Sunday, October 30, 2005

Primary Showdown.

The Possibility of a primary showdown is becoming more and more likely.

When Steve Filson entered the race with backing from the DCCC, it became clear at least to me that a primary showdown was likely going to eventually happen. If the grassroots wanted any say at all in who the democratic candidate would be, if they were going to want someone with some actual grassroots support, with strong progressive-democratic principles; a primary showdown was going to be the only way for the grassroots to be stand up and be heard. I still believe this to be true, while it's not necessarily good for democrats on the whole, it's the democratic process, and I believe in it, and I believe that we will end up with the best candidate after the people get to choose, even if it means waisting some money and resources on infighting. It could send a message to the establishment, the dccc, the dlc, the dnc, democracy for America, and others that the people of the 11th congressional district want to choose their candidate, are paying attention, and are active in our democracy.

Now the field seems to be widening. Say No to Pombo, a good blog on Pombo and the race to unseat him is now reporting that Margee Ensign (is) likely to enter (the) race.

That would be yet another better choice then Filson, who is now raking in big money from as a result of his dccc, dlc, washington connections, and it would force him to perhaps spend some of it on the primary race. Assuming the announced candidates stay in the race, Ensign would join Jerry McNerney, who I am supporting, Scott Chacon, who while running on strong principles, and having a nice looking website, isn't raising any money, and of course Steve Filson, who the DCCC endorsed but didn't endorse, who proudly links to the dlc (my favorate group of corporatists in moderates clothing), and who is the annointed establishment candidate to replace Pombo with Pombo-lite.

While pombo may enjoy seeing the usual Democratic circular firing squad in action, this time locally, atleast we have a very good possibility of coming out with a progressive candidate in the end, a true alternatve to Pombo's now famous lack of ethics problems, charges of corruption, conflicts of interests, and generally anti-environment, anti-labor, pro-big business policies and actions. And let's not forget Pombo isn't out of the clear for a primary show-down himself from Pete McCloskey .


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