Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pombo Is A Victim, Just Like Tom Delay and George W. Bush

I love it when they blame the consequences of their actions on the Democrats, on the media, on anybody else, in attempts to avoid personal responsibility and accountability.

It's the Democrats fault George Bush allowed extremist neo-conservatives to control White House foreign policy and drive us into Iraq after 9/11 without enough troops, without sufficient armor for our troops and their vehicles, and most troubling, without a plan.

It's the Democrats fault Tom Delay, "The Hammer," has been admonished 3 separate times by the ethics committee, that he's been recently indicted, and that he's got significant ties to Jack Abramoff.

It's the Democrats fault that Richard Pombo has joined with Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, George Bush, and others in the Republican Culture of Corruption in Washington. Pombo's excepted the same dirty money, the same special interests money, and he's consistently voted and legislated wherever that money has taken him and with Tom Delay and George Bush -from selling national parks and Alaskan drilling, to refusal to investigate Abramoff's ties to Indian tribes and pay to play politics.

I like the money trail just among the Delay, Abramoff, Cunningham, and Pombo. Abramoff Donates to Delay, Abramoff Donates to Pombo, Delay Donates to Pombo, Pombo donates to Delay, Cunningham Donates to Delay, Cunningham Donates to Pombo.

Anyways, the rant was for a reason.

"Since I became chairman of the resources committee, I've become a bigger target," said Rep. Pombo, "and nationally, that has put me on the radar screen for the Democratic party and anything they can do to tie me down here at home they're going to try to do." (More-At-Source)

There's a video there too that cbs5 did including clips of and with Pombo and McCloskey. Enjoy.

Congressman, maybe the reason you're a "target" is because people see you destroying the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we love in the name of big oil, corporate special interests, and the Republicans Culture of Corruption and don't particularly care for it. Maybe people have had it with Pombo-Delay-Bush style politics and want accountability and change.

Here's some of those meanies "targeting" the poor guy.

SanJoaquinNewsService: Group blames Pombo for national parks decline

"The serenity of the national park experience is being ruined by creeping commercialism, rules that allow snowmobiles and motorboats, and lack of oversight from Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, according to a pair of local activists.

Bill Wade, chairman of the 500-person Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, says America's national parks are being overly commercialized and are run in a way that harms wildlife. " (Source)

SacBee: Calaveras rancher jumps to support Endangered Species Act - Protecting a threatened frog hasn't hurt his business, he says.

"It took a frog to make Calaveras County rancher Danny Pearson hop on an airplane.

Pearson runs cattle on his family's ranch near Burson, off a dirt road east of San Andreas. In his 42 years, he has never found occasion to fly. He's never registered with any political party, and he's certainly never lobbied Congress.

Until now.


"Pombo has done an excellent job of portraying this as a bad, bad thing," Pearson said of the Endangered Species Act. "I think it's a good thing."" (Source)

Press Release: McCloskey Roasts Pombo on Global Warming

"In a speech to war veterans in Danville, and to the CaliforniaRepublican Assembly in Morgan Hill in the evening. former CongressmanPete McCloskey commended Governor Schwarzenegger's just-releasedGlobal Action Plan to address global climate change. McCloskey drewsharp contrast between the Governor's Plan and the oft-stated positionof Congressman Richard Pombo that "There is no evidence of man-madeglobal warming," a statement Pombo published in a press release in2002 and has never modified. " The science of global warming waswell-established in 2002, and is even clearer today," McCloskey said.


"Pombo has consistently voted against higher standards for vehicleemissions, and has taken millions in contributions from oil companiesand tobacco companies, more than nearly any other Californiacongressman, despite a recent study that air quality in his homecounty, San Joaquin County, is the second worst in California. It isestimated to cost $3 billion a year from asthma attacks, prematuredeaths, lost work days, school absences and hospital admissions, "saidMcCloskey.


""Pombo's refusal to recognize that global -warming is real makes him adangerous threat to the health of San Joaquin County residents," McCloskey said. " It isn't enough that he wants to privatize much ofthe remaining federal land in Northern California, sell off 15National Parks for development, make 11 million undocumented workersfelons and deport them, this man is a threat to the enjoyment of goodhealth by all of us." "As several of his Tracy neighbors told me lastweek, it is time for Pombo to return to his farm as he promised hewould do after 12 years in Congress when he ran for election in 1992,"McCloskey concluded."" (Source)


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