Saturday, November 18, 2006

Post Election News Round Up

Jerry Wins!

"On Tuesday, November 7, Jerry McNerney declared victory in the campaign for the 11th Congressional District seat held by Richard Pombo. Before hundreds of supporters at the Victory Party in San Ramon, McNerney thanked his amazing volunteers. "Look where we are now. We're on the cusp of changing the direction of this country, a mighty country. And we're going to change it for the good. We're going to work together to make this world a better and safer place. And you all have been a very big part of this. I thank every single one of you."" (source)

Record: McNerney topples Pombo in close House race

TracyPress: Pombo defeated

SacBee: Pombo meets his Waterloo

SFChron: McNerney ousts seven-term Rep. Pombo

SNTP: Resounding Victory for Jerry

Jerry McNerney

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"The "Jerry McNerney for Congress" sign outside his campaign headquarters has been crossed out. Somebody's scrawled in red: "U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney!"

The exclamation point of amazement says it all.

On Tuesday, McNerney, a little-known Democrat with a math Ph.D. but no experience in elected office, shoved out one of California's most powerful Republican incumbents even though nobody thought he could.
" (source)

From Congressman-Elect Jerry McNerney: "A Very Big Thank You" (and video from our victory party)

CalChron: Congressman-Elect Jerry McNerney Selected to Represent N. California on Steering & Policy Committee

SJ Merc: `Giant-killer' on Capitol Hill - DEMOCRAT WHO BEAT POMBO FINDS A WARM WELCOME

AP: It's 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' for Calif Democrat McNerney

Record: Congressman-elect talks issues over bacon and eggs

SFChron: Pombo foe says Bush visit clinched his win

Richard Pombo

SNTP: Pombo concedes, but looks to "reform" ESA in lame duck session

Record: Pombo: 'I wouldn't have changed a thing'

NBC: Abramoff scandal takes a midterms toll

TracyPress: Pombo’s advice to McNerney: stay true to yourself

SacBee: Pombo soon to head home /ModBee: Pombo's future up in the air / CCTimes: Pombo begins transition back to civilian life

Grist: Rep. Richard "Dick" Pombo ...

More Post Election

Defenders of Wildlife: POMBO LOSES! - " The most significant electoral victory for the environmental movement in decades."

SacBee: New goals surface after Pombo's loss

Tri-Valley Herald: Pombo's defeat recharges environmental movement

Salon: The meaning of Pombo


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