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March 21 , 2006

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Washington, D.C. – Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund today criticized Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA) for wasting taxpayer money leasing a luxury Lincoln automobile using his congressional office budget.

“It’s outrageous that Richard Pombo last year argued for selling off 15 national parks to generate revenue to lower the federal budget while he wastes taxpayer dollars on a “free luxury ride” in his government paid for Lincoln,” said Rodger Schlickeisen, the president of Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund.

“Coming after reports about Pombo’s abuse of taxpayer funds to rent a camper for a family vacation, this latest abuse is another shameful example of Mr. Pombo’s arrogant attitude of entitlement. At a time when the cost of living for Californians continues to rise, Mr. Pombo seems to think the taxpayers owe him a “free ride” – whether it’s a luxury car or a free vacation,” said Schlickeisen.

Pombo’s free luxury ride was reported last week in the Kansas City Star and Detroit Free Press. According to those reports, Rep. Pombo leases a Lincoln automobile for $7,086.36 per year and pays for it from his congressional office account. Those news reports pointed out that a member of Congress could lease less expensive cars through the General Services Administration where the government negotiates bulk leases. A four-door sedan can be leased for $258 a month or $3,096 a year.

“Richard Pombo has become so entangled with rich lobbyists and special interests in Washington he has lost sight of responsible public service. With a string of ethical lapses and insider special interest dealing in recent months, it’s no wonder Mr. Pombo was named one of the thirteen most corrupt members of Congress by the watchdog group, Committee for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington,” said Schlickeisen.

Affiliated with Defenders of Wildlife, the Defenders Action Fund is 501(c)(4) organization created to provide the wildlife conservation community with a stronger voice in the political process. For more information, see" (Source)


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