source)

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YouTube: Pombo Denies Links To Abramoff (video)

"California Rep. Richard Pombo has insisted he was never lobbied by Jack Abramoff. Records show the disgraced lobbyist billed a client for at least two contacts with Pombo a decade ago.
The lobbying records released by the Northern Mariana Islands show that Abramoff billed once for calls to Pombo, chairman of the House Resources Committee, and a second time for a discussion with him, while lobbying in 1996.

On more than two dozen other occasions from 1996 through 2001, Abramoff associates called or met with members of Pombo's staff, including his chief of staff, the records indicate. As the contacts picked up, Pombo voted Abramoff's way on a bill important to Abramoff's clients." (source)

"ThinkProgress has obtained Abramoff’s billing records (HERE), which show that the lobbyist personally spoke with Pombo on Sept. 10, 1996 and Nov. 21, 1996. On 11 other occasions in 1996 and 1997, Abramoff’s staff met with either Pombo or his staff.

Two days after the first meeting on Sept. 10, Abramoff gave Pombo $500. The congressman eventually received a total of more than $35,000 from Abramoff and his Native American tribal clients. $27,000 of that money came from Abramoff’s client the Mashpee Wampanoag of Massachusetts, “which received federal recognition from a bill Pombo passed through the [House Resources] committee in 2004.”

Pombo’s spokesman is insisting that these billing records are “greatly inflated,” but they nevertheless indicate that Pombo’s office was contacted — and perhaps influenced — by Abramoff. Pombo’s committee, the House Resources Committee, had sole jurisidiction over the Mariana Islands, one of Abramoff’s client that he overcharged. Despite repeated requests from Rep. George Miller (D-CA) to investigate Abramoff’s dealings, Pombo has refused to do anything." (source)


In December 1996, a Marianas newspaper reported that Pombo was among lawmakers who would be visiting the island later in the month. The trip was being arranged by Abramoff's firm..." (source)

Record: Pombo, Abramoff linked by records - Papers say workers for both met many times from 1996 to 2001 (source)

AP: Records suggest Abramoff, Pombo lobbying contacts (source)

Think Progress: Abramoff’s Billing Records Detail Repeated Contacts With Pombo (source)

Daily Kos: Richard Pombo Lied to His Constituents (source)

More Lies & Corruption

"Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, said at a May debate that intelligence agents should obtain surveillance warrants before monitoring phone calls. Less than five months later, he voted to allow warrantless wiretapping." (source)

SJ News Service: Pombo supported warrants before voting for warrantless wiretaps(source)

CBS 5 Video News Report - Pombo, McNerney Race Continues To Heat Up (source)

TPM: Pombo Ad: McNerney "Thinks War On Terror Is A Joke" (source)

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SNTP has Video of Pombo getting 'Caught Red Handed,' Again denying constituents the same time he afforded Jack Abramoff to simply answer some questions. Click Here.

SNTP: Pombo accused of bribery in 1994 (source)

Global Exchange: Indigenous Leader Affected By Global Warming Confronts Pombo on his Oil Record; Pombo has Taken $117,340 from Oil and Gas Companies in ‘06 (source)

Ca 11 Blog: My Advice for Brian Kennedy (source)

Can you trust Richard Pombo?


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