Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"GovernorPhil.com, a people powered website to elect next CA-Gov, Launches!"

The headline is from the GovernorPhil.com website launch announcment posted at Calitics.

"Inspired by Raising Kaine in Virginia, that helped elect Tim Kaine governor of Virginia (and soon, Jim Webb), and Lamont blog which recently helped win the nomination for Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic primary.

GovernorPhil.com is another in a series of people powered grassroots websites. In this case put together by a dedicated group of blogosphere types..." (More-At-Source)

Governor Phil - grassroots reporting on the road to a new California - www.governorphil.com

DNC Blog: "California Democrats have a new place to turn to for news about Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides: GovernorPhil.com

The site is a group project of local California Bloggers who, "created this site to serve as a place where California voters could learn more about Phil and engage in the 2006 Governor’s race, and we invite you to join the discussion and debate."" (source)


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