Thursday, March 09, 2006

'Some Clark backers upset by endorsement'

I saw this coming...

The Hill: Some Clark backers upset by endorsement

"Retired Gen. Wesley Clark's endorsement of Democratic congressional candidate Steve Filson on Monday has caused ripples within the ranks of former Clark volunteers who support Filson's primary opponent, Jerry McNerney.

McNerney ran as a last-minute, write-in Democratic candidate in 2004 against Rep. Richard Pombo (R), helped largely by efforts of volunteers from East Bay for Clark. The grassroots organization's 900 members worked on Clark's unsuccessful bid for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination.

"Those that I have spoken with range from outraged to confused to bewildered that this has happened," said Claire Nelson, a former fundraiser and organizer with East Bay for Clark. "I was very, very much in the Wes Clark camp. He was the most wonderful man until this happened."" (Source)


I'm not sure about Wes Clark's contact info, but here's his WESPAC contact page.


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