Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The evolving race to take on Pombo...

Just as Margee Ensign entered the race, it now appears she has decided to exit. Rumors began flying (see SNTP) a few days ago, then the Tracy Press's Nick Juliano reported that she was "reconsidering her candidacy" and later blogged that "Ensign abandons congressional bid". Say No To Pombo also confirmed it. The blogosphere is awaiting confirmation via her website, (the website strangely enough created by another candidate who recently dropped-out of the race in support of Ensign, Scott Chacon.) The website was down prior to publishing and didn't have any announcement up earlier in the day or evening.

Juliano's Political Notes also indicate that Jerry McNerney has hired an experienced campaign director and that Steve Filson continues to raise big money from the Washington establishment.

Filson's connections to Tauscher, the DLC (to whom he links), the DCCC, and the Washington establishment, have done wonders for his campaign war chest, but he continues to struggle to even create an appearance of real grassroots credibility and support. Filson is far from alone despite not having a lot of grassroots support.

The challenge he faces is a challenge that many of those anointed by the establishment, and particularly those aligned with the dlc on trade, labor, business, war, defense spending, corporate welfare; among other things, and typically against the principles, wishes, and interests of the democratic party grassroots, progressive's, and the working/middle class; also face.

The DLC is notorious amongst progressive's and amongst the democratic party grassroots for compromising on democratic and progressive principals, for seeking to minimize the influence of labor and liberals (unfortunately through corporate funding and attacks on other Democrats,) and for being typically unwilling to stand up to and hold power accountable (including the neo-conservatives, the radical religious right, big business, and corrupt republicans.) They do this under the claim of being somehow moderate or centrist, but when you consider the former republican operatives and the bad corporate habits they brought with them to the dlc, when you follow the money and voting records and stop wondering why some democrats started voting republican lite on trade, taxes, war, the bankruptcy bill, environmental issues, among other things; it's quite clear that this isn't about centrism, or a third way, it's about republican lite, beltway politics as usual, and corporatism-lite, and I find nothing what so ever moderate about any of that, as is evident by my angry run on sentence of a rant (hehe) and by some of what I'm hopefully bringing to light to those who didn't know.

I also want to be clear this is NOT about left versus right despite any attempts to frame the debate as such on the part of the dlc. In fact, 'new' Democrat, Simon Rosenberg of the New Democratic Network to whom the DLC links to, has gone as far as to say that even he's 'joined the insurgency,' in an article on the growing divide between the pro-business DLC and the pro-labor/progressivism Democratic Party grassroots (I'll see if I can track down this quote/article), and pointed out that it's more about 'insiders' and 'outsiders' in another article.

For anyone that wants a decent history lesson on the dlc here's one article and another.

It's obviously early and anything is possible, but I tend to think that a grassroots and volunteers are not things you can easily buy or build. Grassroots support is truly priceless, don't forget who walks precincts, makes phone calls, and vote in the primaries. We are not to be taken for granted. When faced with option of supporting people powered and funded candidates or establishment anointed and funded candidates, for me at least, the choice is fairly easy.

If you'd like to help counter the influence of the DLC and the Washington establishment in the selection of the Democratic candidate for the 11th Congressional District, right now is a perfect time to take action;

I initially posted regarding a matching donor offer over at Say No To Pombo: "Say No To Pombo's ActBlue fundraising page through 12/29 will be matched up to $1,000." -HOWEVER, it has come to my attention that they have "generated $1,535 in contributions from new donors since last Thursday." That is truly a milestone, and hopefully only the beginning of what the netroots, blogs, and online fundraising will bring to the race to unseat Pombo. Congratulations Say No To Pombo!

Feel free still to make a grassroots contribution via Say No To Pombo or Progressive11th ActBlue Funds in support of Jerry McNerney.

Also, a blogger suggested Here that McNerney supporters ask House Minority Leader Pelosi to also contribute $2,000 to McNerney for Congress, since she's decided to give Filson $2,000 despite no formal endorsement. I think it's a great idea considering that Pelosi typically is pretty progressive Democrat, is much more ideologically aligned with McNerney and hasn't been above doing battle with the DLC aspect of the party in the past and even in recent months, her self. Contact Pelosi Here.

Also, Jerry McNerney aside from a recent labor endorsement has also recently been endorsed by the Dean Democrat Club of Silicon Valley. Congratulations!


Blogger Matt said...

I'll blog more about this tomorrow, but I figure I'd leave you a little bit of inside info. At the Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee meeting/party tonight, State Sen. Liz Figueroa endorsed Jerry McNerney. Not bad, eh?

11:10 PM  
Blogger progressivedem11 said...

thanks, I read about it on your blog before i even noticed your comment, not bad at all. Keep up the good work over there.

1:19 PM  

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