Saturday, October 29, 2005

A progressive 11th.

This blog is dedicated to a progressive 11th congressional district in California, the House seat currently held by Congressman Richard Pombo.

Pombo's many conflicts of interest, ethics problems, and lack of accomplishment despite being a powerful Congressman, present an opportunity for Democrats and progressives to pick up this house seat, and perhaps restore some representation and dignity to the 11th congressional district and our house seat.

Unfortunately, despite the opportunity for progressive change locally, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee decided to take it upon them selves to annoint an establishment approved candidate. They did this without regard for the democratic party grassroots, the primary system, and the democratic process it's self.

Jerry McNerney, a progressive candidate who ran in 2004 against Pombo came closer then anyone else has previously to beating pombo, and that despite a last minute, flawed, and under-funded campaign. He did this without the DCCC, and with grassroots support. Since then his campaign learned from their mistakes, and has never truly stopped, nor did his local grassroots support. This is where McNerney has an advantage over Filson, he actually has a grassroots and experience in a political campaign. Filson may be able to raise hundreds of thousands quickly from his Washington, DCCC, DLC, and business sources, but you can't buy a grassroots. The grassroots is vollunteers, the grassroots is who decides primaries, the grassroots is people involved in democracy.

We have an opportunity, a vulnerable congressman and republican majority, and a strong progressive candidate who will hold Pombo and power accountable represent us, and restore dignity, ethics, and honesty to a Washington now emersed in the same republican culture of corruption and cronyism that Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Duke Cunningham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Libby, Tom Noe, Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove, George W. Bush, and local supporting crony Richard pombo have pioneered. With this opportunity the Democratic Party and it's voters have a choice, replace pombo with pombo-lite/republican-lite, or replace pombo wih a real alternative, a true progressive democrat like McNerney.

For a simple progressive blogger from withing the district, I find the choice rather simple, and as unfortunate as it is that our party didn't get it or care to ask local grassroots who they wanted, there is still time, and with our time, effort, and hard work, a progressive 11th is very much so possible.


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Anyway, good luck with this blog. Let me know if you have any questions.

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