Saturday, August 26, 2006

Jerry McNerney Live Blogging This Morning (Sat. @ 11AM)

DownWithTyranny at Daily Kos: "tomorrow is Jerry McNerney Day at Firedoglake's Blue America series. Jerry will be joining us for a two hour live blogging session at 11 AM (West Coast time). Feel free to come along and ask Jerry whatever you'd like and see for yourself the difference between a Dirty Dick Pombo and an actual people's candidate." (source)

The DWT blog in which the above was posted is worth reading as is This Kid Oakland entry also at DailyKos.

SwingStateProject: Netroots August Fundraising Push: Support Jerry McNerney (source)

McNerney for Congress: Walk and phone for Jerry this weekend! (source)


Blogger I want Clean Air said...

Now that California's leaders have agreed to the California Global Warming Solutions Act, it is time that we focus on the key Congressional elections. This is certainly one of them

I have a post about this at the IwantCleanAir site

12:22 PM  

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