Thursday, March 16, 2006

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-"Democratic candidates to be at March 20 forum"
CCTimes: The Tri-Valley Democratic Club will host a forum March 20 for eight Democratic candidates in the region's contested Assembly, Senate and congressional primary races.
Congressional District 11's Democratic primary features three challengers, none of whom have served in public office: Steve Filson, Gerald McNerney and Steve Thomas.The winner would take on seven-term incumbent Richard Pombo, R-Tracy., who has two primary opponents, including former Peninsula congressman Pete McCloskey Jr. and Thomas Benigno. A Libertarian, Ralph Hoffman, also has filed candidacy papers.
The event begins at 7 p.m., March 20, at the IBEW Hall, 6250 Village Parkway in Dublin. For more information, call 925-443-3366. (More...-At-Source)

-"Congressman Pombo's Traveling Help Desk Will Be In Tracy"

I got a letter in the mail from my dear congressman. Pombo staff will be answering questions and listening to individuals concerns on a variety of issues on March 27 (11am-1pm) at the Tracy Community Center (300 E. 11th St. - Main Hall), in Tracy.

-"Religious Leaders Launch Campaign to Rescue Endangered Species Act from Congressional Dismantling"
"A multi-faith alliance of religious leaders that includes leading Evangelical Christians as well as Jews and Protestants today launched a national print, radio, and television advertising campaign alerting people of faith to potential dismantling of the Endangered Species Act, America ’s modern-day ark to save God’s creatures." (Source)

Noah Alliance Press Release Available Here.

-Nearly 6000 American Scientists Claim "Science in The Endangered Species Act is Threatened" Under Pombo Rewrite.
"Over 5,700 scientists with biological expertise from across the county
have joined an important effort to ensure that the Endangered Species Act
(ESA)—the cornerstone of the United States' most basic environmental protections—continues to conserve biodiversity by using the best available science. The Letter from Biologists to the U.S. Senate Concerning Science in the Endangered Species Act highlights the importance of independent scientific principles that are critical to species

As legislation makes its way through Congress that could severely undermine the ESA's scientific principles, a strong, unified statement from biological experts and letters from activists to the U.S. Senate helps protect the
ESA's scientific underpinnings and ensure that endangered species policy and practice will continue to conserve biodiversity." (Source)

Read The Letter Here.

-Pombo's Private Trips
According to the Contra Costa Times, Pombo;
"took two trips worth more than $16,000 paid for by a foundation run and funded by commercial hunting and fishing interests.

That organization, called the International Foundation for the
Conservation of Natural Resources, sent Pombo on a five-day trip to New Zealand in 2000 for an international wildlife conference and to a Japan whaling convention in 2002.

In return for the payment, Pombo delivered speeches to an arm of the
foundation that consisted of various leaders interested in promoting
international policies of sustainable fishing and hunting.

"I was planning on attending these conferences anyway," Pombo said,
"and rather than bill the taxpayers, this foundation agreed to pay. I didn't see anything wrong with it."" (Source)

-"Panel chief clears Pombo aide's travel"
"Ding qualifies for reimbursement of travel from California to Washington because "it is travel away from home," chairman Rep. Vernon J. Ehlers, R-Michigan, wrote...
The aide, Steven J. Ding, is chief of staff to the House Resources
Committee, which Pombo, R-Tracy, chairs. Ding has spent roughly $87,000 on airfare, lodging and food on travel between California and Capital Hill since Pombo became resources chairman in 2003.
Still at issue are several years of Ding's financial disclosure statements, which he said in January contained inaccurate information about his outside political consulting work. The house Ethics Committee has yet to comment on the matter." (More...-At-Source)

-Also, there's some good recent blogs at Pombo Watch, Say No To Pombo, Down With Tyranny and Jerry McNerney's Blog.


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