Thursday, December 29, 2005 Help recruit a candidate for Congress (Ca-11) Help recruit a candidate for Congress (Ca-11)

"As chairman of the House Natural Resources committee, the incumbent, Representative Richard Pombo has fought to undermine the Endangered Species Act, to allow drilling in Alaska and off the coast of California, and to sell off national parks in the west. He is a close associate of Tom DeLay with a record of placing the interests of his family, corporate donors, and friends ahead of those of his constituents.1 Pombo, who was elected in 1992 with just 48 percent of the vote, has won with significant margins since then. However, this once reliably conservative district has become increasingly moderate since the 2001 redistricting, which added the more suburban areas of several Bay Area Counties. Pombo's extreme views on the environment and abortion and charges of corruption make him vulnerable, but it will take a strong challenger to beat him—Pombo has already raised $713,000 as of September 30th.2" (Source)

"We want to ensure that each congressional district has a strong candidate who will stand up for our values. This informal survey of MoveOn members in your congressional district asks whether we should encourage an existing candidate, urge a new candidate to enter the race, or take no action. This is not an endorsement—we'll decide later which candidates for Congress to endorse. The public rarely has an opportunity to affect who is on the ballot, but today you can send a message about which candidates you'd like a chance to vote for next November.
You can express your preference for as many candidates as you want (or for not recruiting any candidates), just by giving each candidate a score for how enthusiastic you are about them. Each member's response will only be counted once." (Source)

Mike Machado, Steve Filson, or Jerry McNerney


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