Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ca-11 News Update

Jerry McNerney

"In August and September, the National Republican Campaign Committee spent half a million dollars attacking Jerry McNerney. Richard Pombo added hundreds of thousands more in negative advertising. But it was McNerney, not Pombo, whose odds improved. In early October, all four of the nation's most respected nonpartisan political analysts, Charlie Cook, Chuck Todd, Stuart Rothenberg, and Larry Sabato, upgraded the likelihood of a McNerney victory. Public polls confirm the incumbent Republican is vulnerable, showing Pombo with high unfavorable and low reelect numbers. According to polls, McNerney has despite Republican spending caught Pombo and the two are now in a statistical dead heat.

On Sunday, McNerney filed a fundraising report with the Federal Elections Commission that demonstrated his continued strength as a fundraiser, bringing in more than $712,200 in the third quarter – a Democratic record for the district – without the help of a sitting President. At the end of September, McNerney had raised more than $1.16 million overall and had nearly $334,000 cash on hand. In the two weeks since, the campaign has brought in an additional $250,000, raising its sum total to more than $1.41 million.

• 98% percent of third quarter contributions came from individuals.

• 4558 people contributed to Jerry McNerney's campaign in the third quarter.

• The average third quarter contribution size was $129.52." (source)

PITY POMBO: MCNERNEY GAINS DESPITE REPUBLICAN SPENDING - McNerney tops all previous Pombo challengers in a single quarter, surpasses $1.4 million overall

Pombo's challenger steps up campaign - McNerney welcomes support from House Democrats, conservation groups

THE CHRONICLE RECOMMENDS Replace Pombo with McNerney

CA-11: Not Just Tilting at Windmills Anymore

Richard Pombo

"Newt nods. He shifts his gaze to Sen. Pete Domenici and Rep. Richard Pombo. They're dressed as giant oil drums, in homage to their chief benefactors -- and beneficiaries -- on Capitol Hill." (source)

"Richard W. Pombo (R-Tracy), a seven-term congressman who appears to have a vendetta against the environment, has tried repeatedly to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act. He has proposed selling federal wilderness for a pittance to mining interests. His latest bill wouldn't just open up vast stretches of the coast to drilling, it would slash the royalties that companies must pay for shale-oil leases, potentially costing taxpayers billions of dollars. And then there's his tarnished ethics record, which earned him a spot on a watchdog group's list of the 13 most corrupt members of Congress last year." (source)

Pombo transformed both his Campaign & House Resources Committeee Tax-Payer Funded Website Into Political Propaganda Pages just in time for the election.

Pombo bill could bring him benefits

L.A. Times editorial: Pombo a "Congressman We Could Do Without"

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave. Starring Richard Pombo

Pombo stymied over Species Act

Tales From The FEC Expense Records

CA-11: LTEs to Pombo's Hometown Paper

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