Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"McCloskey and Benigno, Pombo's Republican Opponents, Join Forces to Support Democrat McNerney"


"California 11th Congressional District candidate Jerry McNerney received the endorsements of former Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey and Republican Tom Benigno in McNerney's bid to unseat Richard Pombo today. "McNerney is an honorable man that has not and will not seek to enrich himself and his family through his office," McCloskey said. McCloskey blasted Richard Pombo as being corrupt, tied to big oil and harmful to the environment.

"I have been a Republican all of my life," Benigno said. "But Richard Pombo and his leadership have lost touch with us and it's time for the corruption to end."

Jerry McNerney welcomed their support. "I want to thank both Pete and Tom," McNerney said. "I look forward to working with them to defeat Richard Pombo in the fall."

These endorsements from both of Pombo's primary opponents spell even more trouble for Pombo's slick negative campaign. "When you combine their support, McCloskey and Benigno received almost 40 percent of the Republican vote," said McNerney spokesperson Tor Michaels. "Pombo is in big trouble within his own party and we welcome those Republicans who believe it is time for people to take our government back."" (More-At-Source)

*Update: More from Jerry McNerney's blog (including pictures) - Republicans for McNerney - Click Here.


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