Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bulletin: McNerney bill may help Manteca wetlands plan

Manteca Bulletin: McNerney bill may help Manteca wetlands plan

"Congressman Jerry McNerney’s proposed Healthy Communities Water Act of 2007 could provide critical funding for an innovated Manteca proposal to create wetlands using reclaimed wastewater.

The plan being championed by Mayor Willie Weatherford would divert reclaimed wastewater from the municipal treatment plant to 200 acres designated as open space in southwest Manteca near the San Joaquin River.


The bill — McNerney’s first — passed the House last week on a 368 to 59 vote.

“My bill creates a grant program that allows cities and water agencies to apply for money to do innovative and creative water projects,” McNerney said. “Based on what Mayor Weatherford and other city officials told me when I met with them last month, Manteca’s proposal to use recycled water to create wetlands in the city sounds like it would qualify. I’d encourage the city to apply and would work with city officials during the application process and through the (Environmental Protection Agency’s) eventual decision. This is an example of one of the benefits of the Healthy Communities Water Supply Act. It lets local officials decide what works best for them.”" (source)


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