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Pombo Buses in Support from Out-Of-State Corporate Special Interests

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAside from Big Developer Money, Richard Pombo continues to rake in loads of special interest money from Big Oil, Big Business, Big Pharmaceuticals, the Chemical Industry, Corporate Lobbyists, & Tribal Gaming -according to his latest FEC filing.

Pombo raised 295287.88 from PAC's alone this period & 1324930.58 from PACs this cycle-to-date.

Richard Pombo is supposed to Represent the 11th C.D -California. So why are so many out-of-state special interest funding his reelection campaign?

Notable Contributions - From FEC Filing


Jeanne Mitchell (ExxonMobil Lobbyist) - 1000.00

ChevronTexaco Employees PAC - 10000.00

Lisa Barry (Md-ChevronTexaco-Exec.) - 2500.00

Dan Fager (Va-Chevron-Manager) - 500.00

Alliant Energy PAC (Wi) - 1000.00

Kerr-McGee Corp. PAC (Ok)- 5000.00

Chesapeake Energy Corp. Federal PAC - 1000.00

Independent Oil Producers' Agency PAC - 125.00

American Gas Assoc. PAC (DC) - 6000.00

David Parker (Va-American Gas Assoc.-Pres.) - 1000.00

Murray Energy PAC (Oh) - 5000.00

David Jamison - Murray Energy (Oh) - 300.00

Robert Murray - Murray Energy (Oh-Pres.) - 2100.00

Douglas Smith - (Ut-Utah American Energy -Exec.) - 300.00

PG&E Corp. Energy PAC - 8000.00

Valero Political Act (Tx) - 6500.00

Tesoro Petroleum Corp. PAC - 2000.00

General Electric Company PAC (DC) - 6000.00

William Whitsitt (Va) - Domestic Petroleum Council (Pres.) - 300.00

Big Business

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. PAC (Ak) - 3000.00

National Beer Wholesalers Assoc. PAC (Va) - 10000.00

Marathon Oil Company Employees PAC (Oh) - 5000.00

PAC for Employees of the Dow Chemical Co. - 4000.00

The GlaxoSmithKline PAC (Nc) - 2000.00

Interstate Natural Gas Assoc. of America PAC - 2000.00

Realtors PAC (Il) -10000.00

PAC for Employees of the Dow Chemical Co. (Mi) - 4000.00

RJReynolds P.A.C. (Nc) - 6000.00

Lyondell Chemical Co. PAC (DC) - 2000.00


Peter Smith (Ct)- Rome Smith Assoc. - 1000.00

Richard Alcalde - Potomac Partners - 1000.00

Christopher Eckl - Sullivan & Worcester -250.00

W. Roger Gwinn (DC) - The Ferguson Group

Joseph L. Raeder (DC) - The Ferguson Group -2500.00

William Hanka (DC) - The Ferguson Group

William Jarrell (Va) - Preston Bates Ellis - 2000.00

Jeanne Mitchell (Va) - ExxonMobil Corp. - 1000.00

Paula Timmons (Va) - AT&T - 1000.00

Steven McKnight (Va) - The Rhoads Group -250.00

Thomas Pyle (DC) - The Rhoads Group - 2000.00

Colin Chapman (Va) - The Rhoads Group - 1000.00

Thomas P. Walters (Va) - Homberger and Walters - 1500.00

Tribal Gaming

The Mohegan Tribe (Ct) - 2100.00

Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla (Palm Springs) - 2000.00

Jamestown S'Kallam Tribe - 1000.00

Carolyn Medeiros (Wa-Cons.) - Cowlitz Indian Tribe - 4100.00

Carolee Morris (Wa-Admin.) - Cowlitz Indian Tribe - 2100.00

Nancy Osborne (Or-Secr.) - Cowlitz Indian Tribe - 2100.00

Tule River Tribal Council - 4100.00

Matthew Franklin (Ione Band of Miwok Indians-Chair) - 3100.00

The Ute Indian Tribe (Va) - 1500.00

Mitchell Etess (Ct) - Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority (CEO) - 1000.00

Marisa Hartmann (Ct) - Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority - 1000.00

Charles Bunnell (Ut) - The Mohegan Tribe (COS) -1384.11

Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Na - 1500.00

Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe (Or)- 1000.00

(source: FEC)

Other FEC Filing Suprises

*Pombo Recieved a $1,000 Contribution for Representative Jim Kolbe of Arizona. Back in 2000 Rep. Kolbe was warned of and saw first hand Mark Foley's predatory behavior. Kolbe like Hastert & Reynolds did nothing. As if that weren't enough, Rep. Kolbe is now under Federal investigation for a camping trip he took with pages back in 1996.

*Fishy Money - Pombo recieved lots of campaign contributions from Seafood, Fishery, & Fishing related industries - Contributors: Marcus Alden & F. Gregory Baker (Westward Seafoods), Michael Atterberry (Alaska Ocean Seafood), David Benson (Trident Seafoods ), John Bundy (Glacier Fish Co.), Craig Cross (Aleutian Spray Fisheries), William Dewey, William Taylor (Taylor Shellfish Farms ), Kevin Duffy (At-Sea Processors Assoc. ), Lance Farr & Kristian Poulsen (Alaska Crab Coalition), Ralph Hoard (Icile Seafoods ), Gordon Lindquist (Alaska General Seafoods ), Hua Ngo (H&N Fish ), Mark Palmer (Ocean Beauty Seafood ), Walter Pereyra (Fisheries ), Dennis Phelan (Pacific Seafood Processors Assoc.), Lori Swanson (Groundfish Forum ), William Taylor (Taylor Shellfish), Kristian Uri (Fishermen's Finest), F. Joseph Bersch, III (supreme alaska foods), Richard Martin (red chamber/fisheries) (Source)

*"Pombo’s wife, Annette, is still on the payroll, having received $9,000 during the reporting period." (source)

*"Some of you may remember reading about Steven Ding earlier this year when his dual political roles stirred up a controversy. Ding serves as the House Resources Committee Chief of Staff, for which the taxpayers pay him an annual salary of $150,000; simultaneously, Ding serves Richard Pombo’s Congressional Chief of Staff, where he is paid a nominal fee of $100/month plus travel expenses. The only problem is that Ding holds down these two high-profile Washington jobs (putting in 80-90 hour work weeks) while living in Stockton. He has spent the last three years commuting to DC at taxpayer expense ($87,000 over and above his base salary during the last three years).

Well, Ding must be one helluva multi-tasker because while doing all that, Pombo also just paid him $20,000 over a 30-day period for “political consulting.” Oh, and he threw down another $2,643.32 to Ding’s wife Shannon for travel and fundraising expenses. But, hey, that’s what friends are for, right?" (source)


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