Friday, January 06, 2006

More credit where it's due...

DCCC - As was pointed out in a comment in the last 'credit' post, The DCCC isn't done playing petty inside washington politics with our local race. Where are the biography and pictures for Jerry McNerney and Steve Thomas? See Here and Here, compare it to Here. Do only those with friends at the DCCC and in DC get fair and equal opportunity, access, and exposure? Ask them: - (202) 863-1500
I also expect more from the DCCC.

Filson - As SayNoToPombo posted, "Steve Filson posted another diary over at Daily Kos", in what appears to be another poor attempt to 'reach out' to the party netroots.

Abramoff - AP reported that 'Abramoff Pleads Guilty, Will Cooperate'.
WSJ reported that 'he thinks that he can implicate 60 members'


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