Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tracy Press: McNerney pushes for Progress

Tracy Press: McNerney pushes for Progress

"Congressman Jerry McNerney and a handful of other representatives will introduce a bill to the House of Representatives on Monday that would force the federal government to lead the charge against global warming.

The so-called Progress Act suggests the government double its commitment to use and research cleaner fuels for its fleet of 630,000 vehicles, with a focus on hydrogen and fuel cell work, plug-in electric hybrids and advanced diesel and variable compression engines.

Such massive federal investment would result in the “widespread availability of technologies that can double the current average vehicle efficiency,” according to McNerney’s office.

The bill would also establish the first commission to bring government, industry and academic leaders together to discuss energy alternatives. The commission would then pass its recommendations to Congress. The new law would create a grant program to encourage the private sector to invest in building bio-fuel pumps, tanks and plants around the country. And it would require the government to put more money into commuter, freight and transit trains." (source)


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