Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Candidate Filing Statuses Tell Story

The California Secretary of State's website has the recent candidate filing statuses up for the June 6 primary election.

First off, the McNerney campaign's grassroots strength is evident in the fact that Jerry McNerney has topped the list in the number of signatures in lieu of filing fee collected for house races in California with 1661 signatures collected. The filing status listed for McNerney is qualified.

Steve Thomas, Pete McCloskey, Richard Pombo, and Tom Benigno have also all qualified. With the exception of Jerry McNerney who collected the most signatures (for house races, statewide), the other 5 candidates chose to pay the $1600 filing fee or the majority of it.

This is where it starts to get interesting. Steve Filson did not collect a single signature in lieu of filing fee. (*as earlier sec of state update) That's not that interesting, right? Perhaps he preferred to pay $1,600 instead of walking precincts to collect signatures like the other candidates. Fair enough, he's not necessarily running grassroots operation like McNerney anyways.

Here's where it gets more interesting. It also takes 40-60 nomination signatures to qualify. No problem, right? Steve Filson only has 14 nominating signatures. Whether from inability to find 40 supporters or sloppyness, it doesn't help his perception problem. His status is currently listed as pending. I called the Secretary of State's office and they said he was short and only had 14, but that they had just recieved 37 signatures that were about to be entered in to the computer system.

Screen shot 12:30 am update.

*As I was about to publish this, I checked again for an update. According the Secretary of State's Website, "As of 3/15/06 5:00 p.m." it looks like Filson turned in 37, NOT nominating signatures, but 37 signatures in lieu of filing fee, which can be used as nominating signatures. If this is accurate, the fact of the matter is that Filson couldn't get 40 nominating signatures.

After 5 PM Update:

screen shot of 5pm update

Filing Status As of 5pm 3/15
Filing Status As of 12:30am 3/15

*Update: The latest update from the secretary of states website is up, "As of 3/16/06 9:30 a.m".
According to this update, Filson has now qualified, and has 37 signatures in lieu of filing fee, as well as 40 nominating signatures.


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