Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ballots Left To Be Counted

McNerney for Congress:

We need your help right now. We’re up by 121 votes, but we have to make sure every provisional and vote by mail ballot is counted.

That takes funds. I need you to give whatever you can right now - $5, $17, $90 – to help us make sure every single vote is counted.

Counties are starting to count these ballots tomorrow and we need to be ready.

Please do what you can. We need to raise $10,000 by midnight to make sure every vote is counted.

Hang in there, we are going to pull through.

Friday, October 29, 2010

David Harmer Gets Bailed Out Again


Corporate lawyer David Harmer has come full circle with former employer and Wall Street bank J.P. Morgan Chase underwriting the final days of his third campaign for Congress with a $5,000 campaign contribution.

Following a career spent at a debt collection agency, a credit card company, and a predatory lender, corporate lawyer David Harmer signed on in 2008 as a senior executive at Wall Street bank J.P. Morgan Chase.

J.P. Morgan Chase received $25 billion in bailout funds and David Harmer walked away with a golden parachute of almost $160,000. Then, he collected over $7,000 in unemployment benefits.

Now David Harmer is looking once more to his former employer for a bailout. Just days ago, he accepted a $5,000 contribution from J.P. Morgan Chase to fund the final days of his campaign.


Monday, October 18, 2010

PROGRESS in the 11th C.D.

A new tool from
PROGRESS is designed to show the real effects of the steps President Obama and Democrats have taken to rebuild our economy. Behind these numbers are stories about people whose lives and communities have been positively affected by the change Democrats have made.

Progress: California's 11th Congressional District

After years of failed Republican policies that led to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, our economy is beginning to grow again. Democrats have worked to spur job creation, make health care more affordable, invest in small businesses, and expand opportunities for education. Below is a look at the progress so far in your community.

The elections on November 2 will determine whether we continue rebuilding a stronger and more prosperous America or return to the failed policies of the past that put special interests, corporations, and big banks ahead of working families. Democrats need your support, and your vote, to keep our country moving forward.

ECONOMY & JOBS in California


Number of jobs created or saved through June because of the Recovery Act

Source: Joint Economic Committee

SMALL BUSINESS in California 11th


Number of small businesses eligible for health care tax credits under the Affordable Care Act

Source: House Commerce Committee

THE MIDDLE CLASS in California 11th


Number of middle-class families that received a tax cut through the Recovery Act


HEALTH CARE in California 11th


Number of residents who now will have access to quality and affordable health care because of comprehensive health care reform

Source: House Commerce Committee

EDUCATION in California


Number of teachers’ jobs saved because Democrats passed a deficit-neutral state-aid bill

Source: Dept. of Education

The Challenges We Inherited

Under the Bush administration, America’s economy and fiscal situation suffered:

National unemployment skyrocketed from 5.8 percent in 2002 to 9.3 percent in 2009; Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The national debt nearly doubled from $5.7 trillion to $10.6 trillion; Source: Treasury Department

The deficit exploded to $1.4 trillion from a $128 billion surplus. Source: Office of Management and Budget

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't Let Harmer Privatize Education

David Harmer's radical position on education is now being reported at AOL News, MSNBC, & Vanity Fair.

Help Jerry McNerney fight back against these attacks by volunteering for his reelection campaign and by making an online donation as well.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harmer: Abolish Public Schools

Tea Party Frontrunner: Abolish Public Schools

It's fairly common for conservative political candidates to support eliminating the federal Department of Education. But in California, tea party darling and congressional candidate David Harmer has gone further. He's advocated eliminating public schools entirely and returning education to "the way things worked through the first century of American nationhood," when educational opportunities for poor people, African-Americans, women, the disabled, and others were, to say the least, extremely limited.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jerry: Help Defeat Another Abramoff Ally

DCCC: "The suburban Washington, D.C. home of Republican John Doolittle (CA-04) was recently raided by the FBI.

Representative Doolittle and his wife have been under investigation for their relationship with convicted GOP super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Abramoff now resides in federal prison on a litany of fraud, bribery, and money laundering convictions. In addition to his questionable ties to Abramoff, the Congressman also took contributions from indicted defense contractor Brent Wilkes and his associates." (source)

Rep. McNerney: "Please take just a few seconds to vote for Charlie Brown right now in the second and final round of Democracy for America's "Grassroots All-Star" congressional campaign competition, ending Wednesday at midnight.

Your vote last year made me DFA's 2006 "Grassroots All-Star," giving me a critically early boost in our campaign to defeat Richard Pombo. Your vote today can make Charlie Brown -- the only California candidate in the competition -- DFA's 2007 "Grassroots All-Star" and help him defeat scandal-plagued Rep. John Doolittle.

From our district to Charlie's district, we're building a movement to clean up the GOP's culture of corruption in Congress. Join us by voting for Charlie now at: " (source)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ca-11 News Round Up


"“I was proud to cast my vote today for the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act,” Rep. McNerney said. “Our veterans have done so much in the service of our country by serving in harm’s way overseas. We owe them a debt of gratitude which means we must to do everything we can to provide adequate healthcare and rehabilitation services when they return home.”

The bill creates a support network to aid wounded servicemembers returning home from overseas combat in navigating the military health care bureaucracy.

Addressing the deplorable conditions found at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Act establishes a toll-free hotline for reporting deficiencies in medical facilities. It also creates a new system to more efficiently transfer soldiers’ medical records from the Defense Department to the Department of Veterans Affairs, ensuring that cases do not fall through the cracks.

“I am particularly pleased that this bill will also address post traumatic stress disorder and other stress-related injuries – some of the hallmark injuries of the Iraq war,” Rep. McNerney said. “The bill requires the Department of Defense to develop a plan to help prevent PTSD from developing in servicemembers.”
" (source)

Lodi News: 'We have to preserve farmland' - Congressman McNerney stops by to address concerns of Lodi residents

"Lodi's congressional representative spent most of the day Thursday discussing local issues that included Highway 12 safety improvements and preserving farmland.

Congressman Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, started the day meeting with the San Joaquin Council of Governments in Stockton before a round of meetings with business leaders and residents in Lodi.

McNerney addressed about 100 concerned citizens at the School Street Bistro on a variety of topics ranging from growth in the San Joaquin Valley to universal health care and the war in Iraq. He said he supports an agricultural greenbelt around Lodi to preserve the city's personality.
" (source)

Record: McNerney hosts transportation meeting

""We need to make sure that San Joaquin County isn't overlooked when state and federal dollars are being doled out," McNerney said."We're all spending more time in traffic and less with our families, and today's summit allows us to draw attention to our successes as well as the future transportation needs of the region."" (source)

Tracy Press: The challengers

"Assemblyman Guy Houston, R-Livermore, and former Assemblyman Dean Andal look like they are set to vie for the Republican nomination to challenge Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, in the 2008 congressional election.

Republican Richard Pombo, who became a senior partner at Oregon-based Pac/West Communications after he lost the district to McNerney in November, on Friday said he hasn’t decided whether he will try to win back his old seat in 2008.
" (source)

Rep. McNerney: Supporting one of our own in a time of need

Record: GOP launches early attack on McNerney

Record: S.J. poised to take center stage in 2008 elections

McNerney Blog: You did it again!

Morgan Hill Times: Congressman McNerney Visits Live Oak High School

Tri-Valley Herald: Ripon girl meets president, McNerney

Record: Stockton's namesake school honors Chavez

CVTimes: Central Valley congressman names small business advisory panel

Lodi News: McNerney creates health care board

VVBusiness Times: Central Valley congressman names ag advisory panel

Tri-Valley herald: 'Election protectors' prep for '08 - Group says Bay Area had good intention, but can still improve

Progressive Connection: It's Howdy Doody Time

McNerney Blog: KGO-TV: "Political Climate Changing With Global Warming"

SNTP: Goodbye — Hello

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rove Targets McNerney

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

McNerney: You did it. Again!

McNerney email: "I am speechless.

You did it. Again!

You voted. You e-mailed your close friends. You called your family. You text-messaged everyone in your cell phone. You contacted your online friends on MySpace and Facebook. You posted diaries and comments on Daily Kos, Calitics and other blogs.

Because of you, Senator John Kerry will be announcing that I am a winner in his “March Madness” online campaign competition! Because you decided to get out the online vote, Senator Kerry will now ask 3 million people to get out their checkbooks for our campaign.

I am truly humbled and honored by your people power -- the amazing strength of the grassroots and netroots. Thank you so much once again for your enthusiasm, activism and support.

You are revolutionizing politics as usual."

Aghazarian Stays Out Of Ca-11

Record: Aghazarian to run for Senate

Tracy Press: "Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian, R-Stockton, will run for state Senate in 2008, when Sen. Mike Machado, D-Linden, is termed out of office." (source)

Cal Majority Report: "Assemblymember Guy Houston -- a Democratic opposition researcher's dream candidate -- now appears to be the frontrunner for the GOP Congressional nod in the sprawling Bay Area/Central Valley district represented by McNerney. Houston has won narrow victories in his Assembly district, which overlaps a chunk of the Congressional district. Houston was recently described in the Contra Costa Times as a legislative lightweight with a boatload of court problems after being sued for ripping off senior citizens in financial dealings." (source)

Other GOP News

Alameda County GOP courting blacks

CD 11: NRCC rips McNerney on Iraq

McNerney Meets With Local Veterans

Stockton Record: "McNerney Talks Health Care with Concerned Vets"

"The Stockton Record covered Congressman Jerry McNerney's Listening Tour for veterans and military families in Stockton on Saturday.

Perhaps the hottest topic was the prospect of opening a new VA facility in San Joaquin County"

Veterans share similar experiences in Pleasanton

"The Contra Costa Times covered Congressman Jerry McNerney's second Listening Tour session with veterans and military families on Saturday -- this time in Pleasanton.

And the veterans there were just as concerned about access to the Livermore VA nursing home, which the Veterans Affairs administration is considering closing" (source)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Last Chance To Vote For Jerry In March Madness Contest

Sen. John Kerry: "In 2008, the Republicans will launch an all-out assault on our majority in Congress. Our Democratic majority must be sustained and a strong show of early fundraising is the best way to show that we stand by those who want to change the direction of our country. Below, we've got a great slate of candidates, and we need your help to choose who to support in this first round of fundraising. So choose two from among the strong Democrats in each column, two House members from the left and two Senators on the right. Deadline for voting is Sunday, March 25 at midnight ET, so vote now! Thank you!" (source)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vote For Jerry!

Jerry's Blog: "Senator John Kerry has just launched an online Congressional competition today called “March Madness”. Similar to the NCAA Final Four, eight candidates are competing and the stakes are huge. If we win this, Senator Kerry will ask his 3 million supporters to support my campaign financially before the crucial March 31st Federal Election Commission deadline.

We can win with your help! Please take just a few seconds to vote right now:" (source)


Jerry McNerney


March 20, 2007

"Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-11) announced two listening tour events he will hold with veterans and military families in Stockton and Pleasanton on Saturday, March 24.

“I want to hear directly from veterans and military families about the kinds of issues they face in getting the help, treatment and benefits they deserve,” Rep. McNerney said. “As we in Congress consider legislation affecting veterans and their loved ones, it’s important to me to actually talk to the people that would be affected.”

Details of the two listening tour events appear below.

Saturday, March 24
1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Pleasanton Library
400 Old Bernal Ave.
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Saturday, March 24
4 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Cesar Chavez Central Library
605 N. El Dorado St.
Stockton, CA 95202" (source)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

McNerney, House Pass Sunshine Bills

Gilroy Dispatch: Local Reps, House Pass Four Bills to Mark Sunshine Week

"Local congressional representatives passed four bills Wednesday aimed at increasing transparency in the federal government.

Representatives Mike Honda (D-Campbell) and Jerry McNerney (D-Pleasanton) voted in favor of all four bills, breathing new life into open-government legislation, marking Sunshine Week with votes to protect whistle-blowers, smooth freedom of information requests, and compel presidential libraries to disclose more about their donors.

"These measures are important because they'll help make sure the government is ethical, open and accountable to the American people," Congressman McNerney said in a written statement. "I promised during the campaign that I'd work to change the culture of corruption in Washington. With this week's action plus the ethics reform we passed in January, I'm happy to be making good on that pledge."

The House still has to vote on H.R. 1362, which addresses no-bid contracting. The five bills coincide with this week's annual campaign by open-government advocates to draw attention to a need for accessibility and accountability in the fight against abuse and waste." (source)

Tracy Press: You have right to know, and why

"Sunshine Week is a nationwide initiative to continue the discussion about the importance of transparency at all levels of government and freedom of information. It is about your right to know what your government is doing, and why.

It began seven years ago when journalists in Florida launched Sunshine Weekend, a coordinated editorial effort to enlighten and empower Floridians to play a more active role in their government. In 2005, the American Society of Newspaper Editors expanded the campaign to all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

During this week, media across our nation have admonished the secrecy in bad government and highlighted the examples where good government has let the “sunshine” in.

A success story happened this week when the House, with support of our congressmen, Democrats Jerry McNerney and Dennis Cardoza, overwhelmingly approved four open-government measures." (source)

"The House of Representatives on March 14 passed four measures during Sunshine Week that promote and preserve open government, including a bill to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act.

"Today, Congress took an important step towards restoring openness and transparency in government," said Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and a co-sponsor of the bills.

"Over the past six years, the Bush administration has done everything it can to operate in secret, to avoid public scrutiny, and to limit congressional oversight. I am pleased that Congress is reversing this course by passing four critically important good government bills with strong bipartisan support," he added.

The bills passed and the votes were: H.R. 1309 (308-117) to strengthen FOIA and improve public access to government information; H.R. 1255 (333-93) to nullify an executive order limiting access to presidential records; H.R. 985 (331-94) granting improved protection to federal whistleblowers; and H.R. 1254 (390-34) to require the release of presidential library donor information.

For more information, including links to the bills, visit the Committee's Web Site." (source)

McNerney Works To Bring Jobs To Ca-11

The Independent: "McNerney Says Green Bill Would Bring Jobs to District"

"This week's edition of The Independent, a weekly newspaper serving Pleasanton, Livermore and Sunol, highlights Congressman Jerry McNerney's support for the PROGRESS ("Program for Real Energy Security Success") Act -- a "bill that will help give the United States more energy independence in the coming years, and create as many as 800,000 jobs"" (source)

Bulletin: McNerney bill may help Manteca wetlands plan

Manteca Bulletin: McNerney bill may help Manteca wetlands plan

"Congressman Jerry McNerney’s proposed Healthy Communities Water Act of 2007 could provide critical funding for an innovated Manteca proposal to create wetlands using reclaimed wastewater.

The plan being championed by Mayor Willie Weatherford would divert reclaimed wastewater from the municipal treatment plant to 200 acres designated as open space in southwest Manteca near the San Joaquin River.


The bill — McNerney’s first — passed the House last week on a 368 to 59 vote.

“My bill creates a grant program that allows cities and water agencies to apply for money to do innovative and creative water projects,” McNerney said. “Based on what Mayor Weatherford and other city officials told me when I met with them last month, Manteca’s proposal to use recycled water to create wetlands in the city sounds like it would qualify. I’d encourage the city to apply and would work with city officials during the application process and through the (Environmental Protection Agency’s) eventual decision. This is an example of one of the benefits of the Healthy Communities Water Supply Act. It lets local officials decide what works best for them.”" (source)

Guy Houston: Another Richard Pombo?

CCTimes: "Democrats ... point to Houston's unresolved legal troubles in a case involving seniors who say they were defrauded by Houston and his father as a sign of possible ethics problems, an issue that helped defeat Republicans nationwide in 2006.

...critics say he votes lockstep with conservative and business interests.

An analysis of his campaign contributions from the last election appears to support his critics' views. Nearly 60 percent of the $1.4 million he raised came from developers and related industries, and political organizations.


Houston twice voted no on legislation to raise the minimum wage and opposed the state's 2006 global warming bill." (source)