Saturday, December 03, 2005

An Update...

Lots of recent news if you've been following things... Obviously this isn't the most up-to-date resource for the 11th cd-race in general, For that I strongly reccomend Say No To Pombo, Vote Pombo Out, and the other blogs and websites to which this blog links.

Jerry McNerney has put forward a New - Clean Energy Innovation Plan. He's also very recently been endorsed by the "San Joaquin Central Labor Council a member of the California Labor Federation AFL-CIO", as is up on his website.

The Tracy Press ran an article entitled The power of the blog in which they briefly cover the emergence of the blogosphere in the race to unseat Pombo. They highlight Say No To Pombo, Pombo Watch, and Jerry McNerney's Blog. (All 3 worth checking out) You can read the follow up as well from Say No To Pombo, Here.

Margee Ensign has also entered the race, and has a New website and blog up, designed by Scott Chacon (who was running against Pombo as well but hasn't raised money.) It's unclear whether Chacon has given up to support Ensign.

Another candidate, by the name of Steve Thomas has also entered the race. He's got a webpage up as well (which seems to be a work in progress) and has done and interview with Say No To Pombo, Here. Thomas has been endorsed by the San Francisco based "International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 6", to which he is also a member (SNTP.)

Steve Filson has been endorsed by Zoe Lofgren, Ellen Tauscher, and others.

As far as pombo news, aside from the usual and consistent attacks on the environment, he's also recieved an endorsement of sorts; Richard Pombo was named one of The 13 Most Corrupt Members Of Congress (Beyond Tom Delay) by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) along with republican superstars such as Bill Frist, Roy Blunt, Rick Santorum, and Duke Cunningham. I'm not sure if Pombo has returned Delay or Abramoff's dirty contributions yet, but it appears he will be returning the money he recieved from now addmittedly corrupt Republican congressman, Duke Cunningham. (The guy who took over 2 million bribes from defense contractors... what culture of corruption?)

Also, Pete McCloskey is still looking for someone to take Pombo on in the primaries (so he doesn't have to do it himself and apparently Mark Connolly is thinking about it, according to the Tracy Press article which can be found Here.


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