Monday, April 17, 2006

First Quarter Fundraising

Here are the first quarter fundraising numbers from an AP article:

Richard Pombo
326k Q1

"Pombo's donors included Indian tribes, oil, gas and electrical companies and others - many from outside California - whose concerns fall under his committee's jurisdiction. They included the Jicarilla Apache Tribe of New Mexico, the Kerr-McGee political action committee, the American Gas Association, the American Forest and Paper association, and the Anadarko Petroleum Corp. of Houston." (source)

Pete McCloskey
205k Q1
176k COH
-68k Debt

"Quarterly reports filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveal that Republican congressional candidate Pete McCloskey raised more money from individual contributors than 7-term incumbent Congressman Richard Pombo, R-Tracy. But Pombo far out-raised McCloskey in total contributions for the quarter ending March 31, because he received a huge influx of contributions from corporate, industry group, and other special interests represented by political action committees (PACs)." (source)

Steve Filson
134k Q1
125k COH
-35k Debt

Steve Filson, fell well short of the $200,000 he said he was going to have on hand and continues to spend a lot of money. In fact he only increased his COH by like 22k (not including the 35k debt) over what he started with. He's basically spent what he's brought in again and added some debt. The AP article also points out contributions from Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel's PAC.

Jerry McNerney
65k Q1
81k COH

Jerry McNerney, as a result of fiscal responsibility and a 25% increase in fundraising over the last quarter has been able to keep up with Filson, without the DCCC and DLC money and with 75% (750) small donors.

If you subtract Steve Filson's debt from his COH he's got 90k in real money, take away 6k that he can't spend until after the primary, and he's got 84k (3k more then McNerney.) Both candidates are going into the primary with about the same amount of cash and neither will likely be able to do radio or tv, or truly flood the district with mailers. Steve Filson will have to spend to do a lot of what McNerney's campaign has and will do without spending funds as far as the ground game is considered and McNerney isn't spending anywhere near as much as Filson's campaign is on overhead or in general. I imagine it'll come down to GOTV/ground-game, and on name recognition, voter contact, and mailers. Thanks to Jerry McNerney's +'s and Steve Filson's -'s; I like our chances.


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