Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Endorsements For McNerney

"SEIU Endorses McNerney for Congress

The California State Council of the Service Employees International Union, SEIU announced their endorsement of the McNerney for Congress campaign for California’s 11 th District. SEIU represents 600,000 people in California and the SEIU locals have a strong membership presence in the 11th District.

“We voted to endorse Jerry because he shares our commitment to the working families of our country. He cares deeply about fully funding education including Head Start programs. And Jerry will work tirelessly in Congress to make universal healthcare a reality,” said Andrea Colavita Pinkham, Valley Political Organizer for SEIU 790.

“With our endorsement, between now and Election Day the SEIU locals will be working on the ground and on the phones to help Jerry end Pombo Politics and restore honesty, integrity, and accountability to Washington,” added Colavita Pinkham.”" (source)


The East Bay Young Democrats -- a thriving group of young party activists under the age of 36 -- enthusiastically endorsed Jerry on Monday night, adding yet another Democratic organization to our long list of community endorsements. Receiving a Young Dems endorsement is more difficult than most endorsements, as it requires a favorable vote from at least two-thirds of the eligible voters. Despite the high threshold, the Young Dems voted for Jerry overwhelmingly, demonstrating that they believe Jerry is the best candidate to defeat Richard Pombo in November. Then, on Tuesday, DFA Tracy also endorsed Jerry overwhelmingly. DFA Tracy is just one of hundreds of Democracy for America chapters across the country changing America one precinct at a time." (From Email)


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