Tuesday, February 13, 2007

McNerney to deliver speech on Iraq War tonight

BREAKING: McNerney to deliver speech on Iraq War tonight

"Congressman Jerry McNerney will deliver a speech tonight on the floor of the House of Representatives outlining his opposition to President Bush’s plans for escalating the war in Iraq. The speech will take place sometime between 6-9 p.m. PST tonight (Tuesday, Feb. 13) and will be available live on C-SPAN. The text of his remarks will be available soon." (source)

Comment at Jerry's Blog.

*update: Congressman McNerney's full remarks available at Jerry's Blog.

"“It is with great sadness and steely resolve that I stand up tonight on the issue of the Iraq and the President’s plan to escalate the conflict.“I’m saddened because the misguided and mismanaged conflict has become a tragic disaster and a genuine threat to Middle East stability and global security.

“The escalation will cause more violence in the Middle East and will weaken our nation."" (more-at-source)


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