Friday, March 09, 2007

McNerney's First Bill Passes House

Jerry's Blog: House overwhelmingly passes first McNerney bill

"Today, the Healthy Communities Water Supply Act of 2007, authored by Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA-11) and sponsored by Rep. Ellen Tauscher (CA-10), passed the House by a vote of 369 to 55.

The Healthy Communities Water Supply Act of 2007 will authorize $125 million in funding for projects that increase usable water supply by encouraging innovation in water reclamation, reuse, and conservation. The bill provides funding for a grant program that requires a fifty percent local funding match.

“This bill authorizes funds to develop alternative sources of clean drinking water, as well as water for agricultural and industrial purposes,” Rep. McNerney said. “That’s an important consideration this winter in California with lower than normal rainfall totals and a Sierra snowpack just 65 percent of its normal size – sources that are essential to the state’s water supply.”
" (source)

Scripps: McNerney wins approval of water bill

"Score one for the San Joaquin Valley freshman.


"Everyone recognizes the need for clean water," McNerney said. "It doesn't matter where you live or what your political persuasion is. We all need clean water."" (source)

Tracy Press Editorial: Water money is worthy measure

"At a projected five-year cost of $86 million in grants, House Resolution 700 isn’t a biggie, but it is significant that McNerney, whose 11th District runs from the Delta to Santa Clara County, would co-author it with a neighbor, Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-San Ramon. Some of McNerney’s constituents are supplied with fresh Delta water through the Tracy pumping plant, while others depend on the tributaries that flow from the Sierra for their agricultural and recreational livelihoods. The quality of that water is endangered.

Declares McNerney: “Our communities’ need for a clean, reliable water supply has never been more evident. Despite recent rain, much of Northern California has experienced a record dry winter. Not only that, but increasing global temperatures will have an impact on the melting snowpack that provides water for much of California.”

Hence, the need for alternative water sources through recycling and wastewater reuse that are gaining interest in California and across the nation. Offering a 50-50 money match of $125 million to municipalities, industries and agri-business to implement their projects is a sensible approach to water conservation if there are willing participants." (source)

CCTimes: McNerney passes first bill

CVBusiness Times: Congress moves forward on increasing water supplies

Listen To McNerney Speak On The Bill

LodiNews: Water bill could help Lodi with groundwater cleanup

TracyPress: Water bill flies through House


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