Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wes Clark to Endorse Steve Filson

According to Nick Juliano's blog (Tracy Press), Wes Clark will endorse Steve Filson. As Juliano points out, this is a high profile endorsement. It'll be interesting to see how much Clark campaigns for Filson before the June Primary, whether this endorsement comes with money from Clark's Securing America PAC, and whether Clark supporters will follow. In 2004, Clark supporters as well as Dean supporters, were very much so active in trying to get John Kerry elected, as well as in supporting Jerry McNerney for Congress, locally and nationally. Although Clark is certainly in touch with his supporters and the democratic and progressive grassroots and netroots, he's another establishment figure to add to Filson's list of top heavy support. Clark has become a key consultant for party leaders on foreign policy and the war in Iraq.


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