Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jerry McNerney: Giving Thanks

Congressman-Elect Jerry McNerney: Giving Thanks (for DFA):

"We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

With your help and the support of Democracy for America, I just unseated Republican Richard Pombo, an entrenched 14-year incumbent who tried to undermine decades of environmental progress as Chair of the powerful House Resources Committee.

This was a people-powered victory that you helped make possible by volunteering and contributing to our campaign for change. Back in June, when the pundits and power-brokers didn't think we could defeat one of Washington's most powerful congressmen, you cast thousands of votes to help me win DFA's 2006 "Grassroots All-Star" online congressional competition, providing us with the crucial early funding and buzz we needed to compete and win in November.

I give thanks to DFA and everyone who helped our amazing campaign demonstrate that grassroots (and netroots) organizing works, no matter the political odds.

Now, on this Thanksgiving, we can continue to move America forward by helping the neediest have enough to eat.

The U.S. Agriculture Department just released the annual report that measures Americans' access to food. The study found that 35 million Americans didn't have enough money or resources to get food last year. In South Carolina, the number of people without food increased by almost 50% from 1998.

The Bush administration would like to wallpaper over these facts, by first delaying the report until after the elections and then deleting the word "hunger" and replacing it with the term "very low food security." They seem to think hunger in America should be swept under the rug with an Orwellian name change rather than change policy based on the facts.

Despite this turn away from reality, we can help those without food right now, in time for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season.

Please donate canned goods to your local community food bank. You can find a charitable organization near you here:

In some places, your local church or grocery store may also accept food goods, clothing and toys.

With your dedication and commitment to change, we are turning our country around. Now, let's take action locally by giving what we can this Thanksgiving.

Thank you for everything you do to bring America together.

Jerry McNerney Congressman-Elect California's 11th District" (source)


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