Friday, August 25, 2006

Pombo / McNerney News Round Up

Richard Pombo

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Jerry McNerney/DailyKos: Bush gives Pombo "The Squeeze" (source)

McNerney for Congress: Handing out Big Tobacco checks on the House floor? - Why is John Boehner raising money for Richard Pombo? (source)

"Perhaps it’s because Boehner -- who replaced the disgraced Tom DeLay as House Majority Leader earlier this year -- shares the same ethical challenges as Pombo.

On Friday, Boehner is coming to Stockton to raise some big dough for Pombo. Pombo knows he’s in deep trouble and needs all the help he can get, even from a man (Boehner) who is infamous for
handing out checks from Big Tobacco on the floor of the House of Representatives.

No joke. According to the Washington Post, Boehner “handed out checks from tobacco lobbyists on the House floor in 1995 while lawmakers were weighing tobacco subsidies.” Boehner stopped handing out the checks only after two fellow Republicans, "appalled by it," confronted him
." (More-At-Source)

The Record: Not a representative meeting - Record readers take issue with Richard Pombo (source)

The Record: Incumbency has its privileges for Pombo (source)

SayNoToPombo: Pombo Transforms Himself Into Mr. Transportation (source)

SayNoToPombo: Pombo: GOP Incumbent In Danger (source)

Jerry McNerney

"I'm not a politician. I've spent my career developing wind energy technology. Like many Americans, my concern for the direction of our country has deepened over the last six years, with the tipping point coming in 2004 when I received a life-changing call from my son Michael. He called from his Air Force post to tell me his primary absentee ballot did not list a Democrat running against Pombo. He told me that he was going to write in my name and then asked me to run. Michael said he was doing his duty and it was time for me to do mine. I decided, that if no one else was willing to stand up against Pombo to fight for the future of America, then I would take up the challenge.

To the surprise of many pundits and power-brokers, I captured more votes in the general election than any other opponent Richard Pombo had ever faced. I did that, and won a competitive contested primary in June, by telling people the truth: that we can't drill our way to energy independence, that those who have served our country deserve our steadfast support, and that we owe our citizens more than the culture of corruption and greed that has gripped our nation's capital.
" (More-At-Source)

SwingStateProject: Netroots August Fundraising Push: Support Jerry McNerney (source)

McNerney for Congress: Walk and phone for Jerry this weekend! (source)

Kid Oakland: Angelides, Bowen, McNerney and the grassroots angels (source)

Gilroy Dispatch: South County Democrats Hold Picnic: Speakers Urge Participation (source)


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