Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pombo Caught Red Handed Video - An Excerpt

Pombo got caught Red Handed and off-guard. He looks noticeably uncomfortable and comes off as arrogant and suprised in the video. I typed out a couple of the questions and Pombo's answers to them.

Watch This Video. Watch It Again If you Have Already. Or Pass It On To Friends and Family.

Here is an excerpt:

Patriot # 1: "Congressman Pombo, Why are you known as one of the 13 most corrupt members of Congress?"

Congressman Richard Pombo (Exxon-Mobil): "..."

Patriot # 2: "Congressman Pombo, Are you going to respond to your constituents concerns?"

Congressman Richard Pombo (Exxon-Mobil): "..."

Watch The Video - Pass It On.

Why Wont Congressman Pombo Meet With His Own Constituents?


Blogger Matt said...


That video's pretty tight. Too bad the main character's so fugly. :P

11:46 PM  

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