Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Endorsements and Promotions

Some recent endorsements and a promotion I wanted to point out:

"Tri-Valley Democratic Club Endorses McNerney" (Source)

"VPO endorses Republican Pete McCloskey for June 6th Primary" (Source)

"Pombo on the Ag Committee" (Source)

-Since everybody is doing endorsements right now as the primaries approach, I guess I'll do the same.

Progressive 11th Blog Endorses Jerry McNerney for Congress.

I've been openly supportive of Jerry McNerney since the inception of this blog and very much so skeptical of Steve Filson and the way he was dropped on us by the DCCC. As stated initially, the goal of this blog is to help create a more progressive 11th congressional district.

Despite the fact that I voted for Jerry McNerney in 2004, I tried to keep an open mind about the various candidates who entered and exited the race and have tried to keep in mind the goal of a progressive 11th.

We've had some truly remarkable progressive candidates in the race besides Jerry McNerney; Margee Ensign, Scott Chacon, Steve Thomas, and even Pete McCloskey. Each of them in my opinion have their advantages and disadvantages, but none of the Democratic candidates in the race have been able to come close to Jerry McNerney as far as the Strength, Activeness, and Organization of his Grassroots Campaign and Support (Small Donors, volunteers, Energy, Name Recognition, Diverse/Broad Coalition), as far as Vision for the 11th CD and America (Energy Independence, Clean Energy/Environment, Job Creation, Lobbying Reform), Character (Honesty, Integrity, Principle) and Positions On the Issues (Labor, Environment, Healthcare, Foreign Policy, Reproductive Freedom).

Steve Filson was supposed to have an advantage as a result of being chosen by the Democratic Party establishment, this hasn't proven to be true at any level. Jerry McNerney has earned the support of the party grassroots, local Democratic clubs, progressives, and labor (just compare endorsement pages.) He's been competitive as far as fundraising, without help from the establishment, the DLC, the DCCC, or Washington insiders, and with small, grassroots contributions. He's built an effective campaign from the ground up, the way it should be and has empowered and inspired countless activists and vollunteers, including my self. Jerry McNerney is the Strong, Principled, Progressive Democrat in the race, Progressive 11th Blog Supports him for the Democratic Primary and Beyond encourages others to join and/or support Jerry McNerney for Congress as the Democratic Candidate to take on Richard Pombo.

Visit Jerry McNerney's webpage.
Volunteer for Jerry McNerney for Congress.
Contribute to Jerry McNerney for Congress.


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