Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ca-11 Around The Blogosphere

Lots of good blogging going on. Welcome to new visitors to Progressive 11th from Calitics & SNTP.

Record/Hank Shaw: CD 11: Enter the DCCC (source)

Daily Kos: CA-11: A GOP firewall race? (source)

Daily Kos: CA-11: Defeat Pombo Day of Action TOMORROW (source)

Jerry's Blog: Pombo, Running Scared, Refuses to Release Polls (source)

SNTP: McNerney Flips the Script on Pombo in Tracy (source)

Jerry's Blog: Join Julia: Get a Yard Sign! (source)

Daily Kos: CA-11: Receiving a personal note from the Candidate (source)

Daily Kos: CA-11, Phone Banking For McNerney (source)

DailyKos/Cook: CA-11 (Pombo): Likely Republican to Lean Republican (source)

SSP/CQ: CA-11 (Pombo-R v. McNerney-D): Republican Favored to Leans Republican (source)

Daily Kos: Western Judges in Rebellion on Resource Issues (source)


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